Events noted in 1725

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1720 1730


Publication: “De Vita et rebus gestis Mohammedis liber, Arab, et Lat. cum notis,” by Abulfeda, Ishmael historian

Publication: “Systema Jurisprudentiae Medicse,” by Alberti, Michael physician

Born: Allioni, Charles physician

Publication: “Observations introductory to an historical Essay on the Knighthood of the Bath,” by Anstis, John writer

Publication: “De titulis quos S. Evaristus Romania presbyteris distribuit,” by Antonelli, Nicholas Maria count of Pergola

Publication: “Vigneul Marvilliana,” by Argonne, Noel, Called Dom Bonaventure D' was born at Paris in 1634

Publication: “Dissertationes de colore et tinclura comarum et de civitate Romana Apostoli Pauli,” by Arntzenius, John philologist

Publication: “Histoire de la Theriaque,” by Bagard, Charles physician

Publication: “Anti-Baillet” by Baillet, Adrian critic

Publication: “Original Poems, serious and humourous,” by Baker, Henry naturalist

Born: Bakewell, Robert the most successful and celebrated experimental farmer ever known in England

Died: Baldini, John Anthony an Italian count

Publication: “La defence du droit de la compagnie Hollandoise des Indes Orientales, contre les nouvelles pretensions des habitans des Pais Bas Autrichiens, &c.” by Barbeyrac, John was born the 15th of March 1674

Died: Basil, St. surnamed The Great

Publication: “Thesaurus Monumentorum Eccl. et Hist. &c.” by Basnage, James de Franquener

Died: Baune, James De La Jesuit

Publication: “Novi Testarmenti Graeci recte cauteque adornandi prodromus,” by Bengel, John Albert divine

Publication: “Agide re di Sparta,” by Bergalli, Louisa an Italian poetess

Publication: “De Trajano non Optimo,” by Berger, John William was professor of eloquence at Wittemberg

Publication: “De Stephanophoris veterum,” by Berger, John William was professor of eloquence at Wittemberg

Born: Bergius, Bengts a commissary of the bank of Stockholm

Publication: “Delectus argumentorum,” by Bergler, Stephen was born at Hermanstadt

Born: Bever, Thomas scholar

Publication: “Dissertatio historico-catoptrica de speculo Archimedis,” by Bilfinger, George Bernard philosopher

Publication: “Dilucidationes philosophies; de Deo, anima, &c.” by Bilfinger, George Bernard philosopher

Publication: “A treatise on the Spleen and Vapours, or hypochonclriacal and hysterical affections; with three discourses on the nature and cure of the Cholic, Melancholy, and Palsy,” by Blackmore, Sir Richard physician

Publication: “A critical dissertation upon the Spleen,” by Blackmore, Sir Richard physician

Publication: “Just prejudices against the Arian hypothesis,” by Blackmore, Sir Richard physician

Publication: “Histoire physique de la Mer,” by Boerhaave, Herman physician

Publication: “Anatomical works,” by Boerhaave, Herman physician

Died: Bonanni, Philip Jesuit

Publication: “The principal and peculiar notion of a late book, entitled, The religion of nature delineated, considered, and refuted,” by Bott, Thomas clergyman

Born: Bowle, John scholar

Publication: “An instruction to a person newly confirmed, &c.” by Brett, Thomas, Ll. D. divine

Publication: “Elemens de Metaphysique a la portée de tout le monde,” by Buffier, Claude a learned metaphysician

Publication: “Thesaurus monumentorum ecclesiasticorum & historicorum,” by Canisius, Henry the nephew of Peter Canisius

Publication: “Bp. Burnet’s late History charged with great partiality,” by Capel, Arthur eldest son and heir of the preceding

Publication: “Sir Ralph Winwood’s Memorials,” by Carleton, Sir Dudley Lord Dorchester

Died: Catherine, Alexievna a country girl of the name of Martha

Publication: “A Defence of Christianity from the prophecies of the Old Testament, wherein are considered all the objections against this kind of proof advanced in a late Discourse on the Grounds and Reasons of the Christian Religion,” by Chandler, Edward prelate

Publication: “Diet, de Justice, Police, et Finances,” by Chasles, Gregory De who was born August 17

