Vert, Claude De

, a celebrated and learned monk of Cluni, born October 4, 1645, at Paris. He was treasurer to the abbey of Cluni, visitor of the order, and vicar-general, in 1694. In 1695 he obtained the priory of St. | Peter, at Abbeville, and died there, May 1, 1708. De Vert made the ceremonies of the church his particular study, and undertook to explain them both literally and historically in the 4 vols. 8vo (the first two of 1720, and 3 and 4 of 1713) which he has left on that subject, under the title of “Explications simples, litteVales et historiques des Ceremonies de la Messe,” &c. This work contains many curious, and to those of his own persuasion, many interesting particulars, and still continues to be esteemed. He was the author of some other works of less note. 1