Events noted in 1670

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1665 1675


Died: Adams, Thomas brother to the above

Died: Airay, Christopher vicar of Milford in Hampshire

Born: Aland, Sir John Fortescue lord Fortescue of the kingdom of Ireland

Publication: “Pater Noster,” by Annand, William dean

Died: Annat, Francis confessor to Lewis XIV. was born at Rouergue

Publication: “De bragardissima villa de Soleriis, &c.” by Arena, Anthony D' lawyer

Publication: “Works of St. Theresa,” by Arnauld D'Andilli, Robert was born at Paris in 1589

Publication: “Notae ad Jo. Eph. Wagenseilii commentarium in Sotam,” by Arnold, Christopher writer

Born: Audran, Louis the last son of Germain Audran

Publication: “Peinture poctique des tableaux de mignature de M. Quinot, faits par Joseph de Werner.” by Bahier, John poet

Died: Balthasar, Christopher a man of great learning and merit

Publication: “A remembrancer of Excellent Men,” by Barksdale, Clement writer

Died: Beau, John Baptiste Le Jesuit

Publication: “Historical applications and occasional meditations upon several subjects. Written by a person of honour,” by Berkeley, George Earl Of descended in a direct line from Robert Fitzharding

Born: Bertrand, John Baptist physician

Died: Blankof, John Teunisz painter

Publication: “Posthumous Works” by Boileau, Gilles the eldest brother of Boileau Despreaux

Born: Bonjour, William a learned Augustin

Publication: “Meteorologia Ætnea,” by Borelli, John Alphonso mathematician

Publication: “Latham Spaw in Lancashire: with some remarkable cases and cures effected by it,” by Borlace, Dr. Edmund son of sir John Borlace

Born: Bos, Lambert philologist

Born: Bott, John De architect

Died: Bridge, William one of the most eminent nonconformists of the seventeenth century

Publication: “Philippi Labbe et P. Brietii concordia chronologica,” by Briet, Philip an able French geographer

Died: Carpentier, John Le a native of Abscons in Ostrevant

Died: Castiglione, John Benedict called Grechktto (16161670)

Publication: “Balaam’s Wish,” by Cawton, Thomas son of the above

Born: Cerceau, John Antony Du Jesuit

Died: Childrey, Joshua divine

Died: Craig, Nicholas Cragius

Publication: “The necessity of abating Usury, re-asserted,” by Culpeper, Sir Thomas second son of sir Thomas Culpeper of Hollingbourne

Died: Davenport, John elder brother of Christopher just mentioned

Born: Daubuz, Charles divine

Publication: “Letters,” by Daumius, Christian scholar

Born: Dubos, John Baptist critic

Born: Duker, Charles Andrew an eminent classical editor

Died: Estrees, Francis Annibal D' duke

Publication: “The sixth of December, 1631, being in the gulph of Volo riding at anchor about ten of the clock that night, it began to rain sand or ashes, and continued till two of the clock the next morning. It was about two inches thick on the deck, so that we cast it overboard with shovels, as we did snow the day before: the quantity of a bushel we brought home, and presented to several friends, especially to the masters of Trinity-house. There were in our company capt. John Wilds, commander of the Dragon, and capt. Anthony Watts, commander of the Elizabeth and Dorcas. There was no wind stirring when these ashes fell: it did not fall only in the places where we were, but likewise in other parts, as ships were coming from St. John d'Acre to our port, they being at that time an hundred leagues from us. We compared the ashes together, and found them both one. If you desire to see the ashes, let me know.” by Evelyn, John philosopher (?–1706)

Publication: “Analecta de re vestiaria, sive exercitcQiies ad Alberti Rubenii Commentarium de re vestiaria dato clavo. Accessit Dissertatio de veterum lucernis sepvhralibus,” by Ferrari, Octavius of the same family with the famer

Born: Fitzjames, James duke of Berwick

Born: Fouillou, James a celebrated licentiate of the Sorbonne

Publication: “The Principles and Practices of certain moderate divines of the Church of England, abusively called Latitudinarians, greatly misunderstood, truly represented and defended,” by Fowler, Edward prelate

