Ryer, Andrew Du

, sieur de Malesais, a native of Marcigny, in JViaconois, was gentleman in ordinary of the king’s bedchamber, and knight of the holy sepulchre, in the 17th century. He resided a long time at Constantinople in his majesty’s service, was French consul in Egypt, learnt the Turkish and Arabic languages, and died soon after his return to France. His works are, “A Turkish Grammar,” in Latin, Paris, 1630, 4to; A French | Translation of the Koran,1649, 12mo, reprinted at Amsterdam, 1770, 2 vols. 12mo, but this work is not esteemed, the author having injudiciously blended the reveries of the Mahometan commentators with the text of Mahomet; A French translation of “Gulistan, or the empire of the Roses,” written by Sadi, chief of the Persian poets, Paris, 1634, 8vo. Gentius has translated the same book into Latin, under the title of “Rosarium poeticum.1


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