Powell, Griffith

, principal of Jesus college, Oxford, was born at Lansawell in Carmarthenshire, in 1561, and entered a commoner of Jesus college in 1581, and after taking his degrees, and obtaining a fellowship, was chosen | principal in 1613 being then, says Wood, “accounted by all a most noted philosopher, or subtle disputant, and one that acted and drudged much as a tutor, moderator and adviser in studies among the juniors.” He died June 28, 1620, and was buried in St. Michael’s church. By will he left all his estate, amounting to between six and seven hundred pounds, to the college, with which a fellowship was founded. He wrote “Analysis Analyticorum posteriorum, seu librorum Aristotelis de Demonstratione, cum scholiis,” Oxon. 1594, 8vo,and “Analysis libri Aristotelis deSophisticis Elenchis,” ibid. 1594, reprinted 1598 and 1664. Concerning these two works, a wit of the day made the following lines:

"Griffith Powell, for the honour of his nation,

Wrote a book of Demonstration.

And having little else to do,

He wrote a book of Elenchs too."

There is more wit than truth in this, however, for his office as principal engrossed so much of his time, as to prevent him from preparing for the press other treatises which he had written. 1


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