Events noted in 1740

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1735 1745


Died: Aquino, Charles De writer

Died: Argentre, Charles Duplessis D' bishop

Died: Aubriet, Claude painter

Born: Bacon, John an eminent English sculptor

Born: Bagot, Lewis prelate

Died: Baratier, John Philip scholar

Publication: “Disquisitio historico-chronologica de successione antiquissima episcoporum Romanorum, cum quatuor dissertationibus,” by Baratier, John Philip scholar

Born: Baron, Richard a dissenting minister

Publication: “Divine Legation,” by Bate, Julius divine

Publication: “Etica philosophica,” by Baumgarten, Alexander Theophilus philosopher

Publication: “Prefatory discourse,” by Benson, William critic

Publication: “A Letter to a fellow of a college; beingthe sequel of a Letter to a young gentleman of Oxford,” by Bentham, Edward canon of Christ-church

Born: Berenger, John Peter writer

Publication: “Dissertations melees sur divers sujets importans et curieux,” by Bernard, John Frederic bookseller

Born: Abingdon, Willoughby Bertie earl of

Publication: “Viridiciae canonicarum Scripturarum vulgatse Latinoe editionis,” by Bianchini, Joseph priest of the oratory of St

Publication: “A course of Sermons on the Lord’s Prayer,” by Bisse, Thomas divine

Died: Blondel, Laurence who was born at Paris in 1671

Born: Boccherini, Lewis composer

Publication: “Introductio in praxin clinicam,” by Boerhaave, Herman physician

Born: Boswell, James the friend and biographer of Dr

Died: Bray, Sir Reginald was second son of sir Richard Bray

Died: Brereton, Jane an English poetess

Publication: “Memoirs of the bashaw duke de Rippercla,” by Campbell, John an eminent historical

Died: Carte, Samuel divine

Publication: “The History of the Revolutions of Portugal, from the foundation of that kingdom to the year 1567, with letters of sir Robert Southwell, during his embassy there, to the duke of Ormonde; giving a particular account of the deposing don Alphonso, and placing don Pedro on the throne,” by Carte, Thomas historian

Born: Chelsum, James divine

Publication: “The English Malady: or, a treatise of Nervous diseases of all kinds; as Spleen, Vapours, Lowness of Spirits, Hypochondriacal and Hysterical distempers, &c.” by Cheyne, George physician

Died: Chicoyneau, Aime Francis born at Montpellier in 1702

Publication: “Life of Edward the Black Prince,” by Collins, Arthur antiquary

Born: Corilla, Maria Maddelana Fernandez a late celebrated improvisatrice

Died: Daubenton, Louis John Maria naturalist

Died: Daubuz, Charles divine

Publication: “An historical account of the life and rei^n of David king of Israel.” by Delany, Patkick a clergymnn of Ireland

Born: Downman, Hugh physician

Publication: “Academica, sive de judicio erga verum, in ipsis primis fontibus, opera P. Valentiae Zafrensis, editio jiova emendatior,” by Durand, David preacher

Publication: “Ruins of Rome,” by Dyer, John poet

Born: Earle, William Benson a very munificent benefactor

Publication: “The Journal of his Mission,” by Egede, Hans an enterprising Danish missionary

Publication: “Piombi antichi,” by Ficoroni, Francis a famous Roman medallist

Died: Fielding, Henry writer

Publication: “Remarques historiques sur les medaille* et monnoies,” by Formey, John Henry Samuel writer

Publication: “Journal de Berlin,” by Formey, John Henry Samuel writer

Died: Frederic Ii. surnamed the Great

Died: Gagnier, John an eminent orientalist

Publication: “Physical Astronomy,” by Gamaches, Stephen Simon writer

Born: Gaucher, Charles Stephen engraver

Publication: “Lettre a M. Berger de Charancy, Eveque de Montpellier,” by Gaultier, John Baptist was born about 1685

Publication: “Histoire des Amazones ancienneset modernes,” by Guyon, Marie-Claude historian

Publication: “Index to Dr. Edvards’s Preservative against Socinianism,” by Hearne, Thomas antiquary

