Events noted in 1655

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1650 1660


“A disputation on the Style of the New Testament,” Aagard, Nicholas brother of the above (16121657)

Died: Abraham, Nicholas Jesuit

Born: Allam, Andrew writer

“De utriusque ecclesiæ, &c. in dogmate de purgatorio eonsensione,” Allatius, Leo keeper of the Vatican library

Born: Ange De Ste Rosalie a barefoot Augustine

Died: Angel, John clergyman

Died: Anthony, John son of the above

“Oratio tie studio sapientiae,” Apaczai, John a man of singular character and learning of the seventeenth century

“Laniena Sabaudica,” Arndt, Joshua divine

“Eleonorae Magdalenae Theresiae Neoburgicae genethliacon,” Balde, James poet

“EuclidisElementa,” Barrow, Isaac divine

“La Vie de M. Frai^ois D'Estaing, eveque de Rhodez,” Beau, John Baptiste Le Jesuit

Died: Bennet, Christopher physician

“Health’s Improvement, or rules comprising or discovering the nature, method, and manner of preparing all sorts of food used in this nation,” Bennet, Christopher physician

Died: Bergerac, Savinien Cyrano De was born about 1620

“Vindicise Evangelicae,” Biddle, John writer

“The Covenant sealed,” Blake, Thomas divine

Died: Blondel, David a protestant minister

“Delphi Phcenicizantes, &c.” Bogan, Zachary writer

“De vero Telescopii Inventore, cum brevi omnium conspicillorum historia,” Borel, Peter physician

“Tresor des Recherches et Antiquity’s Gauloises, reduites en ordre alphabetique, et enrichies de beaucoup d'origines, epitaphes, et autres choses rares et curieuses, coin me aussi de beaucoup de mots de la langue Thyoise ou Theutfranque,” Borel, Peter physician

“Auctarium ad Vitam Peirescii,” Borel, Peter physician

“Commentum in antiquum philosophum Syrum,” Borel, Peter physician

“Time’s Treasury, or Academy for the accomplishment of the English gentry in arguments of discourse, habit, fashion, &c.” Brathwaite, Richard whom Warton calls one of the minor pastoral poets of the reign of James I. was the second son of Thomas Brathwaite

“Monasticon Britannicum,” Broughton, Richard historian

“Eloquentia Poetica,” Brun, Lawrence Le Jesuit

Died: Camusat, Nicholas historian

“Chronologia Sacra,” Capellus, Lewis divine

“In Hieroclis commentarium de Providentia & Fato, notae & emendationes,” Casaubon, Meric was born at Geneva

“A Treatise concerning Enthusiasm, as it is an effect of Nature; but is mistaken by many for either divine inspiration, or diabolical possession,” Casaubon, Meric was born at Geneva

“The World’s Olio,” Cavendish, Margaret duchess of Newcastle

Born: Chapelle, John De La the descendant of a noble family

“Epicurus his Morals,” Charleton, Walter physician

“Court Ayres,” Child, William Mus. D

“Moral Discourses and Essays upon several subjects,” Culpeper, Sir Thomas second son of sir Thomas Culpeper of Hollingbourne

“Pro duabus Synodis, Alenson et Carenton. Apologia,” Daille, John a minister of the church of Paris

“Initium, incrementum, et exitus fainiliae Giraldinorum Desmoniae comitum. Palatinorum Kyerria in Hibernia, ac persecutionis hsereticorum descriptio, ex nonnullis fragmentis collecta'ac latinitate donata,” Daly, Daniel an Irishman by birth

“On the Psalms,” Dickson, David divine

Born: Diest, Abraham Van artist

“The Complete Ambassador, &c.” Digges, Sir Dudley eldest son of Thomas Digges

Born: Fabra, Aloysio physician

Born: Falle, Philip a learned man

“Lusiad, or Portugal’s Historical Poem,” Fanshawe, The Right Hon. Sir Richard, Knt. And Bart. statesman

“On the case as it stands between the church of England and of Rome on the one hand, and those congregations which have divided from it on the other,” Ferne, Henry bishop

“On the division between the English and Romish church upon the reformation,” Ferne, Henry bishop

Died: Ferrari, John Baptist Jesuit

“Diatribe, Flavii Josephi de Jesu Christo testimonium suppositurn esse,” Fevre, Tannegui Le a very learned man

“Daemonium meridianum, or Satan at noon; being a sincere and impartial relation of the pro-; ceedings of the commissioners of the county of Berks, authorized by the ordinance for ejection, against John Pordage, late minister of Bradfield, in the same county,'” Fowler, Christopher clergyman

“A new Survey of the West-Indies; or the English American his Travail by sea and land, containing a journal of 3300 miles within the main land of America. Wherein is set forth his voyage from Spain to St. John de Ulhua; and from thence to Xalappa, to Flaxcalla, the city of Angels, and forward to Mexico, &c. &c. &c.” Gage, Thomas clergyman

