Events noted in 1660

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1655 1665


Died: Æmilius, Anthony professor of history in the university of Utrecht

Born: Ainsworth, Robert an eminent Grammarian and lexicographer (?–1743)

Died: Albano, Francis painter

“Theses Theologicæ de ultimo judicio,” Allix, Peter divine

“Meditations on every day of the year,” Andrada, Alphonsus D' writer

Died: Andrada, Francis D' historiographer to Philip III. king of Spain

Died: Argoli, John son of the former

Died: Aromatari, Joseph physician

Died: Asselyn, John painter

“Memoire pour rhistoire du Cardinal de Richelieu,” Aubery, Anthony lawyer

“Histoire de me me ministre,” Aubery, Anthony lawyer

“Just vindication of the questioned part of his reading had in the Middle Temple hall, Feb. 24, 1639,” Bagshaw, Edward a gentleman of a Derbyshire family

“The rights of the Crown of England, as it is established by law,” Bagshaw, Edward a gentleman of a Derbyshire family

“Censura Cleri, against scandalous ministers, not fit to be restored to the church’s livings, in point of prudence, piety, and fame,” Barnard, John divine (1630–?)

“Panegyriques des Saints,” Baron, Vincent a learned father of the Romish church

“Medicus Microcosmus,” Becker, Daniel was born at Konigsberg in 1627

Born: Behrens, Conrad Bertold physician

Born: Bertheau, Charles divine

“Humanitas Theologica,” Betuleius, Sixtus whose name in German was Birck

“Boscobel; or the history of his majesty’s escape after the battle of Worcester,” Blount, Thomas writer

“Help to Prayer both extempore and by a set form as also to Meditation,” Bogan, Zachary writer

Died: Borcht, Henry Vander, painter

Died: Bosse, Abraham engraver

“Opera Omnia,” Botallus, Leonard physician

Died: Boulanger, John engraver

“Seraphic Love; or, some motives and incentives to the Love of God, pathetically discoursed of in a letter to a friend,” Boyle, Robert philosopher

Born: Brandel, Peter painter

Born: Brandt, John the youngest son of Gerard

“Congratulatory poem on his Majesty, upon his happy arrival in our late discomposed Albion,” Brathwaite, Richard whom Warton calls one of the minor pastoral poets of the reign of James I. was the second son of Thomas Brathwaite

Died: Breenberg, Bartholomew, Called Bartolomeo painter and engraver

Born: Bretonneau, Francis born at Tours in 1660

“The Memoirs of the Duke of Rohan or a faithful relation of the most remarkable occurrences iij France, especially those concerning the reformed churches there; from the death of Henry the Great until the peace made with them, in June 1629. Together with divers politic discourses upon several occasions. Written originally in French, by the duke of Rohan, and now Englished by George Bridges, of Lincoln’s-inn, esq.” Bridges, George translator of the duke de Rohan’s Memoirs

Born: Brossard, Sebastian De musician

“Extract, or Abstract of the lord chancellor Bacon’s Philosophical Theory of Mineral Prosecutions,” Bushel, Thomas a man once of considerable eminence for his philosophical pursuits

“Critici Sacri,” Capellus, Lewis divine

Died: Catz, James pensionary of Holland

Died: Cavedone, Jacob artist

Born: Cheron, Lewis the brother of Elizabeth Cheron

Died: Chifflet, John James physician

“Ecclesiae Slavonic, &c. brevis historiola,” Comenius, John Amos divine

Born: Corradini, De Sezza, Peter Marcellinus antiquary

Died: Costar, Peter a bachelor of the Sorbonne

Died: Courten, William the last in the male line of the family that makes the subject of the preceding article

“Fides ex S. Scripturis demonstrate,” Daille, John a minister of the church of Paris

“The History of the Cardinals,” Doni D'Attichi, Lewis was born in 1596

“Heroic Stanzas on the late lord Protector,” Dryden, John poet

“Gnomologia Homeri,” Duport, James scholar

“A guide for the penitent, or, a model drawn up for the help of a devout soul wounded with sin,” Duppa, Brian bishop

“The Gentile Sinner, or England’s brave gentleman characterised, in a letter to a friend,” Ellis, Clement divine

“Vindicirc de Canonicis,” Essenius, Andrew divine

Born: Estrees, Victor Marie D' born in 1660

“A divine antidote against the Plague, contained in Soliloquies and Prayers,” Featley, John son of John Fairclough

“De l' de la Peinture, avec plusieurs pieces detachers,” Felibien, Andrew Sieur des Avaux et de Javerci

“The Life of the most reverend, learned, and pious Dr. Henry Hammond, who died April 25, 1660,” Fell, Dr. John divine

Born: Fenner, William divine

Born: Feuillee, Louis a Franciscan friar

Died: Flink, Govert artist

Died: Freinshemius, John a learned classical editor

“Lactantius,” Galle, Servatius writer

“Considerations touching the Liturgy of the Church of England, in reference to his Majesty’s late Declaration, and in order to a happy union in church and state,” Gauden, John prelate

“Wit revived; or a new excellent way of Divertisement, digested into most ingenious questions and answers,” Gayton, Edmund or

Born: Gibert, John Peter LL. D. and D. D. a learned canonist of the same family as the preceding

Born: Grant, Francis lord Cullen

“Hist. Genealogique de la Maison Royale de Savoie,” Guichenon, Samuel historian

“Recherches historiques et chronologiques, concernant l'etablissement et la suite de seuechaux de Beaucaire et de Nimes,” Guiran, Galliard antiquary

