Basta, George

, an able military commander, originally of Epirus, was born at Rocca near Tarentum. The duke of Parma, under whom he served, was highly satisfied with the success of all the affairs he entrusted him with. In 1596 he threw provisions into Fere, besieged by Henry Tv. an enterprise which was executed with a secrecy and celerity that did him great honour, and the emperor afterwards engaged him hi his service. He signalized himself in Hungary and in Transylvania, where he conquered and reduced the rebels. He died about 1607, leaving two works which have preserved his memory, 1. “Maestro di campo generate,Venice, 1606. 2. “Governo della Cavalleria leggiera,” Francfort, 1612. Naude, in his treatise on Military Sfcudy, recommends these treatises, as having acquired and deserving universal approbation. 2


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