Events noted in 1580

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1570 1590


Died: Adriani, Adrianus Ab Adriano Jesuit

“Meisnische Landund Berg-Chronica,” Albinus, Peter historian

Died: Alciati, Francis born at Milan 1522

Born: Alexander, William poet

Born: Almeida, Manoel historian

“Holophernes,” Amboise, Francis D' lived in the latter end of the sixteenth

“Delle famiglie nobili Napolitane,” Ammirato, Scipio historian

Born: Andrada, Anthony was born about 1580

“In Hippocratis librum de vulneribus capitis commentarius brevis, ex ejus lectionibus collectus,” Arantius, Julius Cæesar anatomist

“Constitutionum Provincial! um Ecclesiae Tarraconensis, lib. V.” Augustin, Anthony archbishop

“De Fide ejusque ortu et natura plana et dilucida explicatio,” Baro, Peter divine

Born: Basnage, Benjamin the first of a family of French Calvinists

“A dissertation on the Republic of the Hebrews,” Bertram, Cornelius Bonaventure minister

“Adversus G. Buchanani Dialogum de Jure Ilegni apud Scotos, pro regibus apologia,” Blackwood, Adam professor of civil law at Poictiers

Died: Bodley, Sir Thomas that illustrious benefactor to literature

“A Reply to William Fulk (his ablest antagonist), in defence of Dr. Allen (Alan’s) articles, and book of purgatory,” Bristow, Richard queen

“Mystical and prophetical explication of Leviticus.” Brocardus, James a man of a visionary turn

“Abridgment of Calvin’s Institutions,” Bunney, Edmund descended from an ancient family in Yorkshire

Born: Byam, Henry a learned preacher and loyalist in the seventeenth century

Born: Cameron, John one of the most famous divines of the seventeenth century

Born: Cavedone, Jacob artist

Born: Caussin, Nicholas Jesuit

“Worthiness of Wales,” Churchyard, Thomas poet

Born: Cluverius, Philip a celebrated geographer

Died: Cooke, Elizabeth third daughter of sir Anthony Cooke

Born: Digby, John earl of Bristol

“Couiin. in Catullum, Tibullum, et Horatium,” Dousa, Janus a very learned man

Born: Duck, Arthur an English civilian

“Epistola de Astrologia Divinatrice,” Erastus, Thomas physician

“De Pinguedinis in Anhnalibus Generatione et Concretione,” Erastus, Thomas physician

Born: Fabrot, Charles Annibal lawyer

“Concilium Matrimoniale,” Fichard, John lawyer

“Compendio dei Secreti Naturali,” Fioravanti, Leonard physician

“Lives of the most eminent Lawyers,” Forster, John divine

Born: Fouquirres, James painter

Born: Franck commonly called Young Francks

“A retentive against the motives of Richard Bristow; also a discovery of the dangerous rock of the popish church,” Fulke, William divine

“Pomeiidianae sessiones in quibus Latin Linguse dignitas defenditur,” Germon, Anastasius lawyer

Born: Godefroi, Theodore was born July 17

“Alvearie” Golding, Arthur a man of some poetical turn

“Vita et res gestae Augusti Cassaris,” Goltzius, Hubert antiquary

Died: Gomez De Castro, Alvarez was born at St Eulalia

“Play confuted in five several actions,” Gosson, Stephen divine

Born: Herbert, William earl of Pembroke (?–1630)

Born: Higford, William writer

Born: Hoe, Matthias De Hoenegg of a noble family at Vienna

“Comfortable Expositions on the 23d, 2d, 73d, and 77th Psalms,” Hooper, John prelate

Born: Justel, Christopher counsellor and secretary to the French king

“A Godly Advice touching Marriage,” Kingsmill, Andrew one of the earliest puritan divines

Born: Knott, Edward Jesuit

“Euphues and his England,” Lilly, John writer

Born: Lugo, Francis was born at Madrid in 1580

Born: Mariales, Xantes Dominican

“Controversial Theses,” Marnix, Philip De seigneur du Mont

Born: Maussac, Philip James a counsellor in the parliament of Toulouse

“Approved medicines and cordial precepts, with the nature and symptoms,” Newton, Thomas poet