Born: Hele, Thomas by birth an Englishman

Died: Hughes, Jabez was the younger brother of Mr

Died: Jago, Richard poet

Died: Jervas, Charles painter

Publication: “Riccimero Re de' Goti,” by Jomelli, Nicolo one of the most intelligent

Born: Kauffman, Mary Angelica artist

Born: Levi, David a learned Jew

Died: Linnæus, Charles afterwards Von Linne'

Publication: “Moral Philosopher.” by Lowman, Moses clergyman

Publication: “Parallele des Romains et des Franc.ais,” by Mably, Gabriel Bonnot, Abbe' De writer

Publication: “Monumenta Typographica,” by Mallinkrott, Bernard dean

Publication: “Oeuvres de Brantome,” by Marchand, Prosper an author to whom the curious in literary history are greatly indebted (16781756)

Publication: “Chef-d‘oeuvre d’un inconnu,” by Marchand, Prosper an author to whom the curious in literary history are greatly indebted (16781756)

Died: Marchmont, Hugh Hume, Campbell, Third Earl Of a nobleman of great learning and accomplishments

Publication: “Memoirs of the Academy of Paris,” by Martin, Benjamin an eminent optician

Publication: “Essays Medical and Philosophical,” by Martine, George physician

Died: Milles, Jeremiah antiquary

Publication: “Considerations sur la Commerce et la Navigation de la Grande Bretagne,” by Montesquieu, Charles De Secondat, Baron Of writer

Born: Nasmith, James antiquary

Publication: “Four letters on Ecclesiastical Discipline,” by Necker, Charles Frederick professor of civil law at Geneva

Publication: “Newtoni Genesis Curvarum per Umbras,” by Newton, Sir Isaac the most splendid genius that has yet adorned human nature (16431727)

Publication: “Memoirs of the Academy of Sciences” by Nollet, John Anthony a French abbe

Publication: “Table astronomiques,” by Parcieux mathematician

Publication: “Histoire des Celtes,” by Pelloutier, Simon writer

Died: Pepusch, John Christopher one of the greatest theoretic musicians of modern times

Born: Percival, Thomas physician

Died: Piper, Francis Le painter

Publication: “Monumenta inedita Rerum Germanicarum,” by Pontanus, John Isaac historiographer to his Danish majesty

Publication: “Coutume d'Orleans,” by Pothier, Robert Joseph son of a counsellor to the presidial of Orleans (16991772)

Publication: “Moallakat” by Reiske, John James scholar

Publication: “The Negotiation of Sir Thomas Roe, in his Embassy to the Ottoman Porte, from 1621 to 1628 inclusive,” by Richardson, Samuel writer

Publication: “Dissertations on Duels, and the Orders of Knighthood,” by Roques, Peter clergyman

Born: Sanchez, Peter Anthony a learned Spanish ecclesiastic

Born: Saussure, Horace Benedict De naturalist

Publication: “Colomesiana,” by Scaliger, Joseph Justus and heir to his talents and temper

Born: Schmidt, Christopher a learned German

Born: Sheepshanks, William clergyman

Born: Smellie, William naturalist

Publication: “The principles and connexion bf Natural and Revealed Religion distinctly considered,” by Sykes, Arthur Ashley divine

Born: Throsby, John writer

Died: Tickell, Richard writer

Born: Toplady, Augustus Montague a strenuous champion for the Calvinism of the church of England

Publication: “The Theological Works of Dr. Pocock,” by Twells, Leonard divine

Born: Tyson, Michael artist

Publication: “Anatomical Dissertations” by Valsalva, Antony Maria physician

Died: Venn, Henry divine

Died: Walton, George a gallant naval officer

Publication: “An experimental inquiry on some parts of the animal structure,” by Wintringham, Clifton physician

Born: Wodhull, Michael the first translator into English verse of all the tragedies and fragments of Euripides which are extant

Publication: “Monumenta typographies,” by Wolfe, John Christopher scholar

Died: Wyndham, Sir William statesman


Died: Achards, Eleazar-Francis De La Baume De was born at Avignon

Born: Adam, Alexander writer

Publication: “Orthopedic; ou l'art de prevenir et de corriger, dans les enfants, les Difformites du corps,” by Andry, Nicholas surnamed Bois-Regard

