Broughton, Richard

, a popish ecclesiastical historian, was born at Great Stukely in Huntingdonshire, and studied for some time at Oxford, but it does not appear that he entered any college, and only seems to have resided there for the purpose of consulting the public library. He received his regular education at the English college at Rheims, and took priest’s orders in 1593. He was afterwards sent into England as a missionary, and promoted the popish interest as far as lay in his power, without giving public offence. He died in 1634, and was buried in the church of Great Stukely. His principal works were, “An Ecclesiastical History of Great Britain; from the Nativity to the conversion of the Saxons,” Doway, 1633, fol. replete with legendary matter;“A True Memorial of the ancient, most holy, and religious state of Great Britain, &c. in the time of the Britons, and primitive church of the Saxons,1650, 8vo; and, “Monasticon Britannicum,1655, 8vo. 2


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