“Biblia Maxima,” Haye, John De La a learned Franciscan

Born: Helyot, Peter perhaps Elliot

“Poems written by William earl of Pembroke, &c. many of which are answered by way pf repartee by sir Benjamin Rudyard, with other poems written by them occasionally and apart,” Herbert, William earl of Pembroke (?–1630)

Died: Hersent, Charles divine

“Historia QuinquArticularis: or a declaration of the Judgment of the Western Churches, and more particularly of the Church of England, in the five controverted points, reproached in these last times by the name of Arminianism. Collected in the way of an Historicall Narration out of the public acts and monuments, and most approved authors of those scverall churches,” Heylin, Dr. Petek divine

“A Panegyric to the King,” Higgons, Sir Thomas son of Dr

“Exercitationes cliuc, quanun prior de passione hysterica, altera de affectione hypochondnaca,” Highmore, Nathaniel physician and anatomist

Born: Hoffmann, Frederick physician

“Marginal Notes on the New Testament,” Holden, Henry divine

Died: Honthorst, Gerard artist

“Microcosmus, seu brevis manuductio ad historiam corporis humani, in gratiam discipuloium,” Hoorne, John Van anatomist

“Opera Medica,” Horstius, Gregory physician

“The fourth book of Virgil translated,” Howard, Sir Robert writer

“Elementa Historiae Civilis,” Howel, Laurence a learned

Died: Howson, John bishop

Born: Jablonski, Daniel-Ernest divine

“Bentivolio and Urania,” Ingelo, Nathaniel, D. D. divine

Born: Kennet, White writer

Died: Knox, Capt Robert the son of capt

Born: Lagny, Thomas Fantet De mathematician

“Epistolae praestantium et eruditorum Virorum, &c.” Limborch, Pinup a celebrated professor of divinity in Holland

“Modern Policy compleated, or the public actions and councils, '&c. of General Monk,” Lloyd, David historian

Died: Lugo, John cardinal

“Biblia Maxima,” Lyra, Nicholas De a celebrated Franciscan

Died: Mariales, Xantes Dominican

“A collection of Letters made by sir Tobie Matthews, kt. with a character of Lucy, countess of Carlisle,” Matthew, Tobias and a very singular character

“A Collection of Acts of Parliament, Charters, Trials at Law, and Judges’ Opinions, concerning those Grants to the College of Physicians,” Merret, Christopher naturalist

Died: Metkerke or Mekerchus

Died: Molina, Lewis born of a noble family at Cuenca

Born: Motteux, Peter Antony a native of France (16601718)

Born: Nary, Cornelius divine

“Mathematical Elements, three parts,” Newton, John divine (16221678)

“The excellency and lawfulness of the Solemn League and Covenant,” Nye, Philip an English nonconformist

“Iliad” Ogilby, John a very industrious adventurer in literary speculations

Died: Oughtred, William divine

“Dictionary,” Oughtred, William divine

“Secret pour composer en musique par un art nouveau,” Ouvrard, Rene' a learned French ecclesiastic

“Le parlement de Bourgogne, avec les armoiries,” Palliot, Peter historiographer

“La vraie et parfaite science des Armoiries de Gelliot, avec de plus de 6000 ecussons,” Palliot, Peter historiographer

Died: Pellegrini, Camillo antiquary

“An Elegy upon the Death of Gabriel Naude, in 1653.” Petit, Peter another very learned Frenchman

“Reflections upon some Persons and Things in Ireland,” Petty, William a singular instance of an almost universal genius

“Veritas inconcussa; or King Charles I. no man of blood, but a martyr for his people:” Philips, Fabian author of several books relating to ancient customs and privileges in England

Died: Polemberg, Cornelius painter

“Sepultura Veterum,” Quenstedt, John Andrew divine

Died: Rohan, Henry Duke De peer of France

Died: Rolle, Henry a learned and upright judge

Born: Rudbeck, Olaus was born at Upsal in 1660

“Vestigi dell' antichita di Roma,” Sadeler, John the first of a family of distinguished engravers

“Les He-ires” St. Pavin, Dennis Sanguin De poet

Born: Sanderson, Robert antiquary

Died: Scarron, Paul writer

“Clelie,” Scuderi, Magdeleine De and his superior in talents

“Almahide, ou PEsclave Reine,” Scuderi, Magdeleine De and his superior in talents

“The Anatomy of Secret Sins,” Sedgwick, Odadiah divine

“The Parable of the Prodigal,” Sedgwick, Odadiah divine

“Hypothesis de Officiis secundum Humanae Rationis Dictata, seu Naturae jus, unde Casus omnes Conscientitc quatenus Notiones a Natura supersunt dijudicari possint,” Sharroch, Robert clergyman

Born: Sloane, Sir Hans physician (16601752)

“Lettres & Discours sur diverses matieres curieuses,” Sorbiere, Samuel writer

Born: Stahl, George Ernest a very eminent German chemist

Born: Stanhope, George dean

“Apology fur the ancient right and power of the Bishops to sit and vote in parliaments,” Stephens, Jeremy divine

“Oceana,” Stubbe, Henry writer

Died: Tacquet, Andrew Jesuit

“Ductor Dubitantium, or the Rule of Conscience in all her general measures; serving as a great instrument for the determination of cases of conscience,” Taylor, Jeremy prelate

Died: Varenius, Bernard physician

Died: Venner, Tobias physician

“A Defence of Arms and Armory,” Waterhouse, Edward writer

“The tragedy of Christopher Love at Tower-hill,” Wild, Robert divine

“Iter Boreaie, attempting something upon the successful and matchless march of the L Gen. George Monk from Scotland to London,” Wild, Robert divine

“The great Antichrist revealed,” Williams, Griffith bishop

“Increpatio Bar Jesu, sive Polemica? adsertiones locorum aliquot Sacrse Scripturae ah imposturis perversionum in Catechesi Racoviana,” Wren, Matthew bishop

“Philosophic Studiosus,” Wycherley, William poet (?–1715)

Died: Zouch, Richard an eminent civilian (1590–?)