Publication: “Histoire de premieres expeditions de Charlemagne pendant sa jeunesse et avant son regne,” by Angilbert, St. abbot

Died: Arnall, William writer

Publication: “De Gneca Latini sermonis origine,” by Arntzenius, Otho was born in 1703

Born: Bahrdt, Charles Frederick one of those German writers who have of late years disgraced the profession of religion and philosophy

Died: Banier, Anthony licentiate in laws

Born: Barry, James artist

Publication: “An essay towards explaining the third chapter of Genesis, in answer to Mr. Warburton,” by Bate, Julius divine

Publication: “An Enquiry into the nature of the human Soul, wherein its immateriality is evinced from the principles of reason and philosophy;” by Baxter, Andrew philosopher

Publication: “Observations sur les Plantes,” by Bazin, N. physician

Publication: “Scripture Chronology, demonstrated by astronomical calculations, in eight books,” by Bedford, Arthur clergyman

Publication: “The doctrine of Justification by Faith stated according to the articles of the church of England. Contained in nine questions and answers,” by Bedford, Arthur clergyman

Publication: “Ad disciplinam Mechanicam, Nauticam, et Geographicam Acroasis critica et historica,” by Belgrado, James mathematician

Born: Benyowsky, Count Mauritius Augustus De an adventurer of very dubious

Publication: “Methodus cranii ossa dissuendi, et machinse hunc in finem constructs, delineatio,” by Bergen, Charles Augustus De anatomist

Died: Beyer, Augustus a German Protestant minister

Publication: “De‘ gran duchi di Toscana della real casa de’ Medici,” by Bianchini, Joseph Maria scholar

Publication: “Acta scholastica,” by Bidermann, John Theophilus writer

Publication: “Account of Milton,” by Birch, Thomas writer

Died: Blackbourne, John divine

Publication: “De precavenda polyporum generatione.” by Boehmer, Justin Henning lawyer

Publication: “Visitation sermon” by Bolton, Robert dean

Publication: “Exposition de la Doctrine Chretienne par demandes et par reponses,” by Bougeant, William Hyacinth historian

Died: Bretonneau, Francis born at Tours in 1660

Born: Brunswick-Oels, Frederick Augustus, Duke Of a general of infantry in the Prussian army

Publication: “L'Histoire de Thamas Kouli-Kan, sophi de Perse,” by Cerceau, John Antony Du Jesuit

Born: Chamfort, Sebastian Roche Nicolas writer

Born: Chantreau, Peter Nicholas writer

Publication: “Elements of Geometry,” by Clairault, Alexis Claude mathematician

Born: Desrochers, Andier Stephen John engraver

Publication: “The Blind Beggar of Bethnal-green,” by Dodsley, Robert poet

Publication: “Visitation Sermon on the desireableness of the Christian Faith, published at the request of bishop Sherlock,” by Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

Born: Dundas, Henry Lord Viscount Melville

Born: Farr, Samuel physician

Publication: “Virgil,” by Foggini, Peter Francis a learned Italian ecclesiastic

Publication: “La Belle Wolfienne,” by Formey, John Henry Samuel writer

Publication: “Memoires pour servir a Tbistoire de Pologae,” by Formey, John Henry Samuel writer

Publication: “Christianity, Tidings of Joy,” by Gambold, John bishop

Died: Gibert, Balthasar scholar

Died: Granet, Francis deacon of the church of Aix

Publication: “The Philosopher;” by Hagedorn, Frederic poet

Publication: “Dissertation on the Chronology of the Septuagint,” by Hayes, Charles esq. a very singular person

Born: Herder, John Gottfried philosopher (?–1803)

Publication: “Commentatio de Medulla Spinali, speciatim de Nervis ab ea provenientibus,” by Huber, John James anatomist

Born: Hunter, Henry preacher

Died: Jablonski, Daniel-Ernest divine

Born: Lavater, John Caspar the celebrated physiognomist

Publication: “Traité historique et pratique sur le chant ecciesiastique,” by Lebeuf, John antiquary

Publication: “Of Queen Elizabeth,” by Leti, Gregory writer

Born: Linnæus the oldest

Publication: “Observations sur l'Electrical,” by Louis, Anthony surgeon

Publication: “Dissertation sur les forces motrices des corps,” by Mairan, John James D'Ortous De philosopher