“Hymna de febribus,” Gayton, Edmund or

“Will Bagnal’s Ghost, or the Merry Devil of Gadmunton,” Gayton, Edmund or

“Vindicise supremi Dei dominii,” Gilbert, William divine

“A Table shewing how to blazon a coat ten several ways,” Gore, Thomas writer

“Historia Gotteschalci,” Gotteschalcus, Fulgentius surnamed Fulgentius

“A Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews,” Gouge, William divine

Born: Guglielmini, Domenick mathematician

“Explicatio duorum vetustorum numismatum Nemausensium ex sere,” Guiran, Galliard antiquary

Died: Habert, Germain poet

“The Triumphs of Rome over despised Protestancy,” Hall, George was born at Waltham Holy Cross in 1612

“The reformed Common-wealth of Bees, with the reformed Virginian Silkworm,” Hartlib, Samuel writer

“Chemical, Medicinal, and Chirurgical Addresses to Samuel Hartlib.” Hartlib, Samuel writer

Died: Heinsius, Daniel critic

“Sectiones Conicse in noveui hbfos distributee,” Hire, Philip De La mathematician

“Elementorum Philosophiae sectio prima de Corpore,” Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

“History of Philosophy,” Hornius, George historian

“Observationes in Willerami Francicam paraphrasin Cantici canticorum,” Junius, Francis was born at Heidelberg in 1589

Died: Knott, Edward Jesuit

Died: Latch, John lawyer

Born: Ludolph, Henry William also a native of Erfurt

“The plain man’s senses exercised to discern both good and evil; or a discovery of the errors, heresies, and blasphemies of these times,” Lyford, William clergyman

Died: Malingre, Claude Sieur of St

Born: Marck, John De divine

“Monasticon Anglicanum,” Marsham, Sir John writer

Died: Matthew, Tobias and a very singular character

Died: Meibomius is the name of several learned men

Born: Montfaucon, Bernard De Benedictine

“Cadmon’s Saxon Paraphrase of Genesis, and other parts of the Old Testament,” Mores, Edward-Rowe antiquary

Born: Nicolson, William antiquary

“Perfect Conveyancer; or, several select and choice Precedents,” Noy, William attorney-general in the reign of Charles I. the son of William Noy

“Redemption redeemed;” Owen, John the most eminent and learned of the nonconformist divines

Died: Perrier, Francis artist

Born: Pictet, Benedict historian

Died: Place, Joshua De La a learned protestant minister

“Antimus Coningius Peruviani pulveris defensor, repulsus a Melippo Protymo” Plempius, Vopiscus Fortunatus physician

“Sententiarum Liber,” Pullen, Robert cardinal

“Traité de la Majorite de nos rois et du regences du royaume, avec les preuves,” Puy, Peter Du historian

“De Dudaim Rubenis dissertatio philologica,” Ravis, Christian a learned orientalist

“Choice Observations and Explanations upon the Old Testament,” Richardson

Died: Riviere, La'Zarus an eminent French physicist

Died: Robinson, Hugh divine

“Dispute de TEucharistie,” Rodon, David a celebrated French professor of philosophy in the seventeenth century

Died: Smith, Richard another Roman catholic champion

Born: Spark, Thomas editor of Lactantius

Born: Steffani, Agostino composer

Died: Sueur, Eustache Le one of the best painters hi his time which the French nation had produced

Died: Taylor, John usually called the Water- Poet

“Court Ayres, &c.” Taylor, Silas antiquary

Born: Thomas, Christian philosopher

Died: Tristan L'Hermite, Francis poet

Died: Varillas, Anthony writer

Born: Vertot D'Aubœuf, Rene' Aubert De historian

Died: Vines, Richard divine

“Discourse of the Thirteen Cantons of the Helvetical league,” Wake, Isaac a learned politician

“A Discourse of the Piety, Policy, and Charity of Elder Times, and Christians,” Waterhouse, Edward writer

Died: Werenfels, Samuel divine

“The Muses Cabinet,” Winstanley, William author of the “Lives of the Poets;” of “Select Lives of England’s Worthies;” “Historical Rarities;” “The Loyal Martyrology;” and some single lives; all in 8vo


Born: Abercromby, Patrick historian

Born: Aler, Paul Jesuit

“A familiar Explanation of the Assembly’s Catechism,” Allein, Joseph divine

Died: Amama, Sixtinus professor of the Hebrew tongue in the university of Franeker

“De externis malis opusculum,” Ambrosini, Bartholomew physician

Died: Andreas, Valerius a biographer

“Lucas redivivus, or The gospel physician, prescribing (by way of meditation) divine physic to prevent diseases not yet entered upon the soul, and to cure those maladies which have already seized upon the spirit,” Anthony, John son of the above

Died: Archinto, Octavius a Milanese count

Died: Arnold, Christopher writer

“Letters to Nich. Heinsius,” Arnold, Christopher writer

Born: Atterbury, Lewis was born at Caldecot

Born: Baker, Thomas antiquary

“Lettres familiaires a M. Chapelain,” Balzac, John Lewis Guez Dr writer

“Controversial et Stratagemata,” Baro, Bonaventure whose true name was Fitz-Gerald

