Surenhusius, William

, a celebrated Hebrew and Greek professor in the university of Amsterdam, is most known for his edition of the Mischna of the Jews, with notes, and a Latin version, which he began to publish in 1698, and completed in 1703, in 3 vols. folio. It contains also the commentaries of the Rabbins, Maimonides, and Bartenora. The period at which he flourished is ascertained by this publication; but, in the books which we have been able to consult, we do not find any account of the time when he was born or died. The latter event must have, however, been posterior to 1713, when he published a learned work in Latin, “in which the passages of the Old Testament, quoted in the New, are vindicated and reconciled, according to the forms of quotation, and the several ways of interpreting the scripture, used by the ancient Hebrew Theologers,” Amst. 4to. 2