Publication: “Lettre a Madame du Chatelet, sur ia question des forces vives,” by Mairan, John James D'Ortous De philosopher

Publication: “Apophthegmata,” by Maittaire, Michael an eminent classical editor

Died: Marcello, Benedetto a nobleman celebrated for musical knowledge

Born: Masson, Francis botanist

Publication: “La vita di Pietro Aretino,” by Mazzuchelli, John Maria a nobleman of Brescia

Publication: “De rebus mancipi et nee mancipi.” by Meerman, Gerard lawyer

Publication: “De Antiquitate Punctorum Vocalium.” by Michaelis, John David critic

Publication: “Elements of Hebrew accentuation,” by Michaelis, John David critic

Publication: “Public Register,” by Mordaunt, Charles earl of Peterborough

Publication: “Historia Tartarorum ecclesiastica,” by Mosheim, John Lawrence divine (16951755)

Publication: “Memoirs of his Travels” by Oliveyra, Francis Xavier De knight

Publication: “Letters, familiar, historical, political, and critical,” by Oliveyra, Francis Xavier De knight

Publication: “Memoires concernant le Portugal,” by Oliveyra, Francis Xavier De knight

Publication: “Infallabilitas act. Rom. Pont.” by Orsi, Francis Joseph Augustine cardinal

Born: Pallas, Peter Simon naturalist

Publication: “A mechanical and critical Enquiry into the nature of Hermaphrodites,” by Parsons, James physician

Born: Pechmeja, John De a man of letters in France

Born: Perouse, John Francis Galaupde La an able but unfortunate navigator

Died: Petit, Francis Pourfour Du physician

Died: Polignac, Melchior De cardinal

Publication: “Dictionary of Cases of Conscience” by Pontas, John a celebrated casuist

Died: Porée, Charles Jesuit

Publication: “An Account of Tumours which soften the Bones,” by Pott, Percival surgeon (17131788)

Died: Rollin, Charles writer

Died: Scott, David was born near Haddington

Publication: “Miscellanies,” by Silhouette, Stephen De writer

Publication: “Traite* mathematique sur le bonheur,” by Silhouette, Stephen De writer

Publication: “Epitres morales, Lettres phiiosophiques, et Traits mathematiques,” by Silhouette, Stephen De writer

Publication: “Moral contemplations of the works of Nature” by Sulzer, John George a very eminent German

Died: Synge, Edward archbishop

Born: Trimmer, Sarah a very ingenious lady

Publication: “Epistola ad virum eruditum Conyers Middleton, c.” by Tunstall, James divine

Publication: “Defence of Leibnitz’s philosophy against M. de Crousaz,” by Vattel, Emer De, an eminent publicist

Publication: “A general and complete Abridgment of Law and Equity,” by Viner, Charles an eminent benefactor to the study of law

Died: Weston, Stephen bishop (?–1742)

Publication: “Gentleman’s Diary” by Witchell, George astronomer

Born: Withering, William botanist


Publication: “Reflexions on the Augsburgh Confession,” by Ahlwardt, Peter professor of logic and metaphysics at GreifewaJd

Died: Amhurst, Nicholas writer

Died: Andry, Nicholas surnamed Bois-Regard

Publication: “Ragioni della Sede apostolica sopra il Ducato di Parma e Piacenza esposte a‘ sovrani e principi Catholici dell’ Europa,” by Antonelli, Nicholas Maria count of Pergola

Publication: “Bibliothecae Mediceo-Laurentianse et Palatinoe codicum manuscr. Orientalium catalogus,” by Assemani, Stephen Evodius archbishop

Publication: “Dissertatio de Calculorum seu Latrunculorum ludo,” by Averani, Joseph was born at Florence the 19th of March 1662

Born: Baker, William a learned printer

Died: Beattie, James philosopher

Publication: “Ad disciplinam Hydrostaticam Acroasis historica et critica,” by Belgrado, James mathematician

Died: Benedictus, Peter a celebrated Maronite

Publication: “Gnomon Nov. Test, in quo ex nativa verborum vi simplicitas, profunditas, concinnitas sensuum ccelestium indicatur,” by Bengel, John Albert divine

