Bellini, Giovanni

, brother to the preceding, was born at Venice in 1422, but surpassed both his father and brother in every branch of the art; and is accounted the founder of the Venetian school, by introducing the practice of painting in oil, and teaching his disciples to paint after nature. His manner of designing was but indifferent, and frequently in a bad taste; and before he knew how to manage oil-colours, his painting appeared dry; but afterwards he acquired more softness in his penciling, shewed a much greater propriety of colours, and had somewhat of harmony, though still he retained too much of what appeared dry and hard; but the airs of his heads were in a better taste than those of either Giacopo or Gentile. The school of Giovanni Bellini produced two memorable disciples, Titian and Giorgione, who brought the art of colouring to its highest perfection; and by observing the works of those famous artists, Bellini improved his own manner very considerably, so that in his latter pictures the colouring is much better, and the airs of his heads are noble, although his design is a little gothic, and his attitudes not well chosen. He died in 1512.1