Died: Gardiner, Richard divine

Publication: “Antidote against errour concerning Justification,” by Gataker, Charles was bora at Rotherhithe in

Died: Ghilini, Jerome writer

Publication: “The Plus Ultra reduced to a Nonplus,” by Glanvil, Joseph writer

Publication: “Commercium Epistolicum.” by Gregory, James the first of an eminent family of learned men in Scotland

Publication: “The Remains of sir Fulk Greville, lord Brooke; being poems of Monarchy and Religion, never before printed,” by Greville, Fulk lord Brooke

Publication: “Macrobius, cum notis variorum,” by Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

Publication: “Les Arts de l‘homme d’Epee, ou Dietionnaire du Genlilhomme,” by Guillet, De Saint George, Guy historian

Died: Hacket, John bishop

Publication: “De ratione studiorum opuscula aurea,” by Heidegger, John Henry divine

Publication: “De peregrinationibus religiosis,” by Heidegger, John Henry divine

Died: Helst, Bartholomew Vander artist

Publication: “De statu Ecclesiarum Augustanae confessionis in Polonia,” by Herbinius, John a native of Bitschen in Silesia

Born: Higgons, Bevil younger son of sir Thomas

Publication: “A Letter to William duke of Newcastle, concerning the Controversy had with Dr. Laney, bishop of Ely, about Liberty and Necessity,” by Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

Died: Hoorne, John Van anatomist

Born: Hornius, George historian

Publication: “De l'Origine des Romans,” by Huet, Peter Daniel bishop

Died: Jacob, Lewis bibliographer

Publication: “The Roman Empress,” by Joyner, William second son of William

Publication: “Treatise, of Devotion.” by Juried, Peter divine

Born: Kuster, Ludolf critic

Born: Lhuyd, Edward antiquary

Publication: “Reductio litium de libero arbitrio, proedestinatione, et reprobatione ad arbitrium boni viri,” by Loftus, Dudley scholar

Publication: “Syntagmata linguarum Georgia,” by Maggi, Jerome an ingenious and learned man of the sixteenth century

Born: Mailla, Joseph-Anne-Marie De Moyriac De Jesuit

Born: Mandeville, Bernard De an author of temporary celebrity in the last century for his writings

Publication: “History of the late wars of Denmark,” by Manley, De La Riviere an English lady

Died: Maplet, John physician

Died: Mennes, Sir John, seaman

Publication: “De Praesumptionibus,” by Menochius, James a native of Pavia

Died: More, Alexander preacher

Publication: “Letter to Anne Duchess oF York, some few months before her death,” by Morley, Dr. George bishop

Born: Netscher, Constantine another son of Gaspard

Publication: “Limnoeus enucleatus,” by Oldenburger, Philip Andrew an eminent professor of law and history at Geneva

Publication: “Truth and Innocence vindicated.” by Owen, John the most eminent and learned of the nonconformist divines

Publication: “Discours du Mouvement Local,” by Pardies, Ignatius Gaston mathematician

Publication: “Toleration discussed,” by Parker, Samuel a man of some learning

Died: Paulmier De Grentesmenil, James Le more commonly known to the learned by his Latinized name 1Dupin. Milner

Died: Penn, William afterwards sir William Penn

Died: Perefixe, Hardouin De Beaumont De archbishop

Publication: “De Togatorum Valetudine tuenda Commentarius,” by Plempius, Vopiscus Fortunatus physician

Died: Przipcovius, Samuel knight

Publication: “Britannicus,” by Racine, John poet

Publication: “Synopsis Chronologiae Biblicae,” by Ravis, Christian a learned orientalist

Publication: “Orbis Hieraticus Levitarum, &c.” by Ravis, Christian a learned orientalist

Publication: “Catalogue of English Plants” by Ray, John philosopher

Publication: “The present State of the Ottoman Empire, in three books; containing the Maxims of the Turkish Politic, their Religion, and Military Discipline,” by Ricaut, Sir Paul traveller