Publication: “Dissertatio posthuma de tribus generibus instrumentorum musicse veterum orgatiicse,” by Bianchini, Francis astronomer

Publication: “Elementa physices,” by Bilfinger, George Bernard philosopher

Publication: “Our Saviour’s divine sermon on the mount, explained and the pi-actice of it recommended in divers sermons and discourses,” by Blair, James, M. A. was born and bred in Scotland

Publication: “Chylificationis historia,” by Bordeu, Theophilus De was born Feb. 22

Born: Born, Ignatius Baron

Publication: “Dissertation sur le grand pontifical des empereurs Remains,” by Bouhier, John president a mortier of the parliament of Dijon

Died: Bourguet, Louis who was born at Nimes in 1678

Publication: “Traite des petrifactions,” by Bourguet, Louis who was born at Nimes in 1678

Publication: “Miscellaneous Tracts.” by Bowyer, William the most learned English printer of whom we have any account (?–1777)

Died: Bremond, Francis De a member of the French academy of sciences

Publication: “Historia Critica Philosophiae,” by Brucker, John James the learned author of the “History of Philosophy

Publication: “Dissertations surPincertitude des signesde lamort, et Tabus des enterremens et embaumemens precipites,” by Bruhier, John James D' Ablaincourt physician

Born: Byrne, William engraver

Born: Cadell, Thomas bookseller

Publication: “Concise history of Spanish America,” by Campbell, John an eminent historical

Publication: “A full Answer to the Letter from a bystander,” by Carte, Thomas historian

Publication: “A short and plain Catechism, being an explanation of the Creed, Ten Commandments, and the Lord’s Prayer, by way of question and answer,” by Chandler, Samuel an eminent dissenting minister

Died: Clarke, Dr. Alured divine

Publication: “The Church discipline respecting the fast of Lent,” by Concina, Daniel divine

Died: Crawford, William was born at Kelso

Born: Dombey, Joseph botanist

Died: Dorigny, Lewis painter

Died: Dunlop, Alexander, A. M. was brother to the above

Publication: “Templum Libertatis,” by Ellis, John writer

Born: Evans, Thomas bookseller

Died: Falle, Philip a learned man

Publication: “A Literary History of Aquileia, in Latin,” by Fontanini, Juste archbishop

Died: Fontenay, Peter Claude Jesuit

Publication: “Commissaire pour les extraits,” by Garengeot, Rp.Ne Jamf.S Croissant De surgeon

Publication: “Bibliotheca Cardinalis Imperialis,” by Goodal, Walter antiquary

Died: Gotti, Vincent Lewis cardinal

Publication: “De vita et studiis, &c.” by Gotti, Vincent Lewis cardinal

Died: Grandlus, Gumo mathematician

Publication: “A Sj’stem of Morality,” by Gravesande, William James philosopher

Died: Gray, Thomas poet

Publication: “Epistolae ab Ecclesiie Helvetica; reformatoribus vel ad eos scriptae,” by Grey, Lady Jane was an illustrious personage of the blood royal of England by both parents: her grandmother on her father’s side

Publication: “Sage;” by Hagedorn, Frederic poet

Died: Hammond, James well remembered as a man esteemed and caressed by the elegant and great

Died: Havercamp, Sigebert a classical editor of considerable fame

Publication: “Sallust.” by Havercamp, Sigebert a classical editor of considerable fame

Publication: “Oratio anniversaria in Theatro Coll. Medicor. Londinensium, ex Harveii instttuto habita die 18 Oct. A. D. 1742, a Benj. Hoadly, M. D. Coll. Med. & S. R. S.” by Hoadly, Benjamin bishop

Born: Holt, John writer (?–1801)

Publication: “An account of the conduct of the dowager duchess of Marl borough, from her first coming to court to the year 1710.” by Hooke, Nathaniel celebrated for a “Roman History

Publication: “Commentatio de Vaginas Uteri structura rugosa, necnon *de Hymene,” by Huber, John James anatomist

Publication: “Humphr. Hodii, lib. 2. de Græcis illustribus Linguæ Græcæ Literarumque humaniorum instauratoribus,” by Jebb, Samuel, M. D. a native of Nottingham (1694–?)