“Beauty of Holiness,” Aben-Melek a learned rabbi of the 17th century

“Poeti antichi raccolti da Codici manuscriti della Bibliotheca Vaticana e Barberina,” Allatius, Leo keeper of the Vatican library

Born: Ancourt, Florent-Carton D' writer

“Fides Catholica, or the doctrine of the Catholic church, &c.” Annand, William dean

Died: Argues, Gerard Des a geometrician of the seventeenth century

“Testimonium Flavianum de Christo,” Arnold, Christopher writer

“La Pasife,” Artalis, Joseph poet

Born: Audran, Benoit was the second son of Germain Audran

Died: Bangius, Thomas doctor and professor of divinity in the university of Copenhagen

“Memorials of Worthy Persons.” Barksdale, Clement writer

“De figuranivis dissertatio,” Bartholine, Erasmus one of the sons of Caspar

“Lives of the Regicides,” Bate, George physician

Born: Bentley, Richard regius professor of divinity

Died: Besler, Michael Robert physician

“Opus astronomicon,” Billi, Jacques De Jesuit

“Complete Gentleman,” Blount, Thomas writer

“Apollonii Pergaei conicorum, libri v. vi. & vii. paraphraste Abalphato Aspahanensi nunc primum editi,” Borelli, John Alphonso mathematician

“De Tiberio,” Bosius, John Andrew historian

“Certain physiological Essays and other Tracts,” Boyle, Robert philosopher

Born: Brandmuller, Gregory artist

Died: Brebeuf, George De poet

Born: Brun, Peter Le a French priest of the oratory

Born: Buffier, Claude a learned metaphysician

“Pvlartiaiis Epigrammata selecta,” Busby, Richard the most eminent schoolmaster in his time

Died: Chaloner, James was a commoner of Brazen-nose college in Oxford

“Scientia metrica & rhythmics; seu tractatus de prosodia Arabica ex authoribus probatissimis eruta,” Clarke, Samuel celebrated for his skill in oriental learning

Died: Colbert, John Baptist marquis of Segnelai

“Bibliotheca Augusta,” Conringius, Hermannus one of the eminent publicists of Germany

Died: Coote, Sir Charles a distinguished military officer in the 17th century

“The Interest of England in the matter of Religion,” Corbet, John divine

Born: Croze, Mathuiun Veyssiere La writer

Died: Culpeper, Sir Thomas second son of sir Thomas Culpeper of Hollingbourne

“De confessione auriculari,” Daille, John a minister of the church of Paris

Died: Delft, William James painter and engraver

Born: Despohtes, Francis painter

“Concerning the Vegetation of Plants,” Digby, Sir Kenelm philosopher

“Bibl. Juris Canon, veteris,” Doujat, John scholar

Born: Dubois, Charles Francis a French ecclesiastic of considerable fame

Died: Dupleix, Scipio historian

“De Assumptis,” Ecchellensis, Abraham a learned Maronite of the seventeenth century

“Euthychius vindicatus,” Ecchellensis, Abraham a learned Maronite of the seventeenth century

“Homonyma et Synonyma Linguae Latin it- conjuncta et distincta,” Edmondson, Henry a learned schoolmaster

“Synopsis controversiarum Theologicarum, et index locorum totius sacrae Scripturoc,” Essenius, Andrew divine

Died: Ferne, Henry bishop

Died: Fevret, Charles an eminent French civilian

“Poems,” Flatman, Thomas poet

Born: Frenicle poet

“Anni mirabiles,” Gilbert, William divine

“The Vanity of Dogmatizing, or confidence in opinions, manifested in a discourse of the shortness and uncertainty of our knowledge and its causes, with some reflections on Peripateticism, and an apology for philosophy,” Glanvil, Joseph writer

“A View of the Admiral’s Jurisdiction,” Godolphin, John an eminent civilian

Born: Gregory, David and nephew to the inventor of the reflecting telescope

“De Clinicis, sive Grabatariis veteris Ecclesise:” Gudius, Marquard critic

Born: Harley, Robert afterwards earl of Oxford and earl Mortimer

Died: Haye, John De La a learned Franciscan

“A brief Chronicle of the late intestine War in the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland, &c.” Heath, James historian

Born: Hecquet, Philip physician

“De Officio boni Principis piique Subditi,” Henichius, John a learned professor of divinity in the university of llinteln

“De natura Saturni faciei, ejusque phasibus certa periodoredeuntibus.” Hevelius, John mathematician

“Jamaica viewed,” Hickeringill, Edmund writer

“Dialogus Physicus, sive de Natura Aeris,” Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

“A Letter concerning Mr. White’s Treatise De Medio Animarum statu,” Holden, Henry divine