Publication: “Respublica Literaria,” by Saavedra-Faxardo, Diego De writer

Died: St. Pavin, Dennis Sanguin De poet

Born: Smith, Joseph younger brother of the preceding Dr

Publication: “Scientia Cosmica,” by Sturmius, John Christopher mathematician

Born: Terrasson, John was born at Lyons in 1670

Born: Thomas, William born in 1670

Publication: “A Discourse of the Forbearance of the Penalties, which a due Reformation requires,” by Thorndike, Herbert divine

Publication: “Origines Ecclesiae, seu de ratione ac jure finiendi Controversias Ecclesise,” by Thorndike, Herbert divine

Died: Thysius, Antony a celebrated Dutch philologer

Publication: “Appian,” by Tollius, James physician

Died: Ughelli, Ferdinand historian

Born: Upton, James scholar

Publication: “Vesaliae Clivorum,” by Vegetius, Flavius Renatus writer

Publication: “Fire and Brimstone,” by Vincent, Thomas divine

Publication: “Philosophical Transactions” by Wallis, John mathematician (16161703)

Died: Waterhouse, Edward writer

Died: Willis, Thomas physician

Publication: “Affectionum quae dicuntur hystericae & hypochondriacae Pathologia spasmodica, vindicata contra responsionem Epistolarem Nath. Highmore, M. D.” by Willis, Thomas physician


Publication: “Poesie postume,” by Abati, Antony poet (15901667)

Publication: “West Barbary, or a short narrative of the revolutions of Fez and Morocco,” by Addison, Lancelot clergyman

Born: Adlerfeldt, Gustavus born near Stockholm in 1671

Publication: “Nobiliare du Dauphiné” by Allard, Guy was a native of Dauphiny

Publication: “Delia gravita dell' Aria e Fluidi, Dialogi V.” by Angelis, Stephen De mathematician

Publication: “Consultations,” by Anselme, Antony of Antwerp (1588–?)

Publication: “Directions concerning the matter and style of Sermons,” by Arderne, James divine

Died: Bagshaw, Edward was born at Broughton in Northamptonshire

Publication: “Experimentum Chymicum novum,” by Becher, John Joachim born in 1645

Publication: “Voyages de Francois Bernier, &c.” by Bernier, Francis philosopher

Born: Blondel, Laurence who was born at Paris in 1671

Publication: “Recherches et observations naturelles,” by Boccone, Paolo naturalist

Publication: “Rerum Liturgicarum, Lib. duo,” by Bona, John cardinal

Publication: “J. D. Turqueti de Mayerne, de Arthritide,” by Bonet, Theophilus physician

Publication: “Refutation du catechisme de Paul Ferri.” by Bossuet, James bishop

Publication: “Les Entretiens d‘Ariste et d’Eugene,” by Bouhours, Dominick critic

Born: Boulter, Hugh archbishop

Died: Bourdon, Sebastian painter

Publication: “Of the proper study of sovereigns,” by Boursault, Edmund writer

Publication: “Defense de l'église Romaine,” by Brebeuf, George De poet

Born: Brossette, Claude of France

Publication: “Jus imaginis apud Anglos, or the Law of England relating to the Nobility and Gentry,” by Brydal, John antiquary

Publication: “An Abridgment of Divinity,” by Burman, Francis the first upon record of a very learned family

Born: Burman, Francis was born at Utrecht

Publication: “Memoires de Ville Tranche en Beaujolais,” by Bussieres, John De Jesuit

Born: Calamy, Edmund divine

Born: Capperonnier, Claude scholar

Died: Casaubon, Meric was born at Geneva

Publication: “An academy or college, wherein young ladies or gentlewomen may, at a very moderate expence, be educated in the true protestant religion, and in all virtuous qualities that may adorn that sex, &c.” by Chamberlayne, Edward was descended from an ancient family