“Comic history of the states and empires of the Moon” Bergerac, Savinien Cyrano De was born about 1620

Died: Berkeley, Sir Robert one of the justices of the king’s bench in the time of Charles I. was born in 1584

“The life and death of Dr. James Usher, late archbishop of Armagh, primate and metropolitan of all Ireland, in a sermon preached at his funeral in the abbey of Westminster, on the 17th of April, 1656,” Bernard, Nicholas divine

Died: Birckbek, Simon divine

“Poemata in Elegiaca, lambica, Polymetra, &c. membranatim quadripartite,” Birkhead, Henry poet

“Glossographia, or a Dictionary of hard words,” Blount, Thomas writer

“Historia Ludicra,” Bonifacio, Balthasar lawyer

“Vitae Renati Cartesii compendium,” Borel, Peter physician

“Ecclesiye Gallicanae Historiarum liber primus,” Bosquet, Francis bishop

“Defence of Scriptures,” Bourne, Immanuel clergyman

Born: Bray, Thomas divine

Born: Bretonnier, Bartholomew Joseph advocate of the parliament of Paris

“Juvenalis et Persii Satira?,” Busby, Richard the most eminent schoolmaster in his time

Born: Campistron, John Galbert was born at Toulouse in 1656

“Nature Picture, drawn by fancy’s pencil to the life. In this volume there are several feigned stories of natural descriptions, as comical, tragical, and tragicomical, poetical, romancical, philosophical, and historical, both in prose and verse, some all verse, some all prose, some mixt, partly prose and partly verse. Also there are some morals, and some dialogues; but they are as the advantage loaf of bread to the baker.'s dozen, and a true story at the latter end, wherein there is no feigning,” Cavendish, Margaret duchess of Newcastle

“Vale Royal of Cheshire,” Chaloner, James was a commoner of Brazen-nose college in Oxford

Born: Chamillard, Stephen antiquary

“Pucelle:” Chapelain, John poet

“Effets de la Fortune,” Chevreau, Urban was born at Loudun

Born: Chudleigh, Lady Mary who had the character of a very philosophic and poetic lady

Born: Closterman, John painter

“Histoire des Vies des Papes,” Coulon, Lewis historian

Born: Coward, William writer

Born: Dahl, Michael painter

“De Usu Patrum,” Daille, John a minister of the church of Paris

Born: Davenant, Charles the eldest son of sir William Davenant

“Joannis Dartis opera Canonica, edente J. Doujatio,” Doujat, John scholar

Born: Eeckhout, Antony Vander painter

Born: Eisenschmidt, John Caspar was born at Strasbourg Sept. 25

“An Essay on the First Book of Titus Lucretius Carus, de renim natura, interpreted, and made into English verse, by J. Evelyn, esq.” Evelyn, John philosopher (?–1706)

Born: Fleetwood, William bishop

Born: Forbin, Claude, Chevalier De a French naval officer of great repute

“Daemonium meridianum, the second part, discovering the slanders and calumnies cast upon some corporations, with forged and false articles upon the author, in at pamphlet entitled `The case of Reading rightly stated,' by the adherents and abettors of the said J. Pordage,” Fowler, Christopher clergyman

“Christ’s innocency pleaded against the cry of the Chief Priests,” Fowler, Christopher clergyman

“L'Opere di Galileo Galilei Lynceo,” Galilei, Galileo mathematician

Died: Glassius, Solomon critic

“History of Leopold,” Gualdo Priorato, Galeasso historian

“The Novelty of Popery discovered,” Guild, William divine

Died: Hales, John critic

Died: Hall, John poet

Died: Hall, Joseph a very eminent

Born: Halley, Edmund philosopher

Died: Halloix, Peter Jesuit

Born: Hartsoeker, Nicholas mathematician

“Expeditio Buckingham! ducis in Ream insulam,” Herbert, Edward lord Herbert

“De utriusque luminaris defectu.” Hevelius, John mathematician

Born: Hidalgo, Don Joseph Garcia artist

“The Questions concerning Liberty, and Necessity, and Chance, stated and debated between Mr. Hobbes and Dr. Bramhall, bishop of London-Derry,” Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

“Six Lessons to the professors of mathematics of the institution of sir Henry Savile,” Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

Born: Jenkin, Robert divine

“Nouvelle Methode pour apprendre Iq Grec,” Lancelot, Claude writer

Born: Langbaine, Gerard wa; born in Oxford July 15

Born: Leake, Sir John a brave and successful English admiral

“Treatise of Religion and Learning,” Leigh, Edward writer

“Jonas illustratus Heb. dial, et Latin.” Leusden, John scholar

Died: Lightfoot, John divine

“Paralipomenon de Historicis Gracis,” Mallinkrott, Bernard dean

“The whole Art of Angling,” Markham, Gervase an English author

“Eulogies on illustrious Men,” Masson, Papirius writer

“Poemata,” Menage, Giles called

“Phcenix,” Menasseh, Ben Israel a celebrated rabbi

“Musarum Deliciae, or the Muses Recreation,” Mennes, Sir John, a celebrated seaman