“The treasure of the Orthodox Faith,” Nicetas, Achominates historian

“Corpus Juris Civilis,” Pacius, Juuus lawyer

“Consuetudines Feudorum,” Pacius, Juuus lawyer

Died: Palladio, Andrew architect

Born: Peiresc, Nicolas Claude Fabri De a very learned Frenchman

Died: Pulmannus, Theodore properly Poelman

Born: Putschius, Elias born at Antwerp

Born: Roe, Sir Thomas statesman

Died: Sanders, Nicholas writer

Born: Severinus, Marcus Aurelius physician

Died: Surita, Jerome historian

Born: Taylor, John usually called the Water- Poet

Born: Usher, James prelate


“A treatise on, Grammar,” Aaron-Hariscon a celebrated Jewish rabbi (12601320)

Died: Alamanni, Luigi poet (14751556)

“An apology and true declaration of the institution and endeavours of the two English colleges, the one in Home, the other now resident in Rheims, against certain sinister insinuations given up against the same,” Alan, William cardinal

“Dialogue et Devis des Damoiselles, pour les rendre vertueuses et bienheureuses en la vraye et parfaicte amitie.” Amboise, Francis D' lived in the latter end of the sixteenth

“Seleetae Quaestiones omnium praestantissimorum Jurisconsultorum in tres tomos digestae,” Ancharanus, Peter an eminent civilian of the fourteenth century

Born: Badolocchi, Sisto painter

“In regulam D. Benedicti, dialogi viginti sex catalogus et series abbatum Externacensium” Bertel, John in Latin Bertelius

Died: Billi, James De was born at Guise in Picardy

“Premieres oeuvres poetiques” Birague, Flaminio De one of the king of France’s gentlemen of the household

“A defence of the old and true profession of Christianitie against the new counterfeite sect of Jesuites, by Peter Boquine, translated by T. G.” Boquine, Peter divine

Died: Bristow, Richard queen

Died: Cæsar, Julius a learned civilian

“Rationes decem oblati certaminis in causa fidei, redditse academicis Angliae,” Campian, Edmund writer

“Nine Articles directed to the lords of the privy-council,” Campian, Edmund writer

Died: Chauncy, Maurice whose name we find sometimes spelt Chamney

Died: Ciaconius, Peter critic

“Brief Discourse concerning those four usual notes whereby Christ’s Catholic Church is known,” Crowley, Robert divine

“Consilia,” Decius, Philip a jurist

Born: Digby, Sir Everard an English gentleman

“Dialogues upon Ancient and Modern Music,” Dionysius musician

Born: Domenichino artist

Born: Drexelius, Jeremiah Jesuit

“Com ids Montani, Vicentini, novi Medicorum censoris, quinque Librorum de Morbis nuper Editorum viva Anatome,” Erastus, Thomas physician

Died: Fevre, Nicolas Le a very ingenious

Died: Fichard, John lawyer

Died: Foglieta, Hubert a learned Genoese

Born: Freitag, John physician

“Sarmatiae European Descriptio,” Guagnini, Alexander a native of Verona

Born: Gunter, Edmund mathematician

Died: Habington, William poet

Born: Hayne, Thomas a learned schoolmaster

Born: Helvicus, Christopher professor of the Greek and eastern languages

Born: Herbert, Edward lord Herbert

Born: Hooft, Peter Cornelius Van historian

“Twelve Lectures on the Creed,” Hooper, John prelate

“Confession of the Christian Faith, containing 100 articles,” Hooper, John prelate

“Speculum Astrologiae,” Junctin, Francis in Italian Giuntino

“Eirenarcha, or the Office of the Justices of Peace, in four books,” Lambarde, William antiquary

Born: Lanfranco, Giovanni painter

Died: Languet, Hubert a native of France

“Euphues, the Anatomy of Wit,” Lilly, John writer

Born: Malapert, Charles mathematician

Born: Mambrun, Peter Jesuit

“Concio apologetica contra Campianum,” Matthew, Tobias prelate

Born: Meziriac, Claude Caspar Bachet, Sieur De scholar

“Admonitio ad Jacobum Peletarium de angulo contactus,” Monantheuil, Henry De writer

“Positions, wherein those primitive circumstances be examined which are necessarie for the training up of children, either for skill in theire book, or health in their bodie,” Mulcaster, Richard an eminent school -master