Publication: “Anacreon,” by Lami, John an Italian ecclesiastic

Publication: “Memorabilia Italorum eruditione praestantium, quibus vertens sseculum gloriatur,” by Lami, John an Italian ecclesiastic

Publication: “Dialogi d'Aniceto Nemesio,” by Lami, John an Italian ecclesiastic

Died: Leonardo, Leo principal organist of the chapel royaj at Naples

Publication: “Pamela, a Comedy,” by Love, James writer

Publication: “A complete system of Fluxions, with their application to the most considerable problems in geometry and natural philosophy.” by Maclaurin, Coun mathematician

Publication: “Philo Judaeus,” by Mangey, Thomas divine

Publication: “Oeuvres de Villon,” by Marchand, Prosper an author to whom the curious in literary history are greatly indebted (16781756)

Born: Marshal, Andrew anatomist

Publication: “Treatise of the acute diseases of Infants,” by Martyn, John professor of botany at Cambridge

Publication: “Specimen calculi fluxionalis,” by Meerman, Gerard lawyer

Publication: “Geographia Antiqua & Nova; taken partly from Dufresnoy’s ‘ Methode pour etudier la Geographic;’ with Ceilarius’s Maps,” by Morant, Philip antiquary

Died: Nettleton, Thomas physician

Publication: “An Ode to the Right Honourable the Earl of Orford, on Retirement,” by Newcomb, Thomas son of a worthy clergy

Publication: “Tables for purchasing College Leases,” by Newton, Sir Isaac the most splendid genius that has yet adorned human nature (16431727)

Died: Norden, Frederick Lewis traveller

Publication: “La Bibliotheqtie des Auteurs de Bourgogne,” by Papillon, Philibert a learned canon of la Chapelle-au Riche

Publication: “A description of the Urinary Human Bladder, and the parts belonging to it, with figures,” by Parsons, James physician

Publication: “Philo was an author that deserved to have a better text and a better version.” by Philo, Judæus writer

Publication: “Dissertazione sopra al Tempio di Diana di Efeso,” by Poleni, John an Italian marquis

Born: Reed, Isaac a gentleman eminently conversant in literary history

Publication: “Eight Sermons at Lady Moyer’s lecture,” by Ridley, Dr. Gloster divine

Died: Sabatier, Peter Benedictine

Born: Scheele, Charles William a very learned chemist

Died: Sheffield, John duke of Buckinghamshire

Publication: “Alliance,” by Silhouette, Stephen De writer

Born: Stuart, Gilbert historian

Died: Townley, Charles scholar

Died: Tyrwhitt, Thomas one of the most eminent scholars and critics of the last century

Publication: “After the revolution he retired into Flanders, where he died soon after. He left two children, a daughter who became a nun, and a son whom Dodd speaks of as” by Ward, Thomas whom we mentioned under the article Edward Ward

Publication: “A summary view of the doctrine of Justification. 2. An Inquiry concerning the antiquity of the practice of infant communion, as founded on the notion of its necessity. The whole published from the originals, in pursuance of the request of the author, by Joseph Clarke, M. A.” by Waterland, Daniel divine

Publication: “A Letter to the Rev. Mr. William Warburton, M. A. occasioned by some passages in his book, entitled ‘The Divine Legation of Moses demonstrated.’ By a gentleman of Lincoln’s Inn,” by Webb, Philip Carteret

Died: Wheatley, Charles the author of an excellent illustration of the Book of Common Prayer


Publication: “Animadversionum ad Æschylum libri duo; accedunt annotationes ad qusedam loca Novi Testament!,” by Abresch, Frederic Louis scholar

Publication: “Traite” by Alembert, John Le Rond D' philosopher

Died: Anderson, John a learned German

Died: Arlaud, James Anthony painter

Died: Astori, John Anthony antiquary

Died: Baker, Sir George physician

Publication: “A defence of Mr. Hutchinson’s plan,” by Bate, Julius divine

Publication: “The Loves of Ismene & Isménias,” by Beauchamps, Pierre François Godard De writer

Publication: “De longis jejuniis dissertatio.” by Beccaria, James Bartholomew physician