Died: Menochius, John Stephen born in 1576

Born: Molyneux, William, Esq. mathematician

Born: Moor, Karel De painter

Died: Morin, John Baptist physician

Born: Nelson, Robert a learned and pious English gentleman

“Astronomia Britannica, &c. in three parts,” Newton, John divine (16221678)

“Reports of Cases in the time of Queen Elizabeth, K. James, and K. Charles the First; containing the most excellent Exceptions for all manner of Declarations, Pleadings, and Demurs, exactly examined and laid down,” Noy, William attorney-general in the reign of Charles I. the son of William Noy

“Advice to a Son,” Osborne, Francis writer

“Lettres Provinciates,” Pascal, Blaise mathematician

“Reports and Cases, adjudged in the time of queen Elizabeth,” Popham, Sir John lawyer

“Callipoedia” Quillet, Claudius writer

“A brief relation of sir Walter Ralegh’s Troubles.” Ralegh, Sir Walter or'Rawlegh

Born: Reyneau, Charles-Rene commonly called Father Reyneau

Died: Severinus, Marcus Aurelius physician

“King’s Vale-Royal,” Smith, William antiquary

“De morte dissertatio,” Sterne, John physician

“De Pallio,” Tertullian, Quintus Septimius Florens writer

Born: Tournefort, Joseph Pitton De botanist

“Garden of Flowers,” Tradescant, John a contributor to the study of natural history in this country in the seventeenth century

“Museum Tradescantianum, or a collection of rarities, preserved at South Lambeth, near London, by John Tradescant,” Tradescant, John a contributor to the study of natural history in this country in the seventeenth century

“The retired Man’s Meditations; or, the mystery and power of godliness shining forth in the living world,” Vane, Sir Henry and one of the most turbulent enthusiasts which the rebellion produced

“Opuscula Sancto Patrieio, qui Hibernos ad fidein Christi convertit, adscripta, &c.” Ware, James antiquary

“A commentary upon the first three chapters of Genesis,” White, John divine

Died: Wingate, Edmund

Born: Wissing, William painter

“Five Sermons in five several stiles or ways of preaching,” Wright, Abraham divine

“Parnassus biceps, or several choice pieces of poetry, composed by the best wits that were in both the universities before their dissolution,” Wright, Abraham divine

“Theatrum Vitae humanse,” Zuinger, Theodore physician (1534–?)


Died: Aagard, Nicholas brother of the above (16121657)

“Mortes illustres et gesta eorum de societate Jesu, qui in odium fidei ab hsreticis vel aliis occisi sunt,” Alegambe, Philip Jesuit

Born: Almeloveen, Theodore Jansson Van physician

Died: Ambrosini, Bartholomew physician

“Relation fidele de tout ce qui s’est passe dans la conference publique avec M. Bedacier, eveque d'Aost,” Ancillon, David divine

“An Historical Itinerary,” Andrada, Alphonsus D' writer

“Collection of posthumous and orphan Lectures delivered at St. Paul’s and St. Giles’s,” Andrews, Lancelot divine

Born: Arisi, Francis lawyer

“Philosophic affective” Bail, Lewis divine

“Justice des armes du roi treschretien contre le roi d'Espagne,” Balthasar, Christopher a man of great learning and merit

“Entretiens,” Balzac, John Lewis Guez Dr writer

“EuclidisData,” Barrow, Isaac divine

“A summary of Divine Wisdom,” Bendlowes, Edward poet

“A glance at the glories of Sacred Friendship,” Bendlowes, Edward poet

“A theological Concordance of the synonymous words in, Scripture,” Bennet, Robert, B. D. divine

Born: Berger, John Henry De lawyer

“The judgment of the late archbishop of Armagh and primate of Ireland concerning first, the extent of Christ’s death and satisfaction secondly, of the Sabbath, and observation of the Lord’s day,” Bernard, Nicholas divine

Born: Bernardi, John usually called major Bernardi

Born: Bibbiena, Ferdinand Galli architect

Died: Blake, Thomas divine

“Organum. Salutis,” Blount, Sir Henry writer

“Cornelius Nepos,” Bosius, John Andrew historian

“Dissertatio de Pontificatu Maximo Imperatorum præcipue Christianorum,” Bosius, John Andrew historian

Born: Brandt, Gerard second son of Gerard

“A Golden Chain, or Miscellany of divers sentences of the sacred scriptures, and of other authors, &c.” Bulstrode, Edward lawyer

“Reports of Cases in B. R. regn. Jac. 1. & Car. I.” Bulstrode, Edward lawyer

Died: Burton, William antiquary

“Graecse Linguae Historia,” Burton, William antiquary

“Mel Cceli, an exposition of Isaiah, chap. 53,” Calvert, Thomas was born at York in 1606