Died: Chauvin, Stephen clergyman

Born: Clive, Robert son of Richard Clive

Born: Clover, Joseph an ingenious professor of the veterinary art

Publication: “Practical Discourses” by Collier, Jeremy divine

Publication: “Collection of Treatises on the Bath Waters,” by Coryate, Thomas the eccentric son of the preceding

Publication: “De Summa pryedicationis apostolicae, quod Jesus sit Christus,” by Cramer, John Rodolphus divine

Publication: “Compendium Logicrc,” by Crousaz, John Peter De mathematician

Publication: “Reflexions sur Futilite des mathematiques,” by Crousaz, John Peter De mathematician

Born: Darcy, Patrick, Count of a noble and ancient family in Ireland

Publication: “The Life and Piracies of captain Singleton,” by De Foe, Daniel writer

Born: Dyer, Samuel a man of great learning (?–1772)

Born: Ebert, John Arnold who was born at Hamburgh Feb. 8

Publication: “Sermons upon various subjects, preached to young people,” by Evans, John divine (16801730)

Died: Fiddes, Richard divine

Publication: “Historia Cœlestis Britannica,” by Flamsteed, John astronomer

Died: Fleury, Claude historian

Publication: “The History of Physic, from the time of Galen to the beginning of the sixteenth century, chiefly with regard to practice: in a discourse written to Dr. Mead.” by Freind, John physician

Died: Gacon, Francis poet

Publication: “The Moral Characters of Theophrastus, translated from the Greek, with notes, and a Critical Essay on Characteristic Writing,” by Gally, Henry divine

Publication: “Dissertatio Inauguralis de solidis humani corporis partibus,” by Gaubius, Jerome David physician

Born: Glass, John son of the above

Publication: “De Perspiratione insensibili,” by Gorter, John De physician

Died: Gouye, Thomas mathematician

Publication: “A Defence of our ancient and modern Historians against the frivolous cavils of a late pretender to. Critical History, in which the false quotations smd unjust inferences of the anonymous author are confuted and exposed in the manner they deserve, la two parts,” by Grey, Zachary divine

Publication: “An Appendix by way of Answer to the Critical Historian’s Review,” by Grey, Zachary divine

Died: Harris, Walter physician

Publication: “Lucretius,” by Havercamp, Sigebert a classical editor of considerable fame

Born: Howe, Richard fourth viscount Howe

Publication: “Sacrae antiquitatis monumenta historica, dogmatica, diplomatica,” by Hugo, Charles Louis a voluminous author in Latin and French

Publication: “The Student’s Companion, or reason of the law,” by Jacob, Giles writer

Publication: “Conspectus Therapeiae generalis, &c. Tabnlis 20 methodo Stahliana conscriptus,” by Juncker, Gottlob John physician

Died: Ibbot, Dr. Benjamin writer

Born: Keppel, Augustus a celebrated English admiral

Born: Kippis, Andrew divine

Born: Lacombe De Prezel, Honore brother of the former

Born: Lorry, Anne-Charles physician

Born: Lort, Michael clergyman

Publication: “Enquiry, whether the general practice of virtue tends to the wealth or poverty, benefit or disadvantage, of a people? In which the pleas offered by the author of The Fable of the Bees, for the usefulness of vice and roguery, are considered; with some thoughts concerning a toleration of public stews,” by Mandeville, Bernard De an author of temporary celebrity in the last century for his writings

Publication: “A Stage-coach Journey to Exeter,” by Manley, De La Riviere an English lady

Publication: “Bath Intrigues,” by Manley, De La Riviere an English lady

Publication: “Histoire Physique de la Mer,” by Marsigli, Lewis Ferdinand an Italian

Born: Mason, William divine

Publication: “The Fatal Extravagance, a tragedy, enlarged,” by Mitchell, Joseph was the son of a stone-cutter in North-Britain

Born: Montucla, John Stephen mathematician

Publication: “An Introduction to the Reading of the New Testament, being a translation of that of Mess, de Beausobre and Lenfant, prefixed to their edition of the New Testament,” by Morant, Philip antiquary

Publication: “De pura dictione Latina,” by Morhof, Daniel George a very learned German

Publication: “Tablettes Geographiques,” by Nantigni, Louis Chazot De a celebrated genealogist

Died: Nesbit, Alexander was the youngest son of lord-president Nesbit

Born: Newton, John clergyman

Publication: “A Scheme of Discipline, with Statutes intended to be established by a royal charter for the education of youth in Hert-hall;” by Newton, Richard founder of Hertford college

