Thysius, Antony

, a celebrated Dutch philologer, born about 1603, at Harderwyck, was professor of poetry and eloquence at Leyden, and librarian to that university. He died in 1670. Besides being an excellent commentator on ancient authors, he published several other productions, as 1. “Historia Navalis;” a history of the naval wars between the Dutch and the Spaniards, 1657, 4to. 2. “Compendium Historiae Batavicae,1645. 3. “Exercitationes Miscellanea;,” these are dissertations on sacred history, and on mythology, 1639, 12mo. 4. Two tracts on the government and on the laws of Athens, subjoined to “Postellus de Republica, seu Magistratibus Atheniensium;” and published also in Gronovius’s collection. 5. Editions of many classic authors, "as Paterculus, 1668; Sallust, 1665; Valerius Maximus, 1670, which is the best variorum edition; Seneca’s tragediei, 1651, and Lactantius, 1652; Aulus Gellius, 1661, all at Leyden. 6. An edition of Polydore Vergil’s History of England. 2