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College Colours


Cambridge Boat Crews, light blue.

Caius, light blue and black.

Catherine’s, blue and white.

Christ’s, common blue.

Clare, black and golden yellow.

Corpus, cherry-colour and white.

Douning, chocolate.

Emmanuel, cherry-colour and dark blue

Jesus, red and black.

John’s, bright red and white.

King’s, violet.

Magdalen, indigo and lavender.

Pembroke, claret and French grey.

Peterhouse, dark blue and white.

Queen’s, green and white.

Sydney, red and blue.

Trinity, dark blue.

Trinity Hall, black and white.

St. Alban’s, blue with arrow-head.

Balliol, pink, white, blue, white, pink.

Brazenose, black, and gold edges.

Christ Church, blue with red cardinal’s hat.

Corpus, red with blue stripe.

St. Edmond’s, red, and yellow edges

Exeter, black, and red edges.

Jesus, green, and white edges

John’s, yellow, black, red.

Lincoln, blue with mitre.

Magdalen, black and white.

St. Mary’s, white, black, white.

Merton, blue, with white edges and red cross.

New College, three pink and two white stripes.

Oriel, blue and white.

Pembroke, pink, white, pink.

Queen’s, red, white, blue, white, blue, white, red.

Trinity, blue, with double dragon’s head, yellow and green, or blue, with white edges.

University, blue, and yellow edges.

Wadham, light blue.

Worcester, blue, white, pink, white, blue.

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Entry taken from Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, edited by the Rev. E. Cobham Brewer, LL.D. and revised in 1895.

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