Acciaioli, John

, son to Marcellus, of the same family with the former Acciaioli, was a native of Florence, first educated to the bar, where he presided in quality of senator, but afterwards acquired a prodigious stock of general learning and science. He took a journey to Padua, and became so distinguished as a disputant in scholastic knowledge, that the Venetian nobility crowded to hear him. Nor did he acquire less reputation in Florence in 1565, where he disputed publicly for several days before a great concourse of learned men. He left only the following work, “Multa doctissimorum problematum monumenta, magno studio et ingenio elucubrata.” He is mentioned with great honour by Francis Bocchi, in his Elogia of the most celebrated Florentine writers. 2


Gen. Dict.—Chaufepie.