Ader, William

, a physician of Toulouse, author of a treatise printed under the title “De aegrotis & morbis in Evangelic,” Tolosae, 1620, and 1623, 4to. In this | piece he examines, whether the maladies which Our Saviour removed could have been healed by medicine, and decides in the negative; maintaining that the infirmities healed by the Messiah were incurable by the physician’s art. We are told by Vigneul Marville that Ader was said to have composed this book merely to efface the remembrance of another in which he had maintained the contrary. He published also “De Pestis cognitione, praevisione, et remediis,” ibid. 1628, 8vo; and a macaronic poem in four books in honour of Henry IV. under the title “Lou Gentilhomme Gascoun, 1610,” 8vo; and another “Lou Catounet Gascoun,1612, 8vo. He lived at the beginning of the 17th century. He was a man of profound erudition. 1


Biog. Universelle.—Dict. Hist.