Born: Carpenter, George Lord baron of Killaghy in the kingdom of Ireland

“Processus Juris Saxonici,” Carpzovius, Benedict was born in 1595

Born: Chazelles, John Matthew De a French mathetician and engineer

Born: Clerc, John Le writer

“Perspicillum microcosmologicum, or, a prospective for the discovery of the lesser world, wherein man is a compendium, c.” Cole, William botanist

“A treatise on oratorical action,” Conrart, Valentin secretary of the French king’s council

“A Scholastical History of the Canon of the Holy Scripture; or, the certain and indubitable books thereof, as they are received in the Church of England,” Cosin, John prelate

Born: Croft, William musician

Born: Dennis, John poet

Born: Derham, William divine

“Calendarium Romanum novum, et Astronomia Aquicinctina (Anchin),” Despierres, John Benedictine

“Lux in Tenebris” Drabicius, Nicholas a celebrated enthusiast

Died: Dryden, John poet

Born: Dupin, Lewis Jellies historian

Died: Faucheur, Michelle a French protestant preacher of the highest estimation in his time

Born: Fontenelle, Bernard Le Bovier De the son of Frangois le Bovier de Fonienelle

“Lond. 1654 and 1656, 8vo. 9.” Ford, Simon a man of learning

Died: Freire De Andrada, Hyacinthe writer

“An Assize Sermon,” Gilbert, William divine

Died: Gilpin, Richard divine

Born: Greenville, Denis and brother to sir John Greenville first eari of Bath

Died: Guild, William divine

“Compendium S. Theologian,” Henichius, John a learned professor of divinity in the university of llinteln

“Theologia Veterum; the Sum of the Christian Theology contained in the creed, according to the Greeks and Latins, &c. Lond. 1654, fol. reprinted 1673. 4. Ecclesia Vindicata; or the Church of England justified, 1. In the way and manner of her Reformation, &c. 2. In officiating by a public Liturgy. 3. In prescribing a set form of Prayer to be used by preachers before their sermons. 4. In her right and patrimony of tithes. 5. In retaining the episcopal government, and therewithal the canonical ordination of priests and deacons,” Heylin, Dr. Petek divine

Died: Higford, William writer

“Sectio jsecunda,” Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

“The Marks of the absurd Geometry, rural Language, &c. of Dr. John Wallis,” Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

“Poems, Elegies, Paradoxes, Sonnets,” King, Henry bishop

“Reports in the court of Exchequer in the reign of king James,” Lane, Sir Richard knt. lord chief baron of the exchequer

“Choice French Proverbs,” Leigh, Edward writer

“Annotations on the five poetical books of the Old Testament, viz. Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Canticles,” Leigh, Edward writer

“Joel explicatus per paraplirasim Chaldaicam,” Leusden, John scholar

Died: Licetus, Fortunius philosopher

“The Sovereign’s Prerogative and Subject’s Privileges discussed,” Littleton, Dwaud lord keeper of the great seal of England in the reign of Charles I. was descended

“Logica Armeniaca in Latinam traducta,” Loftus, Dudley scholar

“The Preacher’s Tripartite,” Mossom, Robert prelate

Born: Musgrave, Dr. William antiquary

“Help to Calculation; with tables of declination, ascension, &c.” Newton, John divine (16221678)

Born: Norris, John divine

Born: Papin, Isaac some time a minister of the church of England

“Methodus gratioe divinse in traductione hominis peccatoris ad vitam,” Parker, Robert divine

“A new World of English Words, or General Dictionary, &c.” Phillips, Edward one of the nephews of Milton

“The Blasphemer slain with the sword of the Spirit, or a plea for the Godhead of the Holy Ghost, wherein the Deity of the Spirit is proved, against the cavils of John Biddle,” Pool, Matthew a learned Nonconformist

“Manuductio ad Theologiam Polemicam,” Prideaux, John bishop

“A Theatre to Political flying Insects,” Purchas, Samuel divine

Died: Riolan, John was born at Paris in the year 1577

“Oppian,” Rittershusius, Conradus a learned civilian and philologer of Germany

“Mysterium & Medulla Bibliorum, or the Mystery and Marrow of the Bible,” Roberts, Francis divine

Died: Rubens, Peter Paul artist

Born: Ruinart, Thierry a French theologian

“Exercitationes Mathematics,” Schooten, Francis professor of mathematics at Leyden about the middle of the seventeenth century

“Magia naturalis et artificialis,” Schott, Gaspar Jesuit

“The Fountain opened,” Sedgwick, Odadiah divine

Born: Shower, John divine

Died: Snydehs, Krancis painter

Born: Solimene, Francis called L‘Abate Ciccio

“Rationale of the Book of Common-prayer of the Church of England,” Sparrow, Anthony prelate

“The Practical Register, or the Accomplished Attorney,” Style, William writer

“A Sermon preached at Caermarthen Assizes,” Thomas, William bishop

Born: Tindal, Dr. Matthew writer

Born: Torre, Philip Della antiquary

Born: Valentinus, Michael Bernard writer

“Celsus,” Vander-Linden, John Antonides a learned professor of physic at Leyden

“Of the Love of God and Union with God,” Vane, Sir Henry and one of the most turbulent enthusiasts which the rebellion produced