Publication: “Horye Mathematics Vacua*, or a treatise of the Golden and Ecliptick Numbers,” by Bedford, Arthur clergyman

Publication: “De Phialis vitreis ex minimi silicis casa dissilientibusAcroasis,” by Belgrado, James mathematician

Died: Benzelius, Eric archbishop

Publication: “Elettra,” by Bergalli, Louisa an Italian poetess

Publication: “Pentas obervationum anatomico-physiologicarum,” by Bergen, Charles Augustus De anatomist

Publication: “De lacteorum vasorum positionibus et fabrica,” by Bianchi, John Baptist anatomist

Died: Bibbiena, Ferdinand Galli architect

Publication: “De insolentia titulorum librariorum,” by Bidermann, John Theophilus writer

Publication: “Specimen theologiae naturalis,” by Bock, Frederic Samuel professor of divinity and Greek in the university of Konigsberg

Publication: “Institutions et Aphorismes,” by Boerhaave, Herman physician

Publication: “Consultationes medicse, sive sylloge epistolarum cum responsis,” by Boerhaave, Herman physician

Publication: “Dissertatio physiologica de sensu generice considerate,” by Bordeu, Theophilus De was born Feb. 22

Born: Brand, John secretary to the society of antiquaries

Born: Cagliostro, Count Alexander a noted impostor

Died: Campbell, John second duke of Argyle

Publication: “Hermippus Redivivus,” by Campbell, John an eminent historical

Publication: “The Musical Century,” by Carey, Henry composer

Publication: “A full and clear vindication of the full answer to a Letter from a bystander,” by Carte, Thomas historian

Publication: “Catalogue des rolles Gascons, Normans, et Francois, conserves dans les archives de la Tour de Londres; tire* d‘apres celui du Garde* desdites archives; & contenant la precis & le sommaire de tous les titres qui s’y trouvent concernant la Guienne, la Normandie, & les autres provinces de la France, sujettes autres fois auX rois d’Angleterre, &c.” by Carte, Thomas historian

Publication: “Vrai systeme de physique generate de Newton,” by Castel, Lewis Bertrand philosopher

Born: Cecil, Richard clergyman

Died: Cheyne, George physician

Publication: “Theory of the Figure of the Earth,” by Clairault, Alexis Claude mathematician

Publication: “Del vitto Pythagorico,” by Cocchi, Anthony of Florence

Publication: “Dissertations theological, moral, and critical, on the history of probability and rigourism,” by Concina, Daniel divine

Born: Condorcet, John Antony Nicolas Caritat Mapquis De mathematician

Died: Corradini, De Sezza, Peter Marcellinus antiquary

Born: Cowley, Hannah writer

Died: Cuming, Sir Alexander a man of considerable talents

Died: Dahl, Michael painter

Publication: “The Liberty of Sweden,” by Dalin, Olaus Von a learned Swede

Publication: “Essay on Maritime Power and Commerce,” by Deslandes, Andrew Francis Boltreau writer

Died: Despohtes, Francis painter

Publication: “Two Sermons on the eternity of future punishment, in answer to Whiston with a Preface,” by Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

Born: Edwards, Bryan historian

Publication: “The Doctrine of Fluxions,” by Emerson, William mathematician

Born: Ewald, John poet (?–1781)

Publication: “Gallia Christiana.” by Florez, Henry a Spanish Augustine

Publication: “Basilica Bruxellensis” by Foppens, John Francis historian

Publication: “Reflections on the natural antiquity of government, arts, and sciences, in Egypt,” by Forster, Nathaniel divine

Died: Fourmont, Stephen professor of the Arabic and Chinese languages at Paris

Publication: “Horace” by Francis, Philip clergyman

Died: Gayot De Pitaval, Francis a French author

Publication: “Bibliotheque des Gens de Cour.” by Gayot De Pitaval, Francis a French author

Born: Gmelin, Samuel Gottlieb was born at Tubingen in 1743; where he was educated

Born: Guibert, James Antony Hypolitus writer

Died: Halde, John Baptist Du historian

Publication: “Museum Richterianum,” by Hebenstreit, John Ernest physician

Died: Herring, Thomas prelate

Died: Hervey, John, Lord Hervey Of Ickworth writer

Publication: “Vigerus de Idiotismis Linguae Graecae,” by Hoogeveen, Henry a very celebrated Dutch philologer