Publication: “De Scorbuto Liber singularis. Cui accessit Epiphonema in Medicastros,” by Charleton, Walter physician

Born: Cheyne, George physician

Born: Cibber, Colley poet

Born: Cooper, Anthony Ashley earl of Shaftesbury

Born: Crebillon, Prosper Joliot De who has been called the Æsehvlus of France

Publication: “Brief Survey of the growth of Usury in England, with the mischiefs attending it,” by Culpeper, Sir Thomas second son of sir Thomas Culpeper of Hollingbourne

Publication: “Humble proposal for the relief of Debtors, and speedy payment of their Creditors,” by Culpeper, Sir Thomas second son of sir Thomas Culpeper of Hollingbourne

Publication: “Several Objections against the Reducement of Interest, propounded in a letter, with the answer thereto,” by Culpeper, Sir Thomas second son of sir Thomas Culpeper of Hollingbourne

Publication: “De cultibus Latinorum religiosis Libri Novem,” by Daille, John a minister of the church of Paris

Born: Danchet, Anthony poet

Born: Dawes, Sir William archbishop

Publication: “Antiquitates Biblicue, in quibus decreta, prophetiae, sermones, consuetudincs, ritusque ac dicta veteris Testamenti de rebus Judaeorum et Gentilium, qua sacris, qua profanis, expenduntur; ex editione Joannis-Justi Pistorii,” by Dieteric, John Conrad the son of John Conrad

Died: Dodsworth, Roger antiquary

Publication: “Synopsis Conciliorum et Chrono* logia Patrum, Pontificum, Imperatorum,” by Doujat, John scholar

Publication: “Panegyrique duRoy,” by Doujat, John scholar

Publication: “La Clef du grand Pouille de France,” by Doujat, John scholar

Publication: “Specimen Juris Canonici apud Gallos usu recepti,” by Doujat, John scholar

Publication: “Some Observations upon the Answer to an Enquiry into the Grounds and Occasions of the Contempt of the Clergy: with some additions. In a second letter to R. L.” by Eachard, John master of Catharine-hall (?–1697)

Born: Echard, Laurence clergyman

Born: Falconet, Camille born at Lyons in 1671

Born: Fiddes, Richard divine

Publication: “The Design of Christianity or, a plain demonstration and improvement of this proposition, viz. that the enduing men with inward real righteousness and true holiness, was the ultimate end of our Saviour’s coming into the world, and is the great intendment of his blessed Gospel,” by Fowler, Edward prelate

Publication: “Historia animalium,” by Frantius, Wolfgang divine

Publication: “Theophilus, or a Discourse of the Saints’ amity with God in Christ,” by Gale, Theophilus divine

Publication: “The Life and death of Thomas Tregosse, minister of the gospel at Milar and Mabe in Cbrnwal, with his Character,” by Gale, Theophilus divine

Publication: “Opuscula Mythologica Ethica et Physica, Gr. & Lat.” by Gale, Thomas celebrated for his knowledge of the Greek language and antiquities

Publication: “De jure Manium,” by Gouthier, James in Latin Gutheriusi

Born: Grandlus, Gumo mathematician

Born: Gundling, Nicholas Jerome historian

Died: Hanneken, Memnon divine

Died: Henichius, John a learned professor of divinity in the university of llinteln

Publication: “Closet Prayer,” by Heywood, Oliver divine

Publication: “Rosetutn Geometricum, sive propositiones aliquoc frustra antehac tentatae, cum censura brevi doctrinae Wallisiamede motn,” by Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

Died: Jacobæus, Oliger a professor of physic and philosophy at Copenhagen

Born: Keill, John mathematician

Publication: “Latium,” by Kircher, Athanasius mathematician

Publication: “Historia Romana,” by Lacarry, Giles Jesuit

Born: Law, John usually known by the name of the projector (?–1729)

Died: Leigh, Edward writer

Publication: “Three Diatribes, or Discourses, of travel, money, and measuring, &c.” by Leigh, Edward writer

