, or Algerus, a learned priest of the church of Liege, in the twelfth century, was distinguished for a love of study and retirement, which induced him to refuse many tempting offers of promotion. In 1121, he shut himself up at Cluni, and passed his time in the strict observance of monastic discipline. He died in 1131. He wrote, 1. “A treatise on Mercy and Justice,” published by Martenne in the 5th vol. of his “Anecdotes.” 2. “A treatise on the Sacrament,” in three books, which may be seen in the Bibl. Patruro; but the most singular part of its history is, that Erasmus published an edition of it in 1530, at Fribourg, and declared that by the perusal of it he had | been confirmed in the opinion of the real presence. 3. A small piece on “Free Will,” published by father Fez in the fourth vol. of his “Anecdotes.” Algerus wrote many letters, and a history of the church of Liege, which remain in manuscript. 1


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