“Praelectiones theologicae,” Holdsworth, Richard sometimes written Oldsworth (?–1649)

Died: Holstenius, Lucas an ingenious and learned German

Died: Holyday, Barten divine

“Survey of the World, in ten books, a poem,” Holyday, Barten divine

Born: Hospital, William-Francis-Antony, Marquis De L' mathematician

“Etymologicon Orientale, sive Lexicon Harmonicum Heptaglotton,” Hottinger, John-Henry writer

Born: Howe, Charles the author of a very popular book of “Devout Meditations

Died: Lambecius, Peter writer

Died: Leger, Anthony divine

“Choice observations on all the kings of England, from the Saxons to the death of Charles I.” Leigh, Edward writer

Born: Lenfant, James writer

“The Proceedings observed in order to, and in the consecration of, the twelve Bishops in St. Patrick’s Church in Dublin, Jan. 27, 1660,” Loftus, Dudley scholar

“Liber Psalmorum Davidis ex Armeniaco idiotnate in Latinum traductus,” Loftus, Dudley scholar

Died: Magni, Valerian a celebrated Capuchin

“Lnst’s Dominion,” Marloe, Christopher whom Phillips calls “a kind of second Shakspeare

Died: Mayerne, Sir Theodore De baron of Albone

Died: Mazarin, Julius cardinal

“A Confession of Faith of the Greek Church,” Metrophanes Critopylus the patriarch of Alexandria in the seventeenth century

Born: Montague, Charles, Earl Of Halifax poet

“De jure silentii,” Morhof, Daniel George a very learned German

“Complete Lawyer or, a Treatise concerning Tenures and Estates in Lands of Inheritance for Life, and other Hereditaments and Chattels real and personal,” Noy, William attorney-general in the reign of Charles I. the son of William Noy

Born: Papillon, John was one of a family of engravers on wood

Born: Polignac, Melchior De cardinal

Born: Quien, Michael Le Dominican

Died: Quillet, Claudius writer

“Aphorisms of State,” Ralegh, Sir Walter or'Rawlegh

Born: Rapin De Thoyras, Paul historian

“Apollonius Pergaeus ex versioue Arabica, Latine,” Ravis, Christian a learned orientalist

“Resuscitatio,” Rawley, William divine

Died: Retz, John Francis Paul De Gondi cardinal

“De existentia Dei,” Rodon, David a celebrated French professor of philosophy in the seventeenth century

Born: Rollin, Charles writer

Died: St. Amant, Mark-Anthony-Gerard, Sieur De poet

“God made man, A Tract proving the nativity of our Saviour to be on the 25th of December,” Selden, John one of the most learned men of the seventeenth century

“Phoca anatomice spectatus,” Severinus, Marcus Aurelius physician

“Tyrocinia mathematica,” Sinclare, George professor of philosophy in the university of Glasgow in the seventeenth century

Died: Stephens, Anthony the son of Paul

“I have heard of his great worth and deserts, as well in respect of his learning and orthodox, judgment, as of his most exemplary life and conversation.” Thomas, William bishop

Born: Tournemine, Rene Joseph De Jesuit

“La Toscane Francoise,” Tristan L'Hermite, Francis poet

“The Power communicated by God to the Prince, and the obedience required of the Subject,” Tyrrell, James historian

“Exercitationes de Zoroastre, Hermete, Sanchoniatone,” Ursinus, Zachary one of the most celebrated Protestant divines of the 16th century

Born: Vallisnieri, Antonio a celebrated professor of physic at Padua

Died: Vignier, Jerome historian

“L'Antiquite de temps retablie,” Vossius, Isaac a man of great parts and learning

“Catalogus librorum in I3ibl. Aul. Magd. Oxon.” Wilkinson, Henry denominated sometimes Ju­Nior

“Uniformity re-asserted,” Womock, Lawrence prelate

“The Solemn League and Covenant arraigned and condemned,” Womock, Lawrence prelate

“Letters to sir Edmund Bacon,” Wotton, Sir Henry an Englishman

“A practical commentary, or exposition on the hook of Psalms,” Wright, Abraham divine

Died: Zeiler, Martin an indefatigable German geographer


“Theatre of Europe” Abelin, John Philip historian (?–1646)

“La Tradition de l'Eglise, touchant la devotion a Sainte Vierge,” Abelli, Louis was born in the Vexin Francois

Died: Adlzreiter, John of Tottenweiss

Died: Alaymo, Mark Anthony physician

“De fide hsereticis servanda,” Alberti, Valentine professor of divinity at Leipsic

“De visione et scientia Dei De voluntate Dei De reprobatione et praedestinatione,” Alderete, Bernard a native of Zamora

“Irenicon” Amyraut, Moses divine

Born: Anderson, James antiquary

“Epistolæ selectæ” Aromatari, Joseph physician

Died: Arrighetti, Philip a native of Florence

Died: Ashe, Simeon a Puritan minister

“Answers to the objections urged.against Mr. Ashmole’s being made historiographer to the order of the Garter,” Ashmole, Elias philosopher

Born: Atterbury, Francis bishop

Born: Averani, Joseph was born at Florence the 19th of March 1662

Died: Bagshaw, Edward a gentleman of a Derbyshire family

Died: Baillie, Robert divine

“Munich, 1661, 12mo. 28. et De eclipsi solari anno 1654, die 12 Augusti a pluribus spectata tubo optico, iterum a Jacobo Balbe tubo satyrico perlustrata lib. duo,” Balde, James poet

