Brereley, John

, perhaps worth mentioning here, as the assumed name of one James Anderton, of Lostock in Lancashire, in the seventeenth century, who published under it, 1. “The Protestant’s Apology for the Roman Church, 4to, 1604, 1608, 1615. 2.” The Liturgy of the Mass, &c.“in Latin, Cologn, 1620, 4to. 3.” St. Augustin’s Religion; giving an account of his opinion in matters of controversy between Catholics and Protestants,“1620, 8vo. Dr. Thomas Morton, the learned bishop of Durham, | answered the” Protestant’s Apology“in a work entitle4A Catholic Appeal for Protestants," 1606, 4to. Some farther particulars of Anderton’s works, although none of his life, may be seen in our authority. 1


Dodd’s Church Hist vol. II.