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Animals (Symbolical)


The ant, frugality and prevision; ape, uncleanness; ass, stupidity; bantam cock, pluckiness, priggishness; bat, blindness; bear, ill-temper, uncouthness; bee, industry; beetle, blindness; bull, strength, straightforwardness; bull-dog, pertinacity; butterfly, sportiveness, living in pleasure; cat, deceit; calf, lumpishness, cowardice; cicada, poetry; cock, vigilance, overbearing insolence; crow, longevity; crocodile, hypocrisy; cuckoo, cuckoldom; dog, fidelity, dirty habits; dove, innocence, harmlessness; duck, deceit (French, canard, a hoax); eagle, majesty, inspiration; elephant, sagacity, ponderosity; fly, feebleness, insignificance; fox, cunning, artifice; frog and toad, inspiration; goat, lasciviousness; goose, conceit, folly; gull, gullibility; grasshopper, old age; hare, timidity; hawk, rapacity, penetration; hen, maternal care; horse, speed, grace; jackdaw, vain assumption, empty conceit; jay, senseless chatter; kitten, playfulness; lamb, innocence, sacrifice; lark, cheerfulness; lion, noble courage; lynx, suspicious vigilance; magpie, garrulity; mole, blindness, obtuseness; monkey, tricks; mule, obstinacy; nightingale, forlornness; ostrich, stupidity; ox, patience, strength; owl, wisdom; parrot, mocking verbosity; peacock, pride; pigeon, cowardice (pigeon-livered); pig, obstinacy, dirtiness; puppy, empty-headed conceit; rabbit, fecundity; raven, illuck; robin red-breast, confiding trust; serpent, wisdom; sheep, silliness, timidity; sparrow, lasciviousness; spider, wiliness; stag, cuckoldom; swallow; a sunshine friend; swan, grace; swine, filthiness, greed; tiger, ferocity; tortoise, chastity; turkey-cock, official insolence; turtledove, conjugal fidelity; vulture, rapine; wolf, cruelty, savage ferocity, and rapine; worm, cringing; etc.

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Entry taken from Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, edited by the Rev. E. Cobham Brewer, LL.D. and revised in 1895.

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