Died: Banck, Lawrence lawyer

“Scotus Defensus,” Baro, Bonaventure whose true name was Fitz-Gerald

“La Francia,” Baudrand, Michael Anthony a celebrated French geographer

“He was religious without bigotry, devout without superstition, learned without pedantry, judicious without censoriousness, eloquent without vanity, charitable without ostentation, generous without profusion, friendly without dissimulation, courteous without flattery, prudent without cunning, and humble without meanness.” Beaumont, Joseph master of Peter-house

“Institntiones Chymicse, seu manuductio ad pjiilosophiam hermeticam,” Becher, John Joachim born in 1645

“Theatrum Sympatheticum,” Becker, Daniel was born at Konigsberg in 1627

“Cornelia,” Berkeley, Sir William a native of London

“The Laws of Virginia,” Berkeley, Sir William a native of London

“Breviarium orbis terrarum,” Bertius, Peter cosmographer and historiographer to Louis XIII. of France

“Medicinse cum Philosophia natural i consensus,” Betts, John physician

Born: Bianchini, Francis philosopher

Died: Billaut, Adam known under the name of Maitre Adam

Died: Boisrobert, François Metel De of the French academy

“Theatrum Sympatheticum,” Borel, Peter physician

“De Patronis quatuor nationum universitatis Parisiensis,” Boulai, Cæsar Egasse De historian

“The Irish colours displayed; in a reply of an English Protestant to a letter of an Irish Roman catholic,” Boyle, Roger earl of Orrery

“An answer to a scandalous letter lately printed, and subscribed by Peter Walsh, procurator for the secular and regular popish priests of Ireland, entitled A letter desiring a just and merciful regard of the Roman catholics of Ireland, given about the end of October 1660, to the then marquis, now duke of Ormond, and the second time lord lieutenant of that kingdom. By the right honourable the earl of Orrery, &c. being a full discovery of the treachery of the Irish rebels since the beginning of the rebellion there, necessary to be considered by all adventurers, and other persons estated in that kingdom,” Boyle, Roger earl of Orrery

“Sceptical Chemist,” Boyle, Robert philosopher

“Orations of divers sorts, accommodated to divers places,” Cavendish, Margaret duchess of Newcastle

“Plays,” Cavendish, Margaret duchess of Newcastle

“Septem illustrium virorum poemata,” Cesarini, Virginio scholar

“Treatise on Fiefs,” Chantereau-Le-Febure, Louis antiquary

“History of embanking and drayning of divers terms and marshes, &c.” Cole, Charles Nalson lawyer

Died: Cole, William botanist

“A non est inventus returned to Mr. Edward Bagshaw’s enquiry and vainly boasted discovery of weakness in the Grounds of the Church’s Infallibility,” Cressey, Hugh-Paulin writer

Died: Daly, Daniel an Irishman by birth

Died: Dickson, David divine

“Temple of the Muses,” Diepenbeck, Abraham Van artist

Died: Donne, John divine

“Wild Gallant.” Dryden, John poet

Died: Dugard, William an eminent school-master and learned man

Died: Duppa, Brian bishop

“A View of the Government and public Worship of God in the reformed churches of England, as it is established by the act of uniformity,” Durel, John divine

Died: Fabert, Abraham an eminent French officer

“T. Fuller’s Triana; or three-fold Romanza of Mariana, Paduana, and Sabina,” Fuller, Thomas divine

Born: Gastrell, Francis bishop

“A Discourse of artificial Beauty in point of Conscience between two Ladies,” Gauden, John prelate

“Poem upon Mr. Jacob Bobart’s Yew-men of the Guards to the Physic garden, &c.” Gayton, Edmund or

Born: Gibert, Balthasar scholar

“De Stylometricis,” Goldman, Nicholas mathematician

“L'homme sans passions, selon les sentimens de Seneque,” Grand, Anthony Le a Franciscan friar

“A view and correction of the Common Prayer,” Gunning, Peter bishop

“The Paschal or Lent Fast, Apostolical and perpetual,” Gunning, Peter bishop

“M. T. Ciceronis vita, ex optimis quibusque scriptoribus delibata,” Harmar, John scholar

“Elegy on Dr. Sanderson, bishop of Lincoln,” Heath, James historian

Born: Henry, Matthew an eminent dissenting teacher

“Mercurius in sole visus.” Hevelius, John mathematician

Died: Heylin, Dr. Petek divine

“Problemata Physica, una cum magnitudine circuli,” Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

Born: Holmes, George antiquary (?–1749)

Born: Hone, George Paul lawyer

“Des Cartes’s Philosophy,” Hooke, Robert mathematician

“Works,” Hooker, Richard divine

Born: Hudson, Dr. John critic

Born: Johnson, John divine

“Doxoscopiae Physicae Minores, sive Isagoge Physica Doxoscopica.” Jungius, Joachim mathematician

“Some considerations upon the Act of Uniformity; with an expedient for the satisfaction of the clergy within the province of Canterbury. By a Servant of the God of peace,” Juxon, William prelate

Died: Launay, Peter De writer

Died: Lawes, Henry musician

“Theatrum Historicum,” Lee, Samuel divine

“Memento,” Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim writer

Died: Ley, John a voluminous polemic in the seventeenth century

Died: Lower, Sir William, Knt. was a noted cavalier in the reign of king Charles I