Publication: “The Voyages of John Ouvington to Surat, and divers parts of Asia and Africa; containing the History of the Revolution in the kingdom of Golconda, and some observations upon Silk- Worms,” by Niceron, John Peter one of the most useful French biographers

Publication: “Religion and Philosophy, a Tale;” by Pack, Richardson writer

Publication: “A Paraphrase and Notes on the Epistle of St. Paul to the Philippians,” by Peirce, James an eminent dissenting minister

Publication: “Dissertation on the Council of Constance,” by Petit-Didier, Matthew Benedictine

Publication: “Comm. des observations et consultations surlaContume d'Anjou,” by Pineau, Gabriel Du lawyer

Publication: “Belisarius.” by Quin, James a celebrated actor

Born: Ramler, Charles William poet

Publication: “Medicinal Earths.” by Rivinus, Augustus Qurinus botanist

Died: Rue, Charles De La orator

Born: Scopoli, John Anthony naturalist

Publication: “Memoir on the Natural History of Medicinal Waters,” by Short, Thomas physician

Died: Smith, John divine

Publication: “IterBoreale,” by Stukeley, William antiquary

Publication: “Essay on the Truth of the Christian Religion; wherein its real foundation upon the Old Testament is shown” by Sykes, Arthur Ashley divine

Publication: “Antiquitates Prioratus majoris Malverne,” by Thomas, William born in 1670

Publication: “Ecclesiastical Discipline,” by Thomassin, Lewis divine

Publication: “Arsacidarum impetium, sive regum Parthorum histoiia ad fidem numismatum accommodata,” by Vaillant, John Foi a great medallist

Publication: “UnTraite du Mouvement et de laMesure des Eaux Courantes, &c.” by Varignon, Peter mathematician

Born: Venn, Henry divine

Publication: “Curse philologicae et criticae in omnes libros N. T.” by Wolfe, John Christopher scholar


Publication: “Specimen medicoe Theologicae,” by Alberti, Michael physician

Publication: “Pleasant Musical Companion,” by Aldrich, Henry divine

Died: Alsop, Anthony writer

Died: Ancourt, Florent-Carton D' writer

Publication: “Componimenti poetici delle piu illustri rimatrici d'ogni seculo,” by Andreini, Isabella was born at Padua in 1562

Publication: “Assertio pro unico S. Eucherio Lugdunensi Episcopo. Opus posthumum. Accedit Concilium Regiense sub Rostagno Metrop. Aquensi anni 1285, nunc primo prodit integrum et notis illustratum opera Car. Antelmi designati Episc. Grassens. Praepos. Foroj.” by Antelmi, Joseph antiquary

Publication: “Oratio de delectu scriptorum qui juventuti in scholis prcelegendi sunt,” by Arntzenius, John philologist

Died: Baccalar-Y-Sanna, Don Vincent marquis of St

Born: Ballexserd, N. James citizen of Geneva

Publication: “Componimenti poetici dc-lle piu illustri rimatrici d'ogni secolo,” by Bergalli, Louisa an Italian poetess

Born: Bertram, Philip-Ernest professor of law at Halle

Publication: “Epistola anatomica adJosephum. Puteum Bononiensem,” by Bianchi, John naturalist

Publication: “Discourses on the Gout, Rheumatism, and the King’s Evil,” by Blackmore, Sir Richard physician

Died: Boivin, John professor of Greek in the royal college of Paris

Died: Brady, Dr. Nicholas divine

Born: Bruckner, John divine

Publication: “English acquisitions in Guinea and the East Indies,” by Burton, Robert was a name placed in the titlepages of a numerous set of popular volumes printed about the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century

Born: Casteels, Peter artist

Died: Chaulieu, William Anfreye De was born at Fontenay in Normandy

Died: Clagett, Nicolas was born in May 1654

Publication: “Life and Posthumous Works,” by Claridge, Richard writer

Publication: “Xenophont. Ephesii Ephesiacorum Libri V. de Amoribus Anthite et Abrocomse,” by Cocchi, Anthony of Florence

Born: Coote, Sir Eyke was the son of Chidley Coote

Born: Cotes, Francis artist

Publication: “De genuina indole fidei Jesum ceu Christum recipientis,” by Cramer, John Rodolphus divine

