Vanloo, Charles

, brother to the preceding, was born at Nice, Feb. 15, 1705. He went to Turin with his brother John in 1712, and thence to Rome in 1714. He learnt from his brother the first elements of design; and, by his constantly studying the antique, and the works of the greatest masters, he laid the foundation of his future fame. He came to Paris with his brother in 1719, and in 1723 gained the academy’s first medal for design: in the | year following he carried the first prize for painting; and departed again for Rome in 1727. He returned to Turin in 1732, where he painted many historical pieces with success for the king of Sardinia. The next year he married Signora Sommis, who was celebrated for singing and knowledge of music, but more celebrated for the private virtues of domestic life. In 1734 he returned to Paris, and the year following was received into the academy. In 1749 he was chosen for the direction of the royal eleves. In 1751 he was honoured with the order of St. Michael, and in 1762 named first painter to the king, and died in 1765. His principal performances are in the churches of Paris, and are much admired. 1


PifViiigton. —Dict. Hist.