Died: Neander, Michael one of the most learned men of the sixteenth century

“Gnomonologia Latina ex omnibus Latinis vetustis ac probatis autoribus, recentioribus etiam aliquot, in locos communes digesta,” Neander, Michael one of the most learned men of the sixteenth century

“Commentary on the two Epistles general of St. Simon and St. Jude,” Newton, Thomas poet

“Touchstone of Complexions,” Newton, Thomas poet

“The third tragedy of L. An. Seneca, entitled Thebais,” Newton, Thomas poet

Born: North, Dudley, Third Lord who appears to be the first of this family entitled to notice in a work of this description

Died: Ossat, Arnaud D' cardinal

Born: Overbury, Sir Thomas an accomplished English gentleman

Died: Portus, Francis a learnedwriter of the sixteenth century

Died: Postel, William a very ingenious but visionary man

“Descriptio Historian Ecclesiae, sive popult Dei, Politiae ejusdem, & rerum praecipuarum quae in illopopulo acciderum, Graeco carmine, cum versione Latina e regione textus Graeci,” Rhodoman, Laurence a learned German

Died: Shirley, Anthony traveller

“Valour anatomized in a fancie,” Sidney, Philip a very accomplished English gentleman (?–1586)

Born: Verger De Haurane, John Du abbot of St

Born: Walker, George divine

Born: Webbe, George prelate

Died: Wechel, Andrew was likewise a very able printer

Died: Wilson, Thomas divine


“De Conciliis universalibus, ac de his quce ad reiigionis et reipublicie Christ, reformationem instituenda videutur,” Alava Esquivel, Diego De bishop

“Scriptores varii de Russorum religione,” Albinus, Peter historian

Died: Alvarez, Emanuel a celebrated Portuguese grammarian

“De Secretis,” Amontons, William an ingenious French mechanic

“De natura Daemonum,” Anania, John Lorenzo D' a native of Taverna in Calabria

Died: Andrada, Thomas D' another brother to Diego

“Treatise on Concord,” Andreas, James divine

“Livre d' Architecture auquel sont contenues diverses ordonnances de plans et elevations de Batiments pour seigneurs et autres qui voudront batir aux champs,” Androuet-Du-Cerceau, James architect (15111584)

Born: Arrighetti, Philip a native of Florence

“Canones Penitentiales,” Augustin, Anthony archbishop

Born: Bainbridge, John physician

“Commentaria in mechanica Aristotelis,” Baldi, Bernard born at Urbino in the year 1553

“Ballet Comique de la Heine, fait aux Noces de M. le due de Joyeuse et de Mademoiselle de Vaudemont,” Balthazarini, Surnamed Beaujoyeux musician

Born: Barclay, John was born at Pontamousson

“BartholomaBus de proprietatibus rerum,” Batman, Stephen ranked among the old English poets of the sixteenth century

Died: Bauhin, John the first of a family of men of learning and fame

Born: Beaumont, Sir John poet

“Declaration du droit de légitime Succession sur le royaume de Portugal apartenant a la reine mere du roi très Christien,” Belloi, Peter advocate general of the parliament of Toulouse

“Panégyric ou Remonstrance pour les Sénéchal, Juges mage et criminel de Tolose, contre les Notaires et Sécrétaires du Roi de la dite Ville,” Belloi, Peter advocate general of the parliament of Toulouse

Died: Benavidio, Mark in Latin Marcus Mantua Benavidius

Born: Bernegger, Matthias who was born Feb. 8

Born: Bertie, Robert earl of Lindsey

Born: Bettini, Mario Jesuit

“A Mathematical Jewel, shewing the making and most excellent use of an instrument so called: the use of which jewel is so abundant, that it leadeth the direct path-way through the whole art of astronomy, cosmography, geography,” Blagrave, John mathematician

Died: Boquine, Peter divine

“De Vita conservanda,” Bottoni, Albertino physician

“De Jure Regni apud Scotos;” Buchanan, George historian

Born: Bulkley, Peter divine

“Itinera Constantinopolitanum et Amasianum” Busbequius, Augher Ghislen was the natural son of the lord of Bnsbec

Born: Calvert, George descended from the ancient and noble house of Calvert

Born: Camus, John Peter prelate

“Gli Straccioni,” Caro, Hannibal poet (?–1566)

Born: Corbet, Richard prelate

“Martyrium Edmundi Campiani, societatis Jesu,” Estius, William divine

Born: Featley, Daniel divine

Born: Fiennes, William lord Say and Sele

“Commentarius de flatibus humanum corpus infestantibus,” Fienus, Thomas physician

