Wechel, Andrew

, son of the preceding, was likewise a very able printer. Being a protestant, he went to Frankfort, about 1573; having left Paris, after the massacre on St. Bartholomew’s day, the year before. He himself relates the great danger to which he was exposed on the night of that massacre; and in what manner he was saved by the learned Hubert Languet, who lived in his house. He expresses his gratitude for it in the dedication of Albert Krantz’s “Vandalia,” printed at Frankfort in 1575; in which place he continued to print many great and important works. He died in 1581. It was at his house where our celebrated sir Philip Sidney lodged when at Frankfort, and where he became acquainted with Languet, then a resident from the elector of Saxony.

A catalogue of the books, which came from the presses of Christian and Andrew Wechel, was printed at Frankfort in 1590, 8vo. They are supposed to have had toe greatest part of Henry Stephens’s types. 1


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