Assemani, Stephen Evodius

, nephew of the preceding, and archbishop of Apamea, succeeded his uncle in the charge of the Vatican library, and became equally celebrated as an eastern scholar and a man of general learning. His works are, 1. “Bibliothecae Mediceo-Laurentianse et Palatinoe codicum manuscr. Orientalium catalogus,Florence, 1742, 2 vols. fol. with notes by Gori. 2. “Acta sanctorum martyrum Orientalium et Occidentalium &c. Rome, 1748, 2 vols. fol. In conjunction with his uncle, he published” Bibl. Apost. Vatic, codic. Mss. Catal." Rome, 1756 1769. This was to have consisted of 4 vols. and he had printed some sheets of the fourth, when an accidental fire destroyed the manuscript. The time of his death is not mentioned. 2