“Delia Fisica, divisa in libri qnattro,” Fioravanti, Leonard physician

“The Battel between the Virtues and Vices,” Fleming, Abraham writer

“Lives of the Saints of Milan,” Galesini, Peter of Milan

Born: Gerhard, John divine

Died: Holyoake, Francis a learned Englishman

“Operum Latinorum Tomus primus et secundus.” Joubert, Laurent physician

Born: Juxon, William prelate

“The Duties of Constables,” Lambarde, William antiquary

Died: Martin, Gregory writer

Born: Maynard, Francis poet

Born: Menard, Claude antiquary

“De Morbis Muliebribus Praelectiones,” Mercurialis, Jerome physician

“Being employed by virtue of his place, to advance the queen’s treasure, he did it industriously, faithfully, and conscionably, without wronging the subject; being very tender of their privileges, insomuch that he once complained in parliament, that many subsidies were granted, and no grievances redressed; which words being represented with disadvantage to the queen, made her to disaffect him, setting in a court-cloud, but in the sunshine of his country, and a clear conscience.” Mildmay, Sir Walter statesman

“Epistolae quinque Medicinales, ab eodem Auctore conscript,” Moufet, Thomas naturalist

“Joannis Vollandi de re Poetica Graecorum libri quatuor, e noutionibus et bibliotheca Mich. Neandri collecti,” Neander, Michael one of the most learned men of the sixteenth century

“De imagiriibus Sacris, et Profanis,” Paleotti, Gabriel cardinal

“De persecutione Anglicana epistola,” Parsons, Robert in both which ways he wrote his name

Died: Pelletier, Jaques physician

“Scriptores Rerum Polonicarum,” Pistorius, John divine

Born: Puy, Peter Du historian

Died: Schiavoni, Andrea named Medula

Died: Scultetus, Abraham divine

“Fruit of Faith, contain* ing all the prayers of the patriarchs, &c. in the Old and New Testament,” Taverner, Richard a pious layman of the reigns of Henry VIII

Born: Teniers, David painter

Born: Tronchin, Theodore the first of a considerable family of learned men in Geneva and France

Born: Vicars, John an extraordinary enthusiast in the seventeenth century

Born: Vouet, Simon painter

“Heptameron of civil discourses,” Whetstone, George is an author of whom very little is known

Born: Williams, John prelate (?–1650)


“De ortu et causis Subterraneorum” Agricola, George physician

“A true, sincere, and modest defence of English Catholics,” Alan, William cardinal

“Historia plerarumque humani corporis partium membratim scripta,” Alberti, Solomon the pupil of Jerome Fabricius at Padua

Born: Alemanni, Nicholas antiquary

Born: Alting, Henry divine

“Opuscoli varii,” Ammirato, Scipio historian

“Paris, 1555, 4to. 2.” Audebert, Germain president in the election

Born: Becan, Martin Jesuit

Died: Belleforest, Francis De a French historical compiler

“Paris, 1583, 8vo. 4.” Belloi, Peter advocate general of the parliament of Toulouse

“Apprehensions spirituelles,” Beroalde De Verville, Francis was born at Paris

“L‘Enfer de la mere Cardine, traitant de l’horrible bataille qui fut aux enfefs, aux noces du portier Cerberus et de Cardine,” Birague, Flaminio De one of the king of France’s gentlemen of the household

Born: Borcht, Henry Vander, painter

“De curatione per sanguinis missione, de incidendae venae, cutis scarificandae, et hirudinum arrigendarum modo,” Botallus, Leonard physician

“Fruitful treatise against the Feare of Death,” Bradford, John queen

“Concertatio Ecclesiae Catholicse in Anglia,” Bridgewater, John rector of Lincoln college

“De formulis et solemnibus populi Romani verbis,” Brisson, Barnaby president of the parliament of Paris

“De recta et necessaria Ratione preservandi a Pestis Contagione,” Camerarius, Joachim was born at Nuremberg

“In Diogenem Laertium Notae Isaaci Hortiboni,” Casaubon, Isaac critic

“The Execution of Justice in England, for maintenance of public and Christian peace, against certain stirrers of sedition, and adherents to the traitors and enemies of the realm, without any persecution of them for questions of religion, as it is falsely reported, &c.” Cecil, William lord Burleigh