Died: Wadding, Luke an eminent Irish Roman catholic

Born: Wake, William prelate

“Biblia Polyglotta” Walton, Brian bishop

“The sum of all was, that, for a most difficult and dangerous work, faith/ully and successfully performed bj Whitelocke, he had little thanks, and no recompense, from those who did employ him; but not long after was rewarded by them with an injury: they put him out of his office of commissioner of the great seal, because he would not betray the rights of the people, and, contrary to his own knowledge, and the knowledge of those who imposed it, execute an ordinance of the Protector and his council, as if it had been a law. But in a succeeding parliament, upon the motion of his noble friend the lord Bmghill, Whitelocke had his arrears of disbursement paid him, and some recompense of his faithful service allowed unto him.” Whitelocke, Bulstrode by Elizabeth his wife

“Solutio quaestionis de legati delinquents judice competente,” Zouch, Richard an eminent civilian (1590–?)


Born: Abbadie, James divine

“De Studiis bene instituejulis,” Acontius, James divine

Died: Aelst, Evert painter

“Traite de conformites du disciple avec le maitre, c'est a dire, de S. Francois avec J. C. en tout le mysteres de sa naissance, vie, passion, mort, &c.” Albizzi, Barthelemy also called Bartholomew of Pisa

“Heroes et victims charitatis societatis Jesu,” Alegambe, Philip Jesuit

Died: Allibond, John of Magdalen college

Died: Almeloveen, Theodore Jansson Van physician

Born: Andry, Nicholas surnamed Bois-Regard

“Dissertatio de politia ecclesiastica,” Apaczai, John a man of singular character and learning of the seventeenth century

Died: Arrowsmith, John divine

“The Way to Bliss, in three books, made public by Elias Ashmole, esq; qui est Mercuriophilus Anglicus,” Ashmole, Elias philosopher

“Musae Neoburgicae in ortum J. G. J. Ignatii ducis Neoburgici,” Balde, James poet

“Aristippe,” Balzac, John Lewis Guez Dr writer

“Questiones Medicae duodecim,” Barbeyrac, Charles physician

“Disputationes Philologicae de Theologia Gentili ex antiquis nummis eruta,” Bebele, Balthazar divine

“Nota3 in numismata, turn Ephesia, turn aliarum urbium, Apibus insignita, cum eorum iconibus aeneis,” Bellori, John Peter antiquary

Born: Bernard, James professor of philosophy and mathematics

Born: Bertini, Anthony Francis physician

“De Linguarum Orientalium, praesertim HeIpraicce, Chaldaica?, Syriacae, Arabicae, et Samaritans, praestantia et usu,” Beveridge, William divine

Died: Biddle, John writer

“The Lamps of the Law, and the Lights of the Gospel,” Blount, Thomas writer

“Simeonis Seth, tie alimentorum facultatibus,” Bogden, Martin a favoured pupil of T

“Historia Nat. et Med. Indise orientalis,” Bontius, James called by some

“Euclides restitutus,” Borelli, John Alphonso mathematician

“Speculum eloquentia?,” Boulai, Cæsar Egasse De historian

Born: Boulainvilliers, Henry De comte de St

“Catching of the Leviathan,” Bramhall, John prelate

“Commercium. Epistoiicum,” Brouncker, William viscount Brouncker

Died: Bulkley, Peter divine

“Spiritual Refinings; or a Treatise of Grace and Assurance,” Burgess, Anthony clergyman

“A Commentary on Antoninus’s Itinerary, or Journey of the Roman Empire, so far as it concerneth Britain,” Burton, William antiquary

“Remains, being an useful Appendix to the former,” Capel, Richard son of Christopher Capel

Died: Capellus, Lewis divine

“Labyrinthus Cantuariensis,” Casaubon, Meric was born at Geneva

“La methode nouvelle de dresser les Chevaux,” Cavendish, William baron Ogle

Died: Chantereau-Le-Febure, Louis antiquary

Died: Cleyn, Francis artist

Born: Coustou, Nicholas sculptor in ordinary to the French king

Died: Davila, Gilles Gonzales a Spanish ecclesiastic

Died: Despeisses, Anthony lawyer

“Opinion touching the antiquity, power, order, state, manner, persons, and proceedings, of the High Courts of Parliament in England,” Doddridge, Sin John lawyer

“Analecta sacra; sive excursus philologici, &c.” Doughty, John divine

Born: Duchat, Jacob Le a French editor

Died: Durham, James divine

Born: Elias, Matthew painter

“De morah'tate Sabbathi,” Essenius, Andrew divine

“Defensio concilii Theologici Ultrajectini de Canonicatibus, Vicariatibns, &c.” Essenius, Andrew divine

“The French Gardener, instructing how to cultivate all sorts of fruit-trees and herbs for the garden, together with directions to dry and conserve them in their natural,” Evelyn, John philosopher (?–1706)

