Valentinus, Michael Bernard

, a botanical and medical writer, was born at Giessen in Germany, Nov. 26, 1657, and having studied medicine, became a professor of the science in his native place, where he died March 13, 1726. He wrote a great many works on the subject of his profession, but is thought to have succeeded best in those which concern botany. Among his writings of both kinds are, 1. “Historia simplicimn reformata, Francfort, 1716, fol. 1726, both with plates. 2.” Amphitheatrurn Zootomicum,“ibid. 1720, fol. This was Becker’s translation from the original, published in German in 1704 1714, 3 vols. fol. and subjoined is a life of Valentinus, written in verse by himself. 3.” Medicina nova-antiqua,“ibid. 1713, 4to. 4.” Cynosura materiiE medicse,“Strasburgh, 1726, 3 vols. 5.” Viridarium reformatum,“Francfort, 1720, fol. with fine plates. 6.” Corpus juris medicolegale,“ibid. 1722, fol.; but this appears to be a second edition of his” Novellaj Medico-legales,“printed in 1711, 4to, and contains many curious cases and questions which illustrate the state of medical jurisprudence at a time when it was not much freed from superstition and credulity. Valentinus published also a” Praxis medicinae infallibilis,“in which he describes the filtering-stone now so well known; and another work, giving a history of philosophy,” Armamentarium Naturae systematic am, seu Introductio ad philosophiam modernorum naturalem,“Giessen, 4to. To this he adds an abridgment of the most remarkable papers on natural history from the transactions of the society” Naturae Curiosorum." 2


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