“Harmonia Evangeliorum,” Chemnitz, Martin divine

“The Folly of the World,” Chesne, Joseph Du called also Quercetanus

“Life of Sannazarius,” Crispus, John Baptist divine

“A Book of Epitaphs, made upon the death of the right worshipful sir William Buttes, knt.” Dallington, Sir Robert as Fuller informs us

Born: Dickson, David divine

Born: Digges, Sir Dudley eldest son of Thomas Digges

“Libri tres Prascidaneorum in Petronium Arbitrmn,” Dousa, Janus a very learned man

“Rariorum aliquot Stirpium per' Pannoniam, Austrian!, et vicinas quasdam Provincias observatarum Historia,” Ecluse, Charles in Latin Clusius

Died: Enghelrams, Cornelius artist

Born: Episcopius, Simon a man of very uncommon parts and learning

Died: Erastus, Thomas physician

“Traitc de la Noblesse, traduit de Tltalien de Jean-Baptiste Nenna,” Fevre, Guy De Sieur De La Boderie Or Giudo Fabricius Boderianus

Born: Fevret, Charles an eminent French civilian

Died: Freigius, John Thomas a German (15431583)

“A defence of the translation of the Holy Scriptures in English,” Fulke, William divine

Born: Gibbons, Orlando composer

Died: Goltzius, Hubert antiquary

Died: Gomar, Francis one of the great opponents of Arminius

Born: Goodman, Godfrey prelate

Died: Grazzini, Antony Francis poet

Died: Grindal, Edmund archbishop

Born: Grotius, Hugo one of the most eminent names in literary history

Died: Harpsfeld, Nicholas was born in London

“A Defensative against the poison of supposed Prophecies,” Howard, Henry earl of Northampton

“Methodus curandi pestiferum contagium,” Ingrassias, Jon Philip physician

Born: Ley, John a voluminous polemic in the seventeenth century

Born: Lugo, John cardinal

Born: Matthieu, Peter historian

“De Morbis puerorum Tractatus locupletissimi,” Mercurialis, Jerome physician

“De optimo imperio, sive in Librum Josue commentarius,” Montanus, Benedict Arias a very learned Spaniard

Born: Morin, John Baptist physician

“A True Report of the disputation or rather private conference had in the Tower of London, with Ed. Campion Jesuite, &c.” Nowell, Alexander divine (?–1602)

“Anmice Litterae Societatis Jesu,” Orlandini, Nicholas Jesuit

Died: Pareus, David divine

“A Defence of the Censure given upon his two Books, &c.” Parsons, Robert in both which ways he wrote his name

“A Christian Directory,” Parsons, Robert in both which ways he wrote his name

Born: Petau, Denis was born at Orleans Aug. 21

“De Corporis humani structura et usu Libri tres,” Plater, Felix physician

“Les Plaisirsdu Gentilhomme Champetre,” Rapin, Nicholas poet

Died: Ratcliffe, Thomas of Sussex

Born: Raynaud, Theophilus Jesuit

Born: Renaudot, Theofhrastus physician

“Opus de Emendatione Temporum,” Scaliger, Joseph Justus and heir to his talents and temper

“DelP Anima d'Aristotele,” Segni, Bernard writer

Died: Smeton, Thomas divine

Born: Spondanus, John a man of uncommon abilities and learning

“The four first books of Virgil’s Æneis, in English Hexameters,” Stanyhurst, Richard historian

Died: Ursinus, Zachary one of the most celebrated Protestant divines of the 16th century

Born: Verneuil, John a French refugee

Born: Whately, William divine

“The remembrance of the life and death of Thomas, late earl of Sussex,” Whetstone, George is an author of whom very little is known


“Dialogo sopra la generatione de Venti, &c.” Agrippa, Camille architect

“De Cardinalibus, et de douatione Constantini,” Albani, John Jerome born in 1504

“Les Neapolitaines,” Amboise, Francis D' lived in the latter end of the sixteenth

“Sententia quod Metaphygica sit eadem que Physica,” Angelucci, Theodore in Latin Angelutius

“Dele 1 Educazione Cristiana de Figliuoli libri tre,” Antoniano, Silvio a man of great learning