Died: Craufurd, David, Esq. was born at Drumsoy near Glasgow

Publication: “Memoires pour servir a l‘histoire des troubles arrives en Suisse a I’occasion du Consensus,” by Crousaz, John Peter De mathematician

Publication: “De logic-ce cum physica, et de mathesceos cum utraque, et utriusque cum mathesi reciproco nexu,” by Crousaz, John Peter De mathematician

Publication: “De niente hutnana, &c. dissert, philosophicotheologica,” by Crousaz, John Peter De mathematician

Publication: “Traite d'Algebra,” by Crousaz, John Peter De mathematician

Born: Dalrymple, David antiquary

Publication: “Political History of the Devil,” by De Foe, Daniel writer

Publication: “A System of Magic,” by De Foe, Daniel writer

Born: Deleyue, Alexander one of the French Encyclopaedists

Publication: “Miscellanea Curiosa,” by Derham, William divine

Publication: “Memoires de litterature,” by Desmolets, Peter Nicolas librarian of the house of the oratory in the rue St

Publication: “Philosophical Observations and Experiments of Dr. Robert Hooke,” by Digby, Sir Kenelm philosopher

Publication: “A history of the lateral operation for the stone,” by Douglas, James physician

Died: Dumont, John baron of Carlscroon

Publication: “A volume of Sermons in French,” by Durand, David preacher

Born: Fabricy, Gabriel Dominican

Died: Feller, Joachim Frederic was born at Leipsic

Publication: “Philosophical Works, or a demonstration of the Existence of God, by proofs drawn from Nature,” by Fenelon, Francis De Salignac De La Motte archbishop

Publication: “Observations on Dr. Freind’s History of Physic, &c.” by Freind, John physician

Born: Furneaux, Pmup clergyman

Died: Gabbiani, Antony Domenick artist

Born: Gabrini, Thomas Maria

Born: Gin, Peter Louis Claude writer

Publication: “The principles of religion explained for the instruction of the weak,” by Greene, Thomas prelate

Publication: “Josephus,” by Havercamp, Sigebert a classical editor of considerable fame

Publication: “Notizia de Libri rari nella Lingua Italiana,” by Haym, Nicolas Francis a native of Rome

Born: Howard, John the indefatigable friend of the poor and unfortunate

Born: Hutton, James philosopher

Publication: “A New and Fall Method of settling the Canonical Authority of the New Testament,” by Jones, Jeremiah divine

Born: Jones, William divine

Born: Ingram, Robert divine

Publication: “Euripidis Hecuba, Orestes, & Phcenissæ,” by King, John rector of Chelsea

Publication: “Dean Colet,” by Knight, Samuel, D. D. antiquary

Died: Kolben, Peter traveller

Born: Larcher, Peter Henry scholar

Publication: “Vindication of the Church of England,” by Lindsay, John divine (16861768)

Born: Madan, Martin preacher

Publication: “Dictionnaire Geographique, Historique, et Critique,” by Martiniere, Anthony-Augustin Bruzen De La a French author of considerable celebrity about the beginning of the last century

Publication: “The works of Andrew Marvell, esq.” by Marvell, Andrew writer

Born: Mengs, Antony Raphael painter

Publication: “De medicorum apud veteres Romanos degentiiuu coiulitione dissertatio qua, contra viros celeberrimos Jacobutn Sponimn &, Richardum Meadium, servilem atque ignobilem earn fuisse ostenditur,” by Middleton, Conyers divine

Publication: “A Vindication of the Church of England,” by Milbourne, Luke writer

Born: Millot, Claude Francis Xavier historian

Publication: “Osteology, or Treatise on the Anatomy of the Bones,” by Monro, Alexander, M. D. anatomist

Born: Morand, John Francis Clement was born at Paris in April 1726

Publication: “Abrege de Chronologic,” by Newton, Sir Isaac the most splendid genius that has yet adorned human nature (16431727)

Publication: “Entretiens de Ciceron sur la nature des Dieux,” by Olivet, Joseph Thoulier D' writer

Died: Palomino, Don Acislo Antonio Y Velasco painter

Born: Paoli, Pascal De a very distinguished character in modern times

Publication: “Reverendi admodum in Christo patris Samuelis Parkeri episcopi de rebus sui temporis commentariorum libri quatuor,” by Parker, Samuel a man of some learning

