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a learned nonconformist, was born at Worcester July 22, 1610,

, a learned nonconformist, was born at Worcester July 22, 1610, and after being educated in grammar at the king’s school there, under Mr. Henry Bright, was entered at Baliol-college in 1624, whence he soon removed to Pembroke, and had for his tutor a Mr. Thomas Lushington, a man eminent for learning. After taking his first degree in arts, he returned home, and for a while taught a private school, and preached at King’sNortou. About this time Wood says he began to adhere to the puritans, but he adds, “was so rigid in his persuasion that he was disliked by the brethren.” This perhaps may he gathered from his works, some of which were written in opposition to unlicensed preachers, fifth-monarchy men, and other extravagancies of the times. He was afterwards master of the free-school at KingVNorton, and curate of the place, the only preferments he had. He appears to have been a man of retired and studious habits, and although averse to episcopacy and the ceremonies, free from turbulence or open interference in the commotions of the times. He died April 13, 1665, and was buried at KingVNorton, to the school of which he was a bountiful benefactor in the establishment of a library there, as well as to the library of Birmingham school. Among his works are many controversial tracts enumerated by Wood, commentaries on some parts of the Scriptures, and some translations, adapted apparently for the use of schools, from Ovid.

a learned Nonconformist, was born in the city of York in 1624.

, a learned Nonconformist, was born in the city of York in 1624. He was the son of Francis Pool, esq. by a daughter of alderman Toppin of York, and was descended from the ancient family of the Pools or Pooles, of Sprinkhill, in Derbyshire, but his grandfather, being obliged to leave that county on. account of his attachment to the reformation, lived at Sikehouse, and afterwards at Drax-abbey, in Yorkshire. Our author was educated at Emanuel-college, Cambridge, under the learned Dr. Worthington, and took the degree of M. A. in which he was incorporated at Oxford, July 14, 1657. Having long before this adopted the prevailing notions during the usurpation, concerning ecclesiastical polity, on the presbyterian plan, he was ordained according to the forms then used; and about 1648, was appointed rector or rather minister of St. Michael le Querne, in London, in which he succeeded Dr. Anthony Tuckney.