Cagnati, Marsilius

, of Verona, an eminent physician, was first lecturer in that faculty at Rome in the sixteenth century, under the popes Clement VIII. and Paul V. He studied at Padua under Zabarella, and was a man of great learning, and considered as the head of his profession. His distinguished merit procured him an invitation to Rome, where he taught philosophy and medicine in the college, and was honoured with some considerable appointments. As he was an excellent Greek and Latin scholar, and conversant with the historians in. both languages, his lectures acquired a particular interest from the quotations he occasionally made in them from these writers. He wrote two books on the manner of preserving health, on diet, exercise, &c. Rome 1591, and Padua, 1605. He wrote also on the inundations of the | Tiber, the salubrity of the air at Rome, epidemic disorders, the 24th aphorism of Hippocrates, which he thought had been long misunderstood, and on the cure of fevers as practised at Rome. His knowledge appeared also in his four books of “Observations,Rome, 1587, inserted afterwards in the third volume of Gruter’s “Thesaurus Criticus,1604, 8vo. In 1603 a quarto volume was published of his “Dissertations” on various medical topics. He died in 1610. 1


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