Andreas, Onuphrius

, a Neapolitan poet, flourished about the year 1630, and died in 1647. Although he is not free from the prevailing corruption of style in his time, Crescembini and Le Quadrio rank him among the best poets of the seventeenth century. He wrote two poems: “Aci,” in ottava rima, Naples, 1628, 12mo, and “Italia liberata,” a heroic poem, Naples, 1626, 12mo; two theatrical pieces, “Elpino, favola boscherec-. | cia,” and “La Vana gelosia,” a collection of lyric poems, in two parts, and “Discorsi in prose” on different subjects of morality and philosophy, Naples, 1636, 4to. 1


Biog. Univerelle.