“De Commissariis,” Arena, James De writer

“Rime, con un breve discorso dell' epica poesia,” Attendolo, John Baptist writer

“Bapt. Mantuanus’s treatise on Death,” Bale, John in Latin Baleus or Balæus

“A Catechism or Confession of Faith,” Balnaves, Henry one of the promoters of the reformation in Scotland

Born: Barlæus, Gaspard poet

“An introduction to the art of Music,” Bathe, William Jesuit

“Collectanea super jus Csesareum,” Benavidio, Mark in Latin Marcus Mantua Benavidius

Born: Berkeley, Sir Robert one of the justices of the king’s bench in the time of Charles I. was born in 1584

Born: Bonifacio, Balthasar lawyer

“Discovsi di M. Vincenzo Borghini,” Borghini, Vincent was born at Florence in 1515 of a noble family

“Riposo della Pittura, e della Scukura,” Borghini, Vincent was born at Florence in 1515 of a noble family

Died: Brill, Matthew artist

Died: Bucholtzer, Abraham usually ranked among the German reformers

“Sceptre of Judah,” Bunney, Edmund descended from an ancient family in Yorkshire

“Summa veterum interpretum in universam dialecticam Aristotelis,” Case, John philosopher

“Galatea,” Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel De the author of Don Quixote

“De recta adolescentulorum institutione,” Ceruti, Frederick philologist

Born: Crinesius, Christopher a learned Bohemian

“Turco-Graecias libri octo, utraque lingua edita. Quibus Graecorum status sub imperio Turcico, in politia et ecclesia, ceconomia et scholis, jam hide ab amissa Constantinopoli, ad haec usque tempora, luculenter describitur,” Crusius, Martin antiquary

“Acta et Scripta Theologorum Wirtembergensium, et Patriarchs Constantinopolitani D. Hieremiae quas utrique ab anno 1576 usque ad annum 1581 de Augustana Confessione inter se miserunt,” Crusius, Martin antiquary

Died: Day, John a very eminent English printer in the sixteenth century

“Delia Retorica,” Denores, Jason was born at Nicosia

“Three godly and learned Sermons, very necessary to be read and regarded of all men,” Drant, Thomas divine

“Rhetoricae libri quatuor,” Dresserus, Matthew a learned German

Born: Eremita, Daniel a native of Antwerp

“Opera genuina omnia, tarn Practica, quam Theoretica, in tres tomos distributa.” Fallopius, Gabriel physician and anatomist

“Theses de variis fidei eontroversiis,” Faunt, Arthur Jesuit

“Doctrina catholica de Sanctorum Invocatione, &c.” Faunt, Arthur Jesuit

Died: Faur, Guy De lord of Pibrac

Born: Fletcher, Giles bishop

Died: Fugger, Huldric an eminent benefactor to literature

“A. brief and plain declaration, containing the desires of all those faithful ministers who seek discipline and reformation of the church of England, which may serve as a just apology against the false accusations and slanders of their adversaries,” Fulke, William divine

“Hasfurtus de cognosceudis et medeudis morbis ex corporum coelestium positione, cui argumenta et explicationem inscripsit,” Gallucci, John Paul a learned Italian astronomer

“Epic Paraphrases of twenty-five of David’s Psalms,” Gentilis, Scipio brother of Alberic Gentilis

“La guerra di Mostri, Poema giocoso,” Grazzini, Antony Francis poet

“Myrrour of Modestie,” Greene, Robert poet

“The Myrrour of Modestie,” Greene, Robert poet

Born: Gregory Of St. Vincent a Flemish geometrician

“Rerum Polonicarum Tomi Tres,” Guagnini, Alexander a native of Verona

Born: Hales, John critic

Born: Hals, Francis painter

Died: Hervet, Gentian a learned Frenchman

Born: Inchofer, Melchior a learned German

“Alarm against the Usurers, containing tried experiences against worldly abuses,” Lodge, Thomas, M. D. poet

Died: Martin, Thomas an eminent civilian

Born: Massinger, Philip writer

“De Venenis et Morbis venenosis,” Mercurialis, Jerome physician

Born: Nichols, Richard whom Mr

“Aristotelis Organum, hoc est libri omnes ad logicam pertimntes, Gr. et Lat.” Pacius, Juuus lawyer