Born: Mary queen

Born: Mieris, William called the Young Mieris

“Vindication of himself from Mr. Baxter’s Calumny,” Morley, Dr. George bishop

“Answer to Father Cressy’s Letter;” Morley, Dr. George bishop

“A perpetual Diary, or Almanac,” Newton, John divine (16221678)

“Horologmm Thaumaticum duplex,” Pardies, Ignatius Gaston mathematician

Died: Pascal, Blaise mathematician

“A Treatise of Taxes and Contribution,” Petty, William a singular instance of an almost universal genius

“Tractatus de Affectuum Pilorum et Unguium,” Plempius, Vopiscus Fortunatus physician

Born: Pritz, John George (16621732)

“De Atomis,” Rodon, David a celebrated French professor of philosophy in the seventeenth century

“Disputatio realis de ente reali,” Rodon, David a celebrated French professor of philosophy in the seventeenth century

Died: Sanderson, Dr. Robert

“Judicia (seu Legum Censurae) de variis Incontinentioe speciebus.” Sharroch, Robert clergyman

“Diatriba de Chaldaicis Paraphrastis,” Smith, Thomas divine

Died: Stainer, Richard a brave naval officer in the seventeenth century

“De electione et reprobatione,” Sterne, John physician

“there are many things in it, which, if he were to write again, he would not say; some, which shew his youth, and want of due consideration; others, which he yielded too far, in hopes of gaining the dissenting parties to the church of England.” Stillingfleet, Edward one of the most learned prelates of the seventeenth century

“Just Weights and Measures; that is, the present State of Religion weighed in the Balance, and measured by the Standard of the Sanctuary,” Thorndike, Herbert divine

“Upon the advantages of an early piety,” Tillotson, John archbishop

“Les Corses Francoise,” Tristan L'Hermite, Francis poet

“Logica Apodeictica, sive Tractatus brevis et dilucidus de demonstratione; cum dissertatiuncula Gassendi eodem pertinente,” Tully, Thomas divine

“An Epistle General to the mystical body of Christ on earth, the church universal in Babylon, who are pilgrims and strangers on the earth, desiring and seeking after the heavenly country,” Vane, Sir Henry and one of the most turbulent enthusiasts which the rebellion produced

“The Face of the Times; whereby is briefly discovered, by several prophetical Scriptures, from the beginning of Genesis to the end of the Revelation, the rise, progress, and issue, of the enmity and contest between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent, to the final breaking of the serpent’s head, to the total and irrecoverable ruin of the monarchies of this world,” Vane, Sir Henry and one of the most turbulent enthusiasts which the rebellion produced

“Sermons” Vines, Richard divine

“A brief account of ancient Church Government,” Walker, Obadiah divine

“Dictionarium Minus; a compendious Dictionary English-Latin, and Latin- English,” Wase, Christopher a man of considerable learning

Born: Wesley, Samuel divine

“A poem on the imprisonment of Mr. Edmund Calamy in Newgate,” Wild, Robert divine


“Poetry, Sonnets, &c.” Abriani, Paul of Vincenza

“L‘Arte Poetica d’Horatio, tradotta in versi sciolti,” Abriani, Paul of Vincenza

Born: Adam, James a French translator of some note

“Procopii Historic Arcana, Gr. et Lat. Nic. Alernanno interprete, cum ejus et Maltreti notis,” Alemanni, Nicholas antiquary

Died: Ambrose, Isaac a noted presbyterian teacher in the times of the usurpation

Born: Amontons, William an ingenious French mechanic

“Tribunianus Belgicus,” Anselme, Antony of Antwerp (1588–?)

“Gestus Eucharisticus, concerning the Gesture to be used at the receiving the Sacrament,” Ashwell, George rector of Hanwell

Died: Balde, James poet

“Urania victrix, sive animse Christianae certamina adversus illecebras quinque sensuum corporis sui,” Balde, James poet

“Paean Parthenius, sive hymnus in honorem S. Ursulas et sociarum martyrum,” Balde, James poet

Born: Bedford, Hilkiah of Sibsey

Born: Benedictus, Peter a celebrated Maronite

“L‘Achille in Sciro’;” Bentivoglio, Hyppolitus of Arragon

Died: Berigard, Claude Guillermet, Slgnor De was born at Moulins in 1578

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“De Divina Psalmodia, deque variis ritibus omnium ecclesiarum in psallendis Divinis Officiis,” Bona, John cardinal

Died: Bourdeilles, Claude De grand-nephew of the former

“Experiments and considerations upon Colours; to which was added a letter, containing observations on a diamond that shines in the dark,” Boyle, Robert philosopher

“Considerations upon the style of the Holy Scriptures,” Boyle, Robert philosopher

Died: Brun, Lawrence Le Jesuit

“Grsecae Grammaticae Rudimenta,” Busby, Richard the most eminent schoolmaster in his time

Born: Byng, George lord viscount Torrington

Died: Calprenede, Walter De Costes writer

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“Cabala, or Scrinia sacra,” Carleton, Sir Dudley Lord Dorchester

Born: Carre', Lewis was born in 1663

“The Question to whom it belonged anciently to preach? And whether all priests might or did? Discussed out of antiquity. Occasioned by the late directions concerning preachers,” Casaubon, Meric was born at Geneva

“Philosophical and Physical Opinions,” Cavendish, Margaret duchess of Newcastle

Born: Chauveau, Rene son of the foregoing

Died: Clagett, Nicholas

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Born: Crescimbeni, John Mario poet

