Noldius, Christian

, an eminent Danish divine, was born June 22, 1626, at Hoybia, in Scania; and, after acquiring some grammatical and classical knowledge at Lunden, was removed to the university of Copenhagen in 1644, and continued there till 1650; when he was made rector of the college at Landscroon. He took the degree of master of arts the following year; and, in 1654, for farther improvement, made the tour of Germany, visited several universities there, and became acquainted with the most learned persons of that time. From Germany he | continued his route to Holland, England, and France, and returned to Denmark in 1657. Hence, after a residence of only three months, he went to pursue his studies at Leyden and Franeker. In 1660, the lord of Gerstorff, master of the palace of Denmark, appointed him tutor to his children; and, in 1644, he obtained the chair of professor of divinity at Copenhagen, probably by the interest of this nobleman. Noldius, entering into holy orders, was made minister, and obtained the professor’s chair of divinity at Copenhagen, in which city he died, Aug. 22, 1683. He wrote several books, as “Concordantiae particularum Hebraeo-Chaldaicarum Veteris Testament!,” an excellent work, the best edition of which is that of Jena, 1734, 4to. “Historia Iduinsea, seu de Vita et gestis Herodum Diatribse.” “Sacrarum Historiarum et Antiquitatum Synopsis.” “Leges distinguendi seu de Virtute et Vitio distinctiones.” “Logica,” &c. 1