“Harmony of the Gospels,” Pagit divine

“The Arraignment of Paris,” Peele, George poet

“De praecipuis divinationum generibus,” Peucer, Gaspard mathematician

Died: Plowden, Edmund lawyer

“Caradoc’s History of Cambria, with annotations,” Powell, David divine

Born: Pym, John a noted republican in the time of Charles I. was descended of a good family in Somersetshire

Born: Quistorp, John divine

Born: Saavedra-Faxardo, Diego De writer

“Aristotelis Hist. Animalium liber decimus, ac versione et commentario,” Scaliger, Juuus Caesar critic

“Animadversiones in Theophrasti historias plantarum,” Scaliger, Juuus Caesar critic

“A perfect platform of a Hop-garden,” Scot, Reynolde a learned English gentleman

Born: Selden, John one of the most learned men of the seventeenth century

“De rebus in Hibernia gestis, lib, iv.” Stanyhurst, Richard historian

Born: Walstein, Albert duke of Fridland (?–1634)

Born: Young, Patrick scholar

Born: Zacchias, Paul physician


“Ars muniendorum oppidorum,” Acontius, James divine

Died: Aersens, Peter called by the Italians PietroLongo

“Dialogo del modo di mettere in Battaglia,” Agrippa, Camille architect

“Tres Orationes,” Alberti, Solomon the pupil of Jerome Fabricius at Padua

“Poemata varia, diligenter ab ipso recognita,” Angelio, Peter poet

“Exercitationum cum Patricio liber,” Angelucci, Theodore in Latin Angelutius

“Le Retranchemens,” Aubert, William sieur de Massouignes

“Partenope,” Audebert, Germain president in the election

Born: Ball, John divine

“Itinerarium Cambriae,” Barry, Girald usually called Giraldus Cambren­sis

Born: Bartholine, Caspar physician

“Apologie Catholique conti'e les libelles, &c. publiées par les Liguez,” Belloi, Peter advocate general of the parliament of Toulouse

“Falco emissus ad capiendum, deplumandum et dilacerandum audaciorem ilium cuculum ubjquitarium, qui nuper ex Jac. Andreae, mali corvi, male ovo, ab Holdero simplicissima curruca exclusus, eta demoniaco Bavio Fescenio varii coloris plumis instructus, impetum in philomelas innocentes facere ceperat,” Beumler, Mark a learned minister of the reformed church

“Observationes sacrse,” Billi, James De was born at Guise in Picardy

Died: Bird, William composer

“De morbis muliebribus,” Bottoni, Albertino physician

Died: Caldwall, Richard physician

“Speculum moralium questionum in universam ethicam Aristotelis,” Case, John philosopher

“Sermons on Ecclesiastes,” Corranus, Anthony the son of Ant

Died: Craton, John physician

Born: Crayer, Gaspar De artist

“Le Rime,” Crispus, John Baptist divine

Born: Dodsworth, Roger antiquary

Died: Erizzo, Sebastian writer

“Jeroboam rebellens,” Fabricius, Andrew divine

Died: Ferrier, Armand lawyer

“Auctores Latinae Linguae,” Festus, Pompeius was a celebrated grammarian of antiquity

Died: Fienus, Thomas physician

“Commentary on the Psalms” Folengio, John Baptist was born at Mantua in 1490

Born: Forbes, William bishop

Born: Garasse, Francis Jesuit

“Tasso’s Jerusalem,” Gentilis, Scipio brother of Alberic Gentilis

“Planetomachia,” Greene, Robert poet

“A Chronography,” Hanmer, Meredith divine

Died: Jamyn, Amadis poet

“Conference between a learned godly Christian, and an afflicted Conscience,” Kingsmill, Andrew one of the earliest puritan divines