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Born: Crousaz, John Peter De mathematician

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Born: De Foe, Daniel writer

“The ancient method and manner of holding Parliaments in England,” Elsynge, Henry an English gentleman

Born: Emlyn, Thomas divine

Born: Eschenbach, Andrew Christian divine

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Born: Eugene, Francis prince of Savoy

Born: Eyben, Hulderie lawyer

Born: Fabricius, Francis professor of divinity in the university of Leipsic

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“Disputatio Medico-philosophica de Formarum origine,” Freitag, John physician

“Prophecies concerning the Return of Popery,” Gauden, John prelate

Born: Gendron, Claude Deshais a celebrated doctor of physic of the faculty at Montpellier

Born: Germon, Bartholomew Jesuit

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“Optica promota,” Gregory, James the first of an eminent family of learned men in Scotland

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“Sylloge disputation ujn theologicarum etphilologicarum,” Hackspan, Theodore divine

“Flagellum or, the Life and Death, Birth and Burial, of Oliver Cromwell, the late usurper,” Heath, James historian

“A new book of loyal English Martyrs and Confessors, who have endured the pains and terrors of death, arraignment, &c. for the maintenance of the just and legal government of these kingdoms both in church and state,” Heath, James historian

“De cultu creaturarum &, imaginufn dissert.” Henichius, John a learned professor of divinity in the university of llinteln

“An Account of the Revolutions of Siam in 1647,” Herbert, Thomas an eminent person of the Pembroke family

“Mjcrotechne, id est, brevissima Chirurgiae Methoclus,” Hoorne, John Van anatomist

Died: Juxon, William prelate

Born: King, Dn. William writer

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Born: Labat, John Baptist traveller

Born: Lanzoni, Joseph physician

“The Countess of Bridgwater’s Ghost, &c.” Lloyd, David historian

Born: Lobineau, Guy Alexis Benedictine

“Oratio funebris habita post exuvias nuperi Rev. jbatris Joan. (Bramhall) archiepiscopi Armacbani,” Loftus, Dudley scholar

“Aretino, or serious Romance,” Mackenzie, Sir George writer

Born: Massillon, John Baptist an eminent French preacher

Born: Mather, Dr. Cotton son to the preceding Increase Mather

Born: Matti, Don Emmanuel poet

“Epistola apologetica & parasnetica ad Thcologum quendara Belgam scripta,” Morley, Dr. George bishop

Born: Ostervald, John Frederick one of the most celebrated Swiss divines of the latter age

“Familiae Romans ex antiquis numismatibus ah urbe condita ad tempera D. Augusti,” Patin, Charles antiquary

Born: Pellegrin, Simon Joseph an abbe

“Tenenda non Tollenda: or, the Necessity of preserving Tenures in Capite, and by KnightVservice, which, according to their first institution, were, and are yet, a 'great part of the salus populi, &c, 1660,” Philips, Fabian author of several books relating to ancient customs and privileges in England

Died: Raynaud, Theophilus Jesuit

“Venezia descritta,” Sansovino, Francis historian

“Exercitationes variae,” Schoockius, Martin writer

Born: Smalridge, George prelate

“At the restoration he was ejected from Cressedge, but neither Wood nor Calamy have ascertained when he died. The former says” Smith, Samuel one of the most popular writers of pious tracts in the seventeenth century

“The Slighted Maid” Stapleton, Sir Robert poet

Born: Stepney, George poet

“Discourse on Confirmation” Taylor, Jeremy prelate

“History of Gavelkind, with the etymology thereof; containing also an assertion, that our English laws are, for the most part, those that were used by vthe ancient Brytains, notwithstanding the several conquests of the Romans, Saxons, Danes, and Normans. With some observations and remarks upon many especial occurrences of British and English history. To which is added, a short history of William the conqueror, written in Latin by an anonymous author in the time of Henry I.” Taylor, Silas antiquary

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“A brief account of some expressions in St. Athanasius’s creed,” Towerson, Gabriel divine

Born: Trimnell, Charles bishop

“Naples Francoise,” Tristan L'Hermite, Francis poet

“Lucas Vanuden pinx. inv. et fee.” Vanuden, Lucas painter

“De Septuaginta Interpretibus, eorumque translatione & chronologia Dissertationes;” Vossius, Isaac a man of great parts and learning

Born: Walsh, William critic

“Romish Doctrines not from the beginning: or a Reply to what S. C. (Serenus Cressy), a Roman catholick, hath returned to Dr. Pierce’s Sermon preached before his Majesty at Whitehall, Feb. 1, 1662, in vindication of our Church against the novelties of Rome,” Whitby, Daniel divine

Born: Wilson, Thomas bishop

“An Antidote to cure the Calamities of their trembling for fear of the Arke,” Womock, Lawrence prelate

“Cabala, or Scrinia sacra,” Wotton, Sir Henry an Englishman

“A poem, being an Essay on the present ruins of St. Paul’s cathedral,” Wright, Abraham divine


Died: Aagard, Christian poet

Born: Alberoni, Julius statesman

“A call to Archippus,” Allein, Joseph divine

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Died: Andoque, Peter and not Androque

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Died: Bega, Cornelius artist

“Exercitationes ethicae, ceconomicge, politicae,” Berckringer, Daniel who was born

Born: Bernier, Nicholas composer

Born: Bertin, Nicholas painter

Died: Bonnell, James a man celebrated for piety and virtue

“Exercitatio historica de Clinicis Ecclesiae Teteris,” Bosius, John Andrew historian

