The Vain Dreamer

The Vain Dreamer
From The New Canting Dictionary.

  Yest darkmans dream’d I of my dell, 1 evening
  When sleep did overtake her;
  It was a dimber drowsy mort, 2 pretty
  She slept, I durst not wake her.


  Her gans were like to coral red, 3 lips
  A thousand times I kiss’d ’em;
  A thousand more I might have filch’d’ 4 stolen
  She never could have miss’d ’em.


  Her strammel, curl’d, like threads of gold, 5 hair
  Hung dangling o’er the pillow;
  Great pity ’twas that one so prim,
  Should ever wear the willow.


  I turned down the lilly slat, 6 white sheet
  Methought she fell a screaming,
  This startled me; I straight awak’d,
  And found myself but dreaming.


See Note to “The Canter’s Serenade.”

Taken from Musa Pedestris, Three Centuries of Canting Songs and Slang Rhymes [1536―1896], collected and annotated by John S. Farmer.

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