Died: Leo De St. John monk

Died: Leslie, Dr. John bishop

Publication: “A Speech delivered at the Visitation held in the diocese of Clogher, vacant e, Sept. 27, 1671,” by Loftus, Dudley scholar

Died: Mather, Samuel was born in Lancashire in 1626

Publication: “Liber de Fabrica Triremium,” by Meibomius, Marcus a very learned man

Publication: “Observations upon military and political Affairs, written by the honourable George Duke of Albemarle,” by Monk, George duke of Albemarle

Publication: “Introduction to the art of Rhetoric,” by Newton, John divine (16221678)

Publication: “The art of Natural Arithmetic, in whole numbers, and fractions vulgar and decimal,” by Newton, John divine (16221678)

Publication: “Opuscula,” by Nogarola, Lewis a learned Italian

Publication: “The Prodromus to a Dissertation by Nich. Steno, concerning Solids naturally contained within Solids,” by Oldenburg, Henry who wrote his name sometimes Grubendol

Died: Olearius, Adam traveller

Publication: “Atrium Lingua? Sancta;,” by Opitius, Henry divine

Born: Ousel, Philip a learned professor of divinity of the university of Francfort on the Oder

Publication: “A Defence and Continuation of Ecclesiastical Polity (against Dr. Owen),” by Parker, Samuel a man of some learning

Publication: “Imperatorum Romanorum Numismata,” by Patin, Charles antiquary

Publication: “Christian Sacrifice; a treatise showing the necessity, end, and manner of receiving the Holy Communion, &c.” by Patrick, Simon prelate

Publication: “Memoires pour servir a Phistoire naturelle des animaux,” by Perrault, Claude architect

Publication: “Monasticon Favershamiensis,” by Philpot, John Somerset herald in the reign of James I. was a native of Folkstone

Died: Plempius, Vopiscus Fortunatus physician

Publication: “Berenice,” by Racine, John poet

Publication: “Excussio discussionis ineptse Abrahami Calovii,” by Ravis, Christian a learned orientalist

Died: Riccioli, John Baptist astronomer

Born: Rostgaard, Frederick a learned Dane

Publication: “Logicse Artis Compendium,” by Sanderson, Dr. Robert

Publication: “Fides Ecclesiae Orientalis, seu Gabrielis Metropolitae Philadelphiensis opuscula, cum interpretatione Latina et notis,” by Simon, Richard critic

Publication: “Etymologicon Linguae Anglicanse,” by Skinner, Stephen antiquary

Publication: “Collection of Articles, Injunctions, Canons, Orders, Ordinances, &c.” by Sparrow, Anthony prelate

Born: Steele, Sir Richard the first of a class of writers called the British Essayists

Born: Struvius, Burcard Gotthelf one of the many sons of the preceding

Died: Tenison, Thomas prelate

Publication: “Epistolae Itinerant, by Henninius, at Amsterdam, 1700, in 4to. It is said there are some useful and curious things in these epistles. Tollius was the editor of two ancient authors, of” by Tollius, James physician

Born: Turretin, John Alphonsus the most celebrated of the family

Died: Vere, Sir Horace baron of Tilbury

Publication: “The Examinations of Faithful Commin and Thomas Heath,” by Ware, James antiquary

Publication: “An endeavour to evince the certainty of Christian Faith in general, and of the Resurrection of Christ in particular.” by Whitby, Daniel divine

Publication: “The doctrine of contentment briefly explained, &c.” by Wilkinson, Henry denominated sometimes Junior

Died: Wishart, George bishop

Died: Worthington, Dr. John divine

Born: Yalden, Thomas divine and poet


Born: Addison, Joseph son of Dr (16721719)

Died: Alard, Lambert was born at Krempen in 1600

Born: Albert, Louis Joseph D' grandson of the constable de Luynes

Publication: “An Alarm tothe unconverted,” by Allein, Joseph divine

Publication: “Christian Letters,” by Allein, Joseph divine

Publication: “Cases of Conscience,” by Allein, Joseph divine

Publication: “Remains, being a Collection of sundry Directions, Sermons, &c.” by Allein, Joseph divine