Born: Falz, Raymond a celebrated medallist

“Faithful Shepherdess,” Fanshawe, The Right Hon. Sir Richard, Knt. And Bart. statesman

“Threnodia triumphans, &c.” Fisher, Payne Paganus Piscatok

Born: Fosse, Antony De La nephew of the former

“Trigonometria Britaonica, &c.” Gellibrand, Henry professor of astronomy at Gresham-college

Born: Goltzius, Henry engraver

Born: Greene, Thomas prelate

“An Explication of the Song of Solomon,” Guild, William divine

Died: Harvey, William physician

“Musica njoderna prattica, overo maniere del buon canto,” Herbst, John Andreas musician (?–1660)

“Short View of the Life and Reign of King Charles (the second monarch of Great Britain) from his birth to his burial,” Heylin, Dr. Petek divine

“Peter pursued; or Dr. Heylin overtaken, arrested, and arraigned upon his three Appendixes: 1. Respondet Petrus. 2. Answer to Post-Haste Reply. 3. Advertisements on three Histories. viz. of Mary Queen of Scots, King James, and King Charles,” Heylin, Dr. Petek divine

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Born: Hoogstraten, David Van a professor of the belles lettres

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Born: Jarry, Laurence Juillard Du poet

“Quacstiones pro more solenni in Vesperiis propositac ann. 1651,” Langbaine, Gerahd writer

“Second considerations of the high court of Chancery,” Leigh, Edward writer

Died: Lovelace, Richard poet

Died: Maistre, Antoine Le

Born: Marsigli, Lewis Ferdinand an Italian

Born: Masham, Lady Damahis a lady distinguished by her piety and extraordinary accomplishments

“Mensa Lubrica,” Master historian

“Mela,” Mela, Pomponius writer

Died: Metzu, Gabriel painter

Died: Micrelius, John professor of divinity at Stetin

Born: Mordaunt, Charles earl of Peterborough

“An exact Delineation of London,” Newcourt, Richard author of that very valuable work the “Repertorium Londinense

“Trigonometria Britannica, in two books,” Newton, John divine (16221678)

“Avicennae Canonis Liber primus et secundus ex Arabica Lingua in Latinam translatus,” Plempius, Vopiscus Fortunatus physician

Born: Pomet, Peter born April 2

“A model for the maintaining of students of choice abilities at the university, and principally in order to the ministry. Together with a Preface before it, and after it a recommendation from the university; and two serious exhortations recommended unto all the unfeigned lovers of piety and learning, and more particularly to those rich men who desire to honour the Lord with their substance,” Pool, Matthew a learned Nonconformist

“A History of their Churches,” Przipcovius, Samuel knight

Born: Purcell, Henry musician

“The Cabinet-Council, containing the chief arts of Empire, and mysteries of State discabineted,” Ralegh, Sir Walter or'Rawlegh

“History of Jansenism,” Rapin, Renatus Jesuit

Died: Reves, James De divine

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Born: St. Pierre, Charles Irene'E Castel De writer

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“An exposition of Psalm xxiii.” Sedgwick, Odadiah divine

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Born: Sturt, John engraver

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Born: Thoresby, Ralph antiquary

Born: Todd, Hugh divine

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Died: Albi, Henry a native of Bolene in the comtat Venaissin

Born: Amenta, Nicholas lawyer

Born: Ancillon, Charles son of the above

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Died: Apaczai, John a man of singular character and learning of the seventeenth century

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Born: Bahier, John poet

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Born: Basnage, Henry de Beauval

Died: Bathurst, Ralph a distinguished wit

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Born: Beausobre, Isaac divine

Born: Berchet, Peter artist (?–1720)

Died: Beys, Charles poet

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Born: Boyse, Joseph, a protestant dissenting minister (16591728)

Died: Bulstrode, Edward lawyer

“An English Introduction to the Latin Tongue,” Busby, Richard the most eminent schoolmaster in his time

“Apology” Capel, Richard son of Christopher Capel

“Epicteti Enchiridion, Graere & Latine, cum notis Merici Casauboni & Cebetis Tabula, cum notis ejusdem,” Casaubon, Meric was born at Geneva

Born: Cassana, Niccolo called Nicoletto

Died: Castelli, Valerio was born

Born: Catrou, Francis writer

“Cyropredia,” Charpentier, Francis dean

Born: Chasles, Gregory De who was born August 17

“Thomas Campanella’s advice to the king of Spain, for obtaining the universal monarchy of the world,” Chilmead, Edward mathematician

“The Abuses of God’s Grace, discovered in the kinds, causes, &c. proposed as a seasonable check to the wanton libertinism of the present age,” Clagett, Nicholas

Died: Cleveland poet

Died: Colletet, William one of the members of the French academy

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Born: Couplet, Philip Jesuit

Born: Creech, Thomas poet

Died: Croius, John clergyman

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Died: Dingley, Robert second son of sir John Dingley

