Accarisi, Francis

, an eminent Italian civilian, born in Ancona, studied at Sienna, where Bargalio and Benvolente taught the law with considerable reputation. Bargalio very much promoted his studies, and appears to have entertained a high opinion of his talents. The first public employment Accarisi obtained, was that of explaining Justinian’s institutes in Sienna, which he continued for six years. He was afterwards desired to explain the Pandects: and as several foreigners resorted to Sienna, for the purpose of pursuing their studies, the great duke Ferdinand the first ordered that a professor should be appointed to explain the civil law, in the same manner as Cujacius had done. Accarisi was chosen for this purpose, and acquitted himself very honourably; after which he was raised to the chair of law-professor in ordinary, vacant by the death of Bargalio, and filled it with great reputation for '20 years. His fame spread so far that every university in Italy wished to have him, and made him very liberal offers, which he Jong resisted. At length his patron duke Ferdinand nominated him law-professor in the university of Pisa, which he occupied until his death, Oct. 4, 1622. 2


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