Abraham, Usque

, a Portuguese Jew, though Arnaud thinks him a Christian, joined with Tobias Athias in giving a Spanish translation of the Bible in the 16th century. The title of this famous version is as follows: “Biblia en lengua Espagnola, traduzida palabra por palabra de la verdad Hebraica, por mui excel lentes letrados, en Ferrara,1553, folio, in gothic characters. Though the nouns and the verbs are translated according to the strictest rules of grammar, this translation is looked upon as nothing more than a compilation from Kimchi, Rasci, Abenezra, ‘ the Chaldee paraphrast, and some ancient Spanish glosses. This version is extremely rare, and much sought after. Another edition has been made for the use of the Spanish Christians, which is neither less scarce nor less inquired for. The curious are desirous of having both, in order, to. compare them together. Notwithstanding their apparent conformity, the discrepancies are very observable in the various interpretations of several passages, according to the belief of those for whom they were printed. The version for the use of the Jews, which is the most in request, is addressed to sennora Græcia Naci, with the subscription d’Athias and d‘Usque; the other is dedicated to Hercules d’Est, and signed by Jerome de Vargas and Duarte Pinel. 2


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