Alderete, Bernard

, a native of Zamora, in the kingdom of Leon, towards the end of the reign of Philip II. deserves some mention, to distinguish him from the preceding. He entered when very young into the society of the Jesuits, and attained so much character on account of his learning, as to be appointed first professor at Salamanca, and was the first Jesuit on whom the university, jealous of the power and ambition of that order, conferred the degree of doctor. He died, at Salamanca in 1657. He wrote, 1. “Commentaria et disputationes in tertiam partem S. Thomas, de incarnati verbi mysteriis et perfectionibus,Lyons, 2 vols. fol. 2. Separate treatises, “De visione et scientia Dei De voluntate Dei De reprobatione et praedestinatione,” afterwards printed together at Lyons, 1662. 2


Ibid. —Moreri.