Born: Dunton, John writer

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“An Apology for the Royal Party, written in a letter to a person of the late council of state; with a touch at the pretended plea of the army,” Evelyn, John philosopher (?–1706)

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“An Apology for the Royal Party, c.” Evelyn, John philosopher (?–1706)

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“The Quakers Reply manifested to be railing: or, a pursuance of those by the light of the Scriptures, who through their dark imaginations would evade the Truth,” Fiennes, William lord Say and Sele

Born: Fotherby, Martin younger brother of the rev

Died: Fouquirres, James painter

Died: Gauden, John prelate

“A Petitionary Remonstrance presented to O. P. by John Gauden, D. D. a son, servant, and supplicant for the Church of England, in behalf of many thousands, his distressed brethren, ministers of the gospel, and other good scholars, who were deprived of all public employment,” Gauden, John prelate

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Born: Gendre, Louis Le historian

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Died: Hackspan, Theodore divine

Died: Hallier, Francis bishop

“Cum occasione” Hallier, Francis bishop

“Shorter Catechism,” Harmar, John scholar

“An Essay upon two of Virgil’s Eclogues, and two of his Æneids, towards the translation of the whole;” Harrington, James writer

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Died: Higgs, Griffin descended from a considerable family in Gloucestershire

Died: Hill, Abraham a learned English gentleman

Born: Hody, Humphrey divine

“A Letter of Advice from the prime Statesmen- of Florence, how England may come to herself again,” Ho Well, James writer

“A true and faithful Relation of what passed for many Years between Dr. John Dee and some Spirits,” Kelley a famous English alchymist

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Born: Lauriere, Eusebius James De lawyer

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Born: Maillet, Benedict De a French theorist of some note

Born: Medina, Sir John painter

Died: Menasseh, Ben Israel a celebrated rabbi

“Ad Viruni Janum Ulitium Epistolae dute de Invocatione Sanctorum;” Morley, Dr. George bishop

Died: Morton, Thomas bishop

“Variae colloquendi Formulas, in usum condiscipulorum in palaestra literaria sub paterno moderamine vires Minervales exercentium, parthn collects, partim composite a Roberto Mossom,” Mossom, Robert prelate

Born: Mountfort, William writer

“Shuffling, cutting, and dealing, in a game at Piquet,” Nevile, Henry writer

“Geometrical Trigonometry,” Newton, John divine (16221678)

Died: Nicolai, John a learned doctor of the Sorbonne

“Epigrammaturn Delectus,” Nicole, Peter divine

“Privadoes, or Extravagants.” North, Dudley, Third Lord who appears to be the first of this family entitled to notice in a work of this description

“The Heart’s Ease, or a remedy against all troubles; with a consolatory discourse, particularly directed to those who have lost their friends and dear relations,” Patrick, Simon prelate

Born: Petit-Didier, Matthew Benedictine

“A brief of Proceedings between sir Hierom Sankey and the author,” Petty, William a singular instance of an almost universal genius

“Villare Cantianum,” Philpot, John Somerset herald in the reign of James I. was a native of Folkstone

“Munitio Fundamentorum Medicinae V. F. Plempii adversus Jacobum Primerosium,” Plempius, Vopiscus Fortunatus physician

Died: Potenger, John an English gentleman of talents (16471733)

“Sacred Eloquence or, The Art of Rhetoric, as it is laid down in Scripture,” Prideaux, John bishop

“Histoire des plus illustres Favoris anciens et modernes,” Puy, Peter Du historian

Born: Ricci, Sebastian artist

“Metaphysica,” Rodon, David a celebrated French professor of philosophy in the seventeenth century

“Logica restituta,” Rodon, David a celebrated French professor of philosophy in the seventeenth century

“Chorographia sacra Brabantia, sive celebrium aliquot in ea provincia ecclesiarum et ccenobiorum descriptio,” Sanderus, Anthony antiquary

Born: Sherard, William botanist

Born: Smith, John divine

Born: Southern, Thomas writer

“The good old Cause,” Stubbe, Henry writer

Born: Synge, Edward archbishop

Born: Talbot, Charles lord high chancellor of Great Britain

“Eusebii Pamphili historia ecclesiastica, ejusdemque libri de vita Constantini, & panegyricus atque oratio Constantini ad sanctos,” Valesius, Henry critic

Born: Vitringa, Campegius divine

“Dissertatio de vera estate mundi, &c.” Vossius, Isaac a man of great parts and learning

“Castigationes ad Scriptum Hornii de ætate Mundi,” Vossius, Isaac a man of great parts and learning

“Adenographia, seu Descriptio totius Corporis,” Wharton, Thomas physician

“Diatribse duae Medico-philosophicae de ft-rmentatione, altera de febribus,” Willis, Thomas physician

“Whole Duty of the Christian Religion,” Winterton, Ralph scholar

Born: Wollaston, William writer

“Politicaster i or, a Comical Discourse in^answer to Mr. Wren’s book, entitled ‘ Monarchy asserted, &c.’” Wren, Matthew was born Aug. 20 (?–1672)

Died: Zacchias, Paul physician