Born: Pennant, Thomas traveller

Born: Philidor, Andrew musician

Born: Robertson, Joseph divine

Died: Rysbrach, John Michael a very eminent sculptor

Publication: “A Survey of the Roman Antiquities in the Midland Counties in England,” by Salmon, Nathaniel antiquary

Publication: “Homo diluvii testis,” by Scheuchzer, John James naturalist

Died: Schmidt, John Andrew divine

Publication: “Elements of Geometry” by Schmidt, John Andrew divine

Died: Sewell, George poet and physician

Publication: “Dictionary,” by Sewell, William historian

Publication: “New Practice of Physic,” by Shaw, Peter physician

Publication: “Sixty Sermons,” by Smalridge, George prelate

Died: Smith, William divine

Publication: “Sermons” by Terrasson, Andrew the first of a literary family of considerable note in France

Publication: “Winter,” by Thomson, James poet

Publication: “Posthumous Works” by Toland, John writer

Publication: “On Budgel’s Philosopher’s Prayer,” by Trapp, Joseph divine

Born: Tyers, Thomas writer

Publication: “School-Master,” by Upton, James scholar

Died: Valentinus, Michael Bernard writer

Died: Vernon, Thomas lawyer

Born: Weisse, Christian Felix poet

Died: West, Richard lord-chancellor of Ireland

Died: Wharton, Philip, Duke Of was born about 1699

Publication: “Grounds and reasons of the Christian Religion;” by Whiston, William divine (16671752)

Died: Whitby, Daniel divine

Born: Wolfe, Major- General James a brave English officer

Publication: “Johannis Confratris et Monachi Glastoniensis Chronica,” by Wood, Anthony antiquary


Died: Abbadie, James divine

Born: Adanson, Michel naturalist

Publication: “Periculum criticum in quo loca quædam cum V. ac N. T. tum Hesychii et aliorum, illustrantur, vindicantur, emendantur,” by Alberti, John professor of Divinity in the university of Leyden

Died: Aler, Paul Jesuit

Publication: “Opere inedite di Ludovico Castelvetro,” by Argellati, Philip an Italian printer

Publication: “Botanicou Parisiense,” by Aubriet, Claude painter

Publication: “Horti medici acad. Altorf. Historia,” by Baier, John James physician

Born: Barrington, The Hon. Daines was born in 1727

Born: Beaumelle, Laurence Angliviel De La writer

Publication: “Trias casuum memorabilium medicorum,” by Behrens, Conrad Bertold physician

Born: Belloi, Peter Lawrence Buyrette Du of the French academy

Born: Berthoud, Ferdinand an eminent French marine clock-maker

Publication: “Epistolas Anatomicse duse,” by Bianchi, John Baptist anatomist

Publication: “A Latin translation of Hughes’s Ode to the Creator.” by Birch, Thomas writer

Publication: “Dissertations on a Dropsy, a Tympany, the Jaundice, the Stone, and the Diabetes,” by Blackmore, Sir Richard physician

Born: Blondel, James Augustus physician

Publication: “Botanicon Parisiense,” by Boerhaave, Herman physician

Publication: “Miscellaneous Tracts.” by Bowyer, William the most learned English printer of whom we have any account (?–1777)

Publication: “Practical Discourses concerning the four elements, as they relate to the growth of plants,” by Bradley, Richard writer

Publication: “Ecclesiastes of Erasmus.” by Bray, Thomas divine

Died: Bretonnier, Bartholomew Joseph advocate of the parliament of Paris

Publication: “Institutiones Historiae Philosophicae,” by Brucker, John James the learned author of the “History of Philosophy

Publication: “Opuscula Medico botanica,” by Bruckman, Francis Ernest botanist

Publication: “Miscellanea Sacra,” by Buddeus, John Francis divine

Publication: “Phsedrus,” by Burman, Peter philologist

Publication: “Abridged system of Mathematics,” by Castel, Lewis Bertrand philosopher

Born: Castello, Gabriel Lancelot antiquary

Publication: “Courtier,” by Castiglione, Balthazar an eminent Italian nobleman

Publication: “Reflections on the Conduct of the Modern Deists, in their late writings against Christianity,” by Chandler, Samuel an eminent dissenting minister

Born: Chapone, Hester an ingenious English lady

Born: Cipriani, John Baptist artist

Publication: “Medicinae laudatio in Gymnasio Pisis habita,” by Cocchi, Anthony of Florence