Died: Hunter, William, M. D. anatomist

Died: Keysler, John George antiquary

Born: Lavoisier, Anthony Lawrence philosopher

Publication: “M6moires sur l‘Histoire d’Anxerre,” by Lebeuf, John antiquary

Died: Lemery, Louis was born at Paris in January 1677

Died: Lorenzini, Francis Maria poet

Publication: “Lettres, Memoires, et Negociations du comte d'Estrades,” by Marchand, Prosper an author to whom the curious in literary history are greatly indebted (16781756)

Publication: “Mceurs et Usages cles Grecs,” by Menard, Leo a counsellor in the presidial court at Nismes

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Publication: “A Collection of Odes and Epigrams, &c. occasioned by the Success of the British and Confederate Arms in Germany,” by Newcomb, Thomas son of a worthy clergy

Publication: “A Commentary on St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans,” by Oudin, Francis Jesuit

Died: Ozell, John writer

Born: Paley, William divine

Born: Penrose, Thomas poet

Publication: “Remarks upon a scandalous piece, entitled A brief account of the causes that have retarded the progress of the colony of Georgia,” by Perceval, John fifth baronet of the family

Publication: “Faction detected by the evidence of facts containing an impartial view of Parties at home and affairs abroad.” by Perceval, John second earl of Egmont

Publication: “History of the Works of the Learned” by Pluche, Antony writer

Publication: “A Critical Essay on the present State of the Republic of Letters,” by Pompignan, John James Le Franc marquis of

Publication: “Dunciad” by Pope, Alexander the most elegant and popular of all English poets

Born: Rooker, Michael an honorary name given him by Paul Sandby

Born: Rowley, William physician

Died: Salmon, Nathaniel antiquary

Died: Say, Samuel a dissenting minister of considerable talents

Publication: “Travels” by Shaw, Thomas traveller

Publication: “The Doctrine of Annuities and Reversions deduced from general and evident Principles: with useful Tables, shewing the values of single and joint lives, &c. at different rates of interest,” by Simpson, Thomas professor of mathematics in the king’s academy at Woolwich

Publication: “An Appendix, containing some Remarks on a late Book on the same subject (by Mr. Abr. De Moivre, F. R. S.) with answers to some personal and malignant representations in the Preface thereof.” by Simpson, Thomas professor of mathematics in the king’s academy at Woolwich

Died: Somervile, William poet

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Died: Wesley, Samuel, The Younger was born about 1692

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Publication: “An inquiry into the exility of the vessels of a human body,” by Wintringham, Clifton physician

Born: Wyatt, James architect

Born: Wynne, John Huddlestone a man of some original genius

Born: Yorke, Philip a relation of the Hardwicke family


Publication: “The Pleasures of Imagination,” by Akenside, Mark poet and physician

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Born: Anson, Peter Hubert writer

Died: Anstis, John writer

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Born: Arthur, Archibald professor of moral philosophy in the university of Glasgow

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Died: Badoaro, Daniel a senator of Venice

Died: Barbeyrac, John was born the 15th of March 1674

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Born: Bernoulli, John the grandson of the preceding John

Died: Bertini, Anthony Francis physician

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Died: Breydel, Charles called Cavalier

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Born: Calle, John Francis mathematician

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Died: Cantemir, Antiochus son of the above

Died: Capperonnier, Claude scholar

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Died: Craig, James clergyman

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Died: Gale, Roger esq. F. R. and A. Ss. eldest son of the preceding

Died: Gedoyn, Nicholas scholar

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Died: Hallet, Joseph clergyman

Died: Hartman, John Adolphus divine

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Born: Hodges, William painter

Born: Holcroft, Thomas writer

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Died: Hunt, Jeremiah divine

Died: Jacob, Giles writer

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Died: Miller, James writer

Born: Milner, Joseph divine

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Died: Nordberg, Joran the biographer of Charles XII. of Sweden

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Died: Theobald, Lewis critic

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Died: Vignoles, Alphonso Des a learned chronologist