Burnet, Dr. Thomas

, a physician of Scotland, of whose birth, life, and death, we find nothing recorded, except what the title-pages of his books set forth; namely, that he was M. D. “medicus regius, et collegii regii medicorum Edinburgensis socius.” His name deserves to be preserved, however, for the sake of two useful works which he has left. One is, “Thesaurus medicinse practice,” Lond. 1673, 4to; a collection from the best practical writers, the last edition of which, greatly enlarged by himself, was published at Geneva, 1698, 4to. Haller enumerates twelve editions of it. The other, “Hippocrates | contractus, in quo Hippocratis omnia in brevem epitomen reducta debentur,” Edinb. 1685, 8vo. A neat edition of this was printed at London, 1743, 12mo. 1


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