Publication: “Ratramne, ou Bernard, Pretre, du Corps et du Sang du Seigneur,” by Allix, Peter divine

Died: Andrada, Alphonsus D' writer

Publication: “Mysterium Pietatis,” by Annand, William dean

Publication: “Bibliotheca Hispana Nova,” by Antonio, Nicholas a very learned and useful Spanish biographer

Publication: “De concordia ecclesiee occidentals et orientalis, in septem sacrauientorum adminjstratione,” by Arcudio, Peter a Greek ecclesiastic of the isle of Corfou

Publication: “The Institution, Laws, and Ceremonies of the most noble Order of the Garter. Collected and digested into one body by Elias Ashmole, of the Middle Temple, esq. Windesore herald at arms. A work furnished with variety of matter relating to honour and noblesse” by Ashmole, Elias philosopher

Born: Astori, John Anthony antiquary

Died: Aylmer, John was of a good family in Hampshire

Died: Balen, Hendrick Van artist

Died: Barry, James lord Santry

Publication: “Symbola Heroica,” by Baune, James De La Jesuit

Publication: “Patronus Bonce Fidei, &c.” by Bayly, Lewis prelate

Born: Baynard, Anne a learned English lady

Publication: “Vite de pittori, scultori et architetti moderni,” by Bellori, John Peter antiquary

Publication: “Oxonii Encomium,” by Bendlowes, Edward poet

Publication: “Answer to Mr. Francis Bamph'eld’s Letter, in vindication of the Christian Sabbath against the Jewish,” by Benn, William clergyman

Born: Bernardoni, Peter Antony poet

Publication: “Epistolae Joannis Kepleri, &c.” by Bernegger, Matthias who was born Feb. 8

Born: Bessel, Godfrey De a learned abbé of the convent of Benedictines of Gottvvich

Publication: “Animadversions on sir Richard Baker’s Chronicle,” by Blount, Thomas writer

Born: Bonneval, Claudius Alexander De count

Died: Bourne, Immanuel clergyman

Publication: “The Black Prince, a tragedy,” by Boyle, Roger earl of Orrery

Publication: “Triphon, a tragedy,” by Boyle, Roger earl of Orrery

Publication: “An essay about the origin and virtue of Gems,” by Boyle, Robert philosopher

Publication: “Sermons,” by Boys, Edward clergyman

Publication: “Parterre historique,” by Bussieres, John De Jesuit

Born: Calmet, Augustine Benedictine

Publication: “Naphthali, seu colluctatio theologica de reditu decem tribuum, conversione Judaeorum et mens. Ezekielis,” by Calvert, James the son of Robert Calvert

Publication: “A treatise proving Spirits, Witches, and supernatural operations by pregnant instances and evidences, &c.” by Casaubon, Meric was born at Geneva

Publication: “Primitive Christianity; or the Religion of the ancient Christians in the first ages of the Gospel,” by Cave, William divine

Died: Chauncy, Sir Henry knt. author of the “Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire

Born: Chicoyneau, Francis counsellor of state

Publication: “De musica antiqua Graeca,” by Chilmead, Edward mathematician

Publication: “An Introduction to Logic,” by Chouet, John Robert philosopher

Publication: “Quis dives salvetur?” by Clemens, Titus Flavius an eminent father of the church in the end of the second and beginning of the third century

Died: Clerc, Daniel Le the son of Stephen Le Clerc

Publication: “Christus Triumphans,” by Comber, Thomas dean

Died: Cossart, Gabriel Jesuit

Publication: “Collection of those Fathers who lived in the apostolic age;” by Cotelerius, John Baptist of Sorbonne

Publication: “Byzantine History,” by Cousin, Lewis president of the Mint

Publication: “Answer to part of Dr. Stillingfleet’s book, entitled Idolatry practised in the church of Rome,” by Cressey, Hugh-Paulin writer

