Bianchi, Vendramino

, a nobleman of Padua, was secretary of the senate of Venice at the commencement of the last century. After having been appointed resident from his republic at Milan, on the death of Charles II. king of | Spain, he was sent into Swisserland in 1705, to treat of an alliance between the cantons of Zurich and Berne, which was accomplished by his means Jan. 12, 1706. Next month he went into the Orisons, and there concluded a treaty of alliance Dec. 17. On his return to Venice, the senate sent him as ambassador to England, where he resided about twenty months, to the satisfaction of both nations. After that he accompanied the procurator Carlo Rusini, as secretary, at the congress for concluding the treaty of Passarowitz. This and his negociation in Swisserland produced, 1. “Relazione del paese de‘ Svisseri e loro alleati, d’Arminio Dannebuchi (the anagram of Vendramino Bianchi), Venice, 1708, 8vo. This was translated into French and English, and often reprinted. 2.” Istorica relazione della pace di Passarowitz," Padua, 1718 and 1719, 4to. 1


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