Sambucus, John

, an eminent physician, and one of the most learned writers in the sixteenth century, was born in 1531, at Tirnau in Hungary. He visited the universities of Germany, Italy, and France, and applied with almost equal success to the study of medicine, the belles lettres, poetry, history, and antiquities. His learning and reputation introduced him with great advantage at the courts of the emperors Maximilian Ji. and Rodolphus II. to whom he became counsellor and historiographer. Sambucus died of an apoplexy at Vienna in Austria, June 13, 1584, aged fifty-three, leaving an excellent “History of Hungary,” in the German histories published by Schardius; “Lives of the Roman Emperors;” Latin translations of “Hesiod, Theophylacr, and part of Plato, Ovid, and Thucydides” f Commentaries pn Horace’s Art of Poetrynotes on several Greek and Latin authors” Icones m’edicorum,“Antwerp, 1603, fol.;” Emblemata," Antwerp, 1576, 16to. and several other works in verse and prose. 2


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