Ricard, Dominic

, a learned French writer, was bora at Toulouse, March 25, 1741, and entered into the congregation of the Christian doctrine, and became a distinguished professor in it. He quitted the society after some years, and took up his residence at Paris, where he employed himself in instructing youth, and in literary pursuits. He was celebrated for his deep knowledge in the Greek language, and engaged in the great task of translating the whole works of Plutarch. Between the years 1783 and 1795 he published his version of that philosopher’s moral works, in 17 vols. 12mo; of the Lives he only published 4 vols. 12mo. He published likewise a poem, entitled <c La Sphere," in eight cantos, 1796, 8vo, which contains a system of astronomy and geography, enriched with notes, and notices of Greek, Latin, and French poems, treating on astronomical subjects. Ricard died in 1803, lamented as a man of most friendly and benevolent disposition. 2