“Recueil des oeuvres diverses,” Brebeuf, George De poet

Died: Buxtorf, John was born at Basil

“Histoire de Cambray et du Cambresis,” Carpentier, John Le a native of Abscons in Ostrevant

“Philosophical Letters or Modest Reflections upon some opinions in Natural Philosophy, maintained by several famous and learned authors of this age, expressed by way of letters,” Cavendish, Margaret duchess of Newcastle

Born: Chamberlen, Hugh an eminent man-midwife

“Nine Sermons on occasional subjects,” Chillingworth, William divine

Died: Coulon, Lewis historian

“De auctoritate verbi divini in Hebraico codice,” Crinesius, Christopher a learned Bohemian

“De ratione motus musculorum,” Croune, William physician

“Adversus Latinorurn traditionem de cultus religiosi objecto, disputatio,” Daille, John a minister of the church of Paris

“Horie Subseciva?, or a treatise shewing the original, grounds, reasons, and provocations, necessitating our sanguinary Laws against Papists, made in the days of queen Elizabeth,” Denton, William the youngest son of sir T

Died: Despierres, John Benedictine

“O ratio de reducenda ad Medicinam Chirurgia;” Diemerbroeck, Isbrand, De was born at Montfort

Died: Doni D'Attichi, Lewis was born in 1596

Died: Ecchellensis, Abraham a learned Maronite of the seventeenth century

“A parallel of the antient architecture with the modern, in a collection of ten principal authors who have written upon the five orders, viz. Palladio and Scammozzi, Serlio and Vignola D. Barbaro and Cataneo L. B. Alberti and Viola, Bullant and De Lorme compared with one another. The three Greek orders, Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian, comprise the first part of this treatise, and the two Latin, Tuscan and Composite, the latter written in French by Roland Freart, sieur de Chambray made English for the benefit, of builders to which is added, an account of architects and architecture^ in an historical and etymological explanation of certain terms, particularly affected by architects; with Leon Baptista Alberti’s treatise of statues,” Evelyn, John philosopher (?–1706)

“Kalendarium Hortense, or the gardener’s almanac, directing what he is to do monthly throughout the year, and what fruits and flowers are in prime,” Evelyn, John philosopher (?–1706)

Born: Faccio, Nicolas Of Duilier a man of considerable learning

Died: Fermat, Peter mathematician

Born: Ficoroni, Francis a famous Roman medallist

“Semiotice, sive de signis medicis Tractatus,” Fienus, Thomas physician

Born: Glanvil, John war born at Broad Hinton in 1664

Born: Gotti, Vincent Lewis cardinal

Died: Gracian, Baltasar Jesuit

Born: Gravina, John Vincent scholar

Died: Gryphius, Andrew was born at Glogaw in 1616

Died: Guichenon, Samuel historian

Born: Harrington, James lawyer

Born: Heritier, Marie Jeanne L' de Villandon

Born: Hopkins, Charles was born at Exeter

“Concerning the surrender of Dunkirk, thiit it was done upon good Grounds,” Ho Well, James writer

Born: Janssens, Honorius Victor artist

Born: Lang, John Michael divine

Born: Leslie, Charles writer

Died: Lippi, Fra. Filippo painter

Died: Littleton, Dwaud lord keeper of the great seal of England in the reign of Charles I. was descended

“The Speech of James duke of Ormond, made in a parliament at Dublin, Sept. 17, 1662, translated into the Italian,” Loftus, Dudley scholar

Born: Lucas, Paul traveller

“Sylloge Observationnm Medico-chirurgicarum rariorum,” Marchetti, Peter De physician

“Diogenes Laertius Graece et Latine cum commentario,” Menage, Giles called

Died: Miel, Jan painter

Died: Mothe Le Vayer, Francis De La writer

Died: Perrot, Nicolas sieur d'Ablancourt

“Commentary” Persius, Aulus Flaccus one of the three great Roman satirists

Born: Petit, Francis Pourfour Du physician

“Loimographia, sive, Tractatus de Peste,” Plempius, Vopiscus Fortunatus physician

“De Magia naturali,” Porta, Johnbaptista a Neapolitan gentleman

Born: Prior, Matthew poet

“Freres Ennemis,” Racine, John poet

“Versio nova in caput quartum Geneseos,” Ravis, Christian a learned orientalist

Died: Rodon, David a celebrated French professor of philosophy in the seventeenth century

Died: Sanderus, Anthony antiquary

“Technica curiosa,” Schott, Gaspar Jesuit

“The Step-mother,” Stapleton, Sir Robert poet

“A rational account of the grounds of the Protestant Religion; being a vindication of the lord archbishop of Canterbury’s relation of a conference,” Stillingfleet, Edward one of the most learned prelates of the seventeenth century

“On the wisdom of being religious;” Tillotson, John archbishop

“De Ecclesiarum Germanicarum origine et progressu,” Ursinus, Zachary one of the most celebrated Protestant divines of the 16th century

Born: Vaniere, James Jesuit

“Venerabilis Bedae epistolae duae, necnon vitae abbatum Wiremuthensium etGerwiensium, &c.” Ware, James antiquary

Born: Wharton, Henry divine

“The persecution and oppression of John Bale, and Griffith Williams, bishops of Ossory,” Williams, Griffith bishop

“Cerebri Anatome,” Willis, Thomas physician