Publication: “Defence of the doctrine of the Resurrection of the same Body,” by Cockburn, Catharine a lady much distinguished by her literary accomplishments

Born: Commerson, Philibert doctor of physic

Publication: “Positiones theolog. ex pastorali instructione sancti Pauli ad Titum data,” by Cramer, John Rodolphus divine

Died: Croft, William musician

Publication: “De legibus,” by Davies, John critic

Publication: “History of the Devil.” by De Foe, Daniel writer

Publication: “Nouvelles dccouvertes en medicine,” by Desault, Peter physician

Publication: “Summer” by Dodington, George Bubb Lord Melcombe

Publication: “Imitations tirees du Latin de Jean Bonnefons, avec autres amours et melanges poetiques,” by Durant not Durand

Died: Eyben, Hulderie lawyer

Born: Falk, John Peter one of the scientific travellers

Publication: “The Resurrection of the same numerical body, and its re-union to the same soul; against Mr. Locke’s notion of personality and identity.” by Felton, Henry divine

Died: Folkes, Martin antiquary

Publication: “Elements of the Geometry of Infinites,” by Fontenelle, Bernard Le Bovier De the son of Frangois le Bovier de Fonienelle

Publication: “The duty of Public Worship proved, to which are added directions for a devout behaviour therein, drawn chiefly from the holy scriptures and the liturgy of the church of England; and an account of the method of the Common Prayer, by way of question and answer.” by Fox, Francis clergyman

Publication: “Adami de Domersham Hist, de rebus gestis Glastonensibus,” by Fox, John divine

Born: Frisi, Paul mathematician

Publication: “Introductio ad prudentiam; or directions, counsels and cautions, tending to prudent management of affairs of common life,” by Fuller, Thomas physician

Born: Gainsborough, Thomas artist

Publication: “Beggar’s Opera;” by Gay, John poet

Born: Gebelin, Anthony Court De writer

Publication: “De Secretione humorum in sanguine,” by Gorter, John De physician

Publication: “De Respirationis mechanismo et usu genuino,” by Hamberger, George Edward professor of chemistry and of the practice of medicine in the university of Jena

Publication: “Elementa Physices, methodo Mathematica in usum auditorum conscripta,” by Hamberger, George Edward professor of chemistry and of the practice of medicine in the university of Jena

Publication: “Account of his Life and Writings,” by Hammond, Anthony, Esq. descended from a family long situated at Somersham-place

Publication: “Series numismatum antiquorum Henr. Adriani a Mark,” by Havercamp, Sigebert a classical editor of considerable fame

Publication: “Historical and Critical Remarks,” by Higgons, Bevil younger son of sir Thomas

Publication: “Fœdera,” by Holmes, George antiquary (?–1749)

Died: Hooper, Dr. George divine

Died: Hoste, Paul born May 19

Died: Jenkin, Robert divine

Born: Jenkinson, Charles earl of Liverpool

Born: Jerningham, Edward poet

Died: Leng, John prelate

Publication: “Continuation,” by Lewis, John antiquary

Died: Martelli, Peter James poet

Publication: “A treatise on the Religion of the ancient Gauls,” by Martin, James Benedictine

Publication: “Commentarium in mutilum Campanioe Atnphitheatri titulum, aliasque nonnullas Inscriptiones,” by Mazochi, Alexius Symmachus antiquary

Died: Menzikoff, Alexander was a prince of the Russian empire

Publication: “The Translation of the Notes of Mess, de Beausobre and Lenfant on St. Matthew’s Gospel,” by Morant, Philip antiquary

Born: Murphy, Arthur writer

Publication: “An Ode to the Queen, on the happy accession of their Majesties to the Crown,” by Newcomb, Thomas son of a worthy clergy

Publication: “A System of the World,” by Newton, Sir Isaac the most splendid genius that has yet adorned human nature (16431727)

Publication: “Ethica Christiana” by Ostervald, John Frederick one of the most celebrated Swiss divines of the latter age

Died: Pattison, William poet

Publication: “A Paraphrase and Notes on the Epistle to the, Hebrews,” by Peirce, James an eminent dissenting minister

Publication: “Dissertation sur une Nouvelle Methode de faire l'Operation de la Cataracte,” by Petit, Francis Pourfour Du physician