Publication: “Fanaticism fanatically imputed to the Catholic Church by Dr. Stillingfleet, and the imputation refuted and retorted,” by Cressey, Hugh-Paulin writer

Died: Crighton, Robert bishop

Died: Crofton, Zachary divine

Publication: “De Legibus Naturae Disquisitio philosophica,” by Cumberland, Richard divine

Died: Dacier, Andrew critic

Born: Dippel, John Conrad an author famous for his extravagancies

Publication: “Bonasus Vapulans or some castigations given to Mr. John Durel for fouling himself and others in his English and Latin book,” by Durel, John divine

Publication: “Patronus bonre fidei, in causa Puritanorum,” by Durel, John divine

Publication: “The Logiek Primer for the use of the Indians,” by Eliot, John known by the title of the Apostle of the North American Indians

Publication: “Anthropometria, sive de mutua membrorum proportione, &c.” by Elsholtz, John Sigismond botanist

Died: Essenius, Andrew divine

Born: Feutsking, John Henry divine

Died: Fevre, Tannegui Le a very learned man

Publication: “Dirt wiped out; or, a manifest discovery of the gross ignorance, erroneousness, and most unchristian and wicked spirit of one John Bunyan, Lay-preacher in Bedford, c.” by Fowler, Edward prelate

Publication: “Institutionum Medicarum Synopsis,” by Franck De Franckenau, George physician

Publication: “A System of Divinity,” by Frassen, Claudius a learned Franciscan

Died: Fuller, Isaac painter

Publication: “Paraboles Evangeliques,” by Furetiere, Antony lawyer

Born: Fuzelier, Lewis a native of Paris

Publication: “The Anatomy of Infidelity, &c.” by Gale, Theophilus divine

Born: Gale, Roger esq. F. R. and A. Ss. eldest son of the preceding

Born: Gamaches, Stephen Simon writer

Born: Geoffroi, Stephen Francis physician

Publication: “De naturae substantia energetica, seu de via vitae naturae ejusque tribus primis facultatibus,” by Glisson, Francis physician

Died: Gronovius, John Frederic an eminent civilian

Died: Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

Publication: “Amst. 1670, 2 vols. 8vo. 3.” by Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

Publication: “Experimenta Magdeburgica,” by Guericke, Otto counsellor to the elector of Brandenbourg

Born: Haynes, Hopton a strenuous advocate for Socinianism

Publication: “Sure Mercies of David,” by Heywood, Oliver divine

Publication: “Aoj/t*oXoyi sive, pestis nuperoe apud populum Londinensem grassantis narratio historica,” by Hodges, Nathaniel physician

Publication: “Miraculum Naturae,” by Hoorne, John Van anatomist

Died: Jeune, John Le divine

Publication: “De Origine et Natura Christianismi ex mente Gentilium,” by Kortholt, Christian a learned professor of divinity at Kiel

Publication: “Collection of the Councils,” by Labbe, Philip Jesuit

Publication: “Historia Galliarum sub Praefectis Prsetorii Galliarum,” by Lacarry, Giles Jesuit

Died: Langbaine, Gerard wa; born in Oxford July 15

Born: Lederlin, John Henry critic

Publication: “The Ruins of the Apostolical See,” by Leti, Gregory writer

Publication: “Clavis Grxca Nov. Test.” by Leusden, John scholar

Publication: “A seasonable Discourse, shewing the necessity of maintaining the Established Religion in opposition to Popery,” by Lloyd, William bishop

Publication: “Schola Latinitatis, &c.” by Ludolph, Job a learned orientalist

Publication: “The Rehearsal transprosed; or, animadversions on a late book, intituled, A preface, shewing what grounds there are of fears and jealousies of Popery, the second impression, with additions and amendments. London, printed by J. D. for the assigns of John Calvin and Theodore Beza, at the sign of the king’s indulgence, on the south side of the Lake Leman; and sold by N. Ponder in Chancery-lane,” by Marvell, Andrew writer

Died: Moine, Peter Le poet

Publication: “The Count of Pagan’s Method of delineating all manner of Fortifications from the exterior Polygon, reduced to English measure, and converted into Hercotectonick lines,” by Morland, Sir Samuel, Bart. a man of very considerable celebrity in his day

Born: Motte, Anthony Houdart De La writer (16721731)

Born: Moyle, Walter, Esq.

