Bassius, Henry

, a surgeon and anatomist of considerable reputation, was born at Bremen in 1690, whence, in 1713, he went to Halle, and studied medicine under the ablest professors. In 1715 he removed to Strasburgh, and afterwards to Basle, where he confined his researches entirely to anatomy and surgery. In 1718 he took his doctor’s degree at Halle, and some time after was appointed professor extraordinary of anatomy and surgery, which office he held until his death, in 1754, He published: 1. “Disputatio de Fistula ani feliciter curanda,Halle, 1718. This was his inaugural thesis, and Haller thought it so excellent a performance that he inserted it among his “Theses,” and Macquart translated it into French, Paris, 1759, 12mo. In this treatise he discovers a considerable degree of conformity between the practice of the ancients and moderns in the cure of the fistula, 2. “Grundlicher Beritcht oon bandagen,” Leipsic, 1720, and 1723, 8vo, and translated into Dutch. 3. “ | Observationes anatomico-chirurgico-medicoe,Halle, 1731, 8vo, In this there are many judicious reflections and cases, accompanied by figures descriptive of some instruments of his invention. 4. “Tractatus de morbis venereis,” Leipsic, 1764, 8vo, a posthumous work. Bassius published also in German, “Notes on the Surgery of Nuck,Halle, 1728, 8vo. 1


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