Publication: “Miscellany,” by Pitt, Christopher poet

Publication: “Money’s the Mistress” by Quin, James a celebrated actor

Publication: “Scheme;” by Rogers, Dr. John divine

Publication: “Decameron” by Rolli, Paul Antonio a learned Italian

Born: Sanders, Robert writer

Publication: “Discours sur la Methode de Franco, et sur celle de M. Rau touchant l'Operation de la Taille,” by Senac, John physician

Died: Sergardi, Louis an eminent satirist

Publication: “Dispensatory of the College of Physicians of Edinburgh,” by Shaw, Peter physician

Died: Spinckes, Nathaniel divine

Publication: “Twelve Sermons, on several occasions,” by Stanhope, George dean

Born: Sumorokof, Alexander denominated the founder of the Russian theatre

Publication: “Summer,” by Thomson, James poet

Publication: “Synopsis Stirpium Hibernicarum alphabetice dispositarum, sive Commentatio de Plantis indigenis, praesertim Dubliniensibus, instituta” by Threlkeld, Caleb historian

Born: Turgot, Anne-Robert-James a French minister of state

Publication: “Botanicon Parisiense,” by Vaillant, Sebastian botanist

Publication: “La Vie et les Sentimens de Lucilio Vanini,” by Vanini writer

Born: Verschuring, Henry painter

Died: Wells, Edward divine

Born: Wilkes, John a very singular political character in the early part of the present reign

Publication: “Commentarium nosologicum morbos epidemicos et aeris variationes in urbe Eboracensi, locisque vicinis, ab anno 1715 ad anni 1725 finem grassantes complectens,” by Wintringham, Clifton physician

Publication: “Cyropaedia,” by Xenophon philosopher


Born: Adam, Robert architect

Publication: “Scriptores rerum Germanicarum et Saxonic.” by Alberic historian

Died: Alemand, Louis-Augustine writer

Born: Ali Bey an adventurer

Born: Aliamet, James engraver

Died: Arntzenius, John philologist

Publication: “De nuptiis inter fratrem et sororem,” by Arntzenius, John philologist

Publication: “Oratio de causis corrupts Eloquentise,” by Arntzenius, John philologist

Born: Bage, Robert writer

Publication: “Traite sur la morale des peres,” by Barbeyrac, John was born the 15th of March 1674

Born: Barret, George painter

Publication: “Notes on the Surgery of Nuck,” by Bassius, Henry anatomist

Born: Beaume', Antony an eminent French chemist

Born: Beurieu, Gaspard Guillard De writer

Publication: “Vulgate Psalms,” by Bellenger, Francis doctor of the Sorbonne

Born: Bencivenni, Joseph writer

Died: Benoit, Elias the son of a Calvinist

Born: Benvenuti, Joseph surgeon

Publication: “LaTeba,” by Bergalli, Louisa an Italian poetess

Publication: “The general history of the Highways in all parts of the world, particularly in Great Britain.” by Bergier, Nicolas

Publication: “Hesperi et Phosphori nova phenomena, sive observationes circa planetam Veneris,” by Bianchini, Francis astronomer

Publication: “Bilfingeri et Holmanni epistolae de barmonia praestabilita,” by Bilfinger, George Bernard philosopher

Born: Black, Joseph one of the most eminent chemical philosophers of the last century

Publication: “Natural Theology, or moral Duties considered apart from positive: with some observations on the desirableness and necessity of a supernatural revelation,” by Blackmore, Sir Richard physician

Died: Blackwell, Thomas writer

Publication: “Pharmaco-Botanologia,” by Blair, Patrick botanist

Publication: “Architecture moderne,” by Blondel, James Francis and a man of abilities

Publication: “A List of all Dictionaries, Portuguese, Castilian, Italian, French, and Latin,” by Bluteau, Dom Raphael a Theatine

Publication: “Atrocis, rarissimique morbi historia altera,” by Boerhaave, Herman physician

Born: Bordenave, Toussaint regius professor and director of the academy of surgery

Born: Boulton, Matthew who justly ought to be classed among public benefactors

Publication: “Dictiona-ium Botanicum,” by Bradley, Richard writer

Publication: “Appendix to the Synopsis.” by Brewer, Samuel botanist

Publication: “The progress, extent, and limits of the human understanding,” by Browne, Peter a native of Ireland

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