Marius, Caius (15688 B.C.)

Marius, Caius, a celebrated Roman general, born near Arpinum, uncle by marriage to Julius Cæsar and head of the popular party, and the rival of Sulla; conquered the Teutons and the Cimbri in Gaul, and made a triumphal entry into Rome; having obtained command of the war against Mithridates, Sulla marched upon the city and drove his rival beyond the walls; having fled the city, he was discovered hiding in a marsh, cast into prison, and condemned to die; to the slave sent to execute the sentence he drew himself haughtily up and exclaimed, “Caitiff, dare you slay Caius Marius?” and the executioner fled in terror of his life and left his sword behind him; Marius was allowed to escape; finding his way to Africa, he took up his quarters at Carthage, but the Roman prætor ordered him off; “Go tell the prætor,” he said to the messenger sent, “you saw Caius Marius sitting a fugitive on the ruins of Carthage”; upon this he took courage and returned to Rome, and along with Cinna made the streets of the city run with the blood of the partisans of Sulla; died suddenly (15688 B.C.).

Definition taken from The Nuttall Encyclopædia, edited by the Reverend James Wood (1907)

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