Aubriet, Claude

, a celebrated painter of flowers, plants, birds, fish, &c. w&s born at Chalons sur Marne, about the middle of the seventeenth century. He was first employed to make drawings in the king’s garden, and discovered such accuracy, that Tournefort engaged him to go with him to the Levant in that voyage which he took in 1700. On his return he succeeded Joubert as king’s painter in the royal garden, where he continued the fine collection of natural history begun at Blois by the famous Nicholas Robert, by order of Gaston of Orleans. Aubriet 1 s most celebrated work, is a volume of paintings of sea-fish which Louis XIV. kept alive in his managerie, and which are admirably executed. The plates of Vaillant’s “Botanicou Parisiense,1727, were also done from, his designs and the imperial library is enriched by three superb volumes of fish, butterflies, birds, c. The collection, above-mentioned, begun by Nicholas Robert, and continued by Joubert and Aubriet, forms sixty-six folio volumes, which are now deposited in the library belonging to the botanical garden, Paris. Aubriet died at Paris in 1740, upwards of eighty-nine years of age. 2