Sergardi, Louis

, an eminent satirist, was born at Sienna in the seventeenth century, and going to Rome, became so distinguished for his talents that he was made a bishop. His Latin <l Satires“were published under the name of Quintus Sectanus, and are said to rank among the purest imitations of Horace’s style and manner. He would have deserved to have been considered as the first of moral satirists, had he confined himself to the vices and follies of his time, but much of his ridicule is bestowed on the celebrated Gravina, who, with all his failings, ought to have been exempted from an attack of this kind. Sergardi died in 1727. The editions of his satires are: 1.” Sectani Satyrse xix. in Phylodemum, cum notis variorum.“-Colon. 1698, 8vo. 2.” Satyra? numero auctae, mendis purgatae, &c.cum notis anonymi: concinnante P. Antoniano.“Amst. Elzevir (Naples), 1700, 2 vols. 8vo. 3.” Sergardii Lud. antehac Q. Sectani, Satyrs, et alia opera." Luc. 1783, 4 vols. 8vo. 2


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