“Trifles light as air“


“Job printing

,” exclaimed an old woman the other day, as she peered over her spectacles at the advertising page of a country newspaper. “Poor Job! They've kept him printing, week after week, ever since I first learned to read; and if he wasn't the most patient man that ever was he never could have stood it so long, nohow.”

A patron of a certain newspaper

once said, “Mr. Printer, how is it you never call on me for pay for your paper?” “Oh!” said the man of types, “we never ask a gentleman for money.” “Indeed!” the patron replied. “How do you manage to get along when they don’t pay?” “Why,” said the type-sticker, “after a certain time we conclude he is not a gentleman, and we ask him.”

Titled Printers.

M.P.’s, master printers; J.P.’s, journeymen printers.

“Do you work miracles here

?” said a sceptical printer, who had come in to break up a meeting. “No,” said the leader, as he collared the rascal, “but we cast out devils!”

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