Abriani, Paul

, of Vincenza, was a priest of the Carmelite order, and a professor at Genoa, Verona, Padua, and Vincenza. In 1654, he was obliged, we are not told why, to quit the religious habit; and died at Venice, 1699, in the 92d year of his age. He publisned 1. Academical Discourses, entitled “Funghi” because theygrew, as he said, like | mushrooms in his uncultivated mind. 2. “II Vaglio,” or the Sieve, answers to the remarks of Veglia on the Godfrey of Tasso, Venice, 1662 and 1687. 3. “Poetry, Sonnets, &c.Venice, 1663 and 1664, 12.rao. 4. “L‘Arte Poetica d’Horatio, tradotta in versi sciolti,Venice, 1663, 12mo. 5. “Ode di Orazio tradotte,Venice, 1630, 12mo. This, and the translation of the Ars Poetica, have been often re-printed. 6. “A translation of Lucan,Venice, 1668, 8vo. 1


Biographie Universelle, 1811.