Born: Muratori, Lewis Anthony antiquary

Born: Nesbit, Alexander was the youngest son of lord-president Nesbit

Publication: “Disputatio de Davidis et Salomonis Satellitio, Crethi et Plethi, ex libris Samuelis et Regum,” by Opitius, Henry divine

Publication: “Discours de la Connoissance des Betes,” by Pardies, Ignatius Gaston mathematician

Publication: “Lettre d'un Philosophe a un Cartesien de ses amis,” by Pardies, Ignatius Gaston mathematician

Publication: “Treatise” by Parker, Samuel a man of some learning

Died: Patin, Guy physician

Publication: “Thesaurus Numismatum,” by Patin, Charles antiquary

Publication: “Devout Christian,” by Patrick, Simon prelate

Died: Patrix, Peter poet

Publication: “A Table of 10,000 square numbers,” by Pell, John mathematician

Born: Peter The Great czar of Russia

Publication: “A brief Historical Discourse of the original and growth of Heraldry, demonstrating upon what rational foundations that noble and heroic science is established,” by Philpot, John Somerset herald in the reign of James I. was a native of Folkstone

Publication: “De Jure Naturae & Gentium,” by Puffendorf, Samuel historian

Publication: “Bajazet,” by Racine, John poet

Publication: “Nomenclator dassicus,” by Ray, John philosopher

Born: Roque, Anthony De La poet

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Died: Audran, Carl is generally believed to have been brother of the preceding Claude

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Died: Boullongne, Louis De the elder

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Publication: “The newest, plainest, and shortest Short-hand; containing, first, a brief account of the short-hand already extant, with their alphabets and fundamental rules. Secondly, a plain and easy method for beginners, less burdensome to the memory than any other. Thirdly, a v new invention for contracting words, with special rules for contracting sentences, and other ingenious fancies, &c.” by Coles, Elisha author of a Dictionary once in much reputation

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Died: Douw, Gerhard artist

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Born: Gibbs, James architect

Born: Gilbert, Sir Jeffray knt. lord chief baron of the exchequer

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Born: Halyburton, Thomas divine

Died: Hildersham, Arthur divine

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Died: Hyde, Henry earl of Clarendon

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Born: Kennet, Basil was born Oct. 21

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Born: Mirabaud, John Baptist a learned man

Born: Mongault, Nicolas Hubert an ingenious and learned Frenchman

Publication: “The Art of Metals, in which is declared, the manner of their Generation, and the Concomitants of them, in two books, written in Spanish by Albaro Alonzo Barba, M. A. curate of St. Bernard’s parish, in the imperial city of Potosi, in the kingdom of Peru, in the West Indies, in. 1640; translated in 1669, by the right honourable Edward earl of Sandwich,” by Montague, Edward eari of Sandwich

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Born: Nash, Richard, Esq. a very extraordinary personage

Died: North, Francis lord Guilford

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Died: Pecquet, John anatomist

Born: Petit, John Lewis surgeon

Publication: “A Discourse concerning the use of Duplicate Proportion, together with a new hypothesis of springing or elastic Motions,” by Petty, William a singular instance of an almost universal genius

Died: Pontault, Sebastian Beaulieu De an eminent French engineer

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Born: Pyle, Thomas divine

Died: Rembrandt, Van Ryn painter and engraver

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Born: Rowe, Elizabeth an English lady

Born: Ruddiman, Thomas critic

Died: Sadler, John writer

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Died: Tulp, Nicholas physician

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Died: Vaughan, John lord chief justice of the commonpleas

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Born: Watts, Isaac a very celebrated dissenter

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Publication: “Memoria Theologorum nostri seculi,” by Witte a German biographer

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