Born: Kotter, Christopher born in 1585

“Pythagoras’s Golden Verses,” Marcilius, Theodora critic

“De Decoratione liber,” Mercurialis, Jerome physician

“Oratio pro suo in Regiam cathedram ritu,” Monantheuil, Henry De writer

Died: Muretus, Marc Anthony critic

Born: Mydorge, Claude mathematician

Born: Patrix, Peter poet

“Exposition on Nehemiah” Pilkington, James prelate

Died: Porcacchi, Thomas a learned Italian of the sixteenth century

“Pontici Virunnii Historia Britannica,” Powell, David divine

Born: Richelieu, Armand Du Plessis cardinal

Died: Ronsard, Peter De poet

“Antiquitatum Romanarum libri decem,” Rosinus, John in German Roszfelit

“De schismate Anglicano,” Rushton, Edward writer

Died: Sigonius, Charles a learned Italian

Died: Tallis, Thomas one of the greatest musicians of this country

Born: Turner, Peter son to the preceding Dr

Born: Vanini writer

Born: Vaugelas, Claude Favre De writer

Died: Victorius, Peter scholar

Born: Warner, John prelate

Born: Wren, Matthew bishop


Born: Adams, Sir Thomas citizen and lord mayor of London

“Semestria,” Alexander Ab Alexandro lawyer

Born: Allatius, Leo keeper of the Vatican library

“Theatrum nmlierum,” Amman, Jost painter and engraver

Born: Andreas, John Valentine grandson

“Ospitale de pazzi,” Angelucci, Theodore in Latin Angelutius

“Ratio Studiorum,” Aquaviva, Claudius son to John Jerome

Born: Aromatari, Joseph physician

“Arte del Contrappunto ridotta in tavole,” Artusi, Giomaria critic

Died: Aubert, James physician

Died: Augustin, Anthony archbishop

Died: Azpilcueta, Martin De commonly called Navarre

“De Venenis et Antidotis Prolegomena,” Bacci, Andrew physician

Born: Bargrave, Isaac dean

“De prsestantia &. dignitate divinse Legis, lib. 2,” Baro, Peter divine

“Marty rologium Romanum restitutum,” Baronius, Cæsar writer

Born: Beaumont, Francis third son of Francis

Born: Calixtus, George divine

“Britannia” Camden, William one of the most eminent English antiquaries

Born: Capel, Richard son of Christopher Capel

“The Praise of Music, &c.” Case, John philosopher

“De necessaria Theologian Scholasticse correctione,” Cheffontaines, Christopher in Latin

Died: Chemnitz, Martin divine

Born: Courcelles, Stephen De descended from a family in Picardy

Born: Cunæus, Peter lawyer

Born: Curtius, Cornelius a native of Brussels

“Odarum Britannicarum liber, ad Elizabetham reginam, et Jani Dousae filii Britannicorum carminum silva,” Dousa, Janus a very learned man

“Coenae Lutherana? et Calvinistee oppu<rnatio,” Faunt, Arthur Jesuit

“The Diamant of Devotion, in six parts,” Fleming, Abraham writer

“Auctones Linguae Latinaj,” Fulgentius Planciades, Fabius who is sometimes confounded with the preceding St

Died: Gambara, Lorenzo poet

“Le Bureau du Concile deTrente,” Gentillet, Innocent lawyer

“Epitome Matthioli,” Gesner, Conrad scholar

Died: Gregory Xiii. the principal event in whose life is the reformation he introduced in the Roman calendar

Born: Guild, William divine

Born: Hooker, Thomas divine

Born: Jameson, George artist

“Notes on the Books of Proverbs, Ecclesiasticus, the Canticles, and the Book of Wisdom,” Jansenius, Cornelius prelate (?–1576)

Born: Jenkins, David lawyer

Born: Magni, Valerian a celebrated Capuchin

Died: Maitland, Sir Richard a cultivator and preserver of Scotch poetry

Born: Mede, Joseph divine

“Christian friendship, with an invective against dice-play and other profane games,” Newton, Thomas poet

Died: Perrenot, Anthony was born 1517

Born: Polemberg, Cornelius painter

Born: Ralegh, Walter divine

Born: Reves, James De divine

Died: Rushton, Edward writer

Born: Sanderus, Anthony antiquary

Died: Sansovino, Francis historian

Died: Truberus, Primus celebrated for his learned translations

“The English mirror, wherein all estates may behold the conquest of error,” Whetstone, George is an author of whom very little is known

“Funeral Sermon on sir Henry Sidney,” White, Thomas founder of Sion college (1546–?)


“Repetitiones in C. Canonum Statuta, de Constit.” Ancharanus, Peter an eminent civilian of the fourteenth century

“Il Satiro Favola Pastorale,” Avantio, John Maria lawyer

“Semeiotica, sive ratio dignoscendarum sediura male affectarum, et affectuum preter naturam,” Aubert, James physician

“De emendatione Gratiani Dialogorum,” Augustin, Anthony archbishop

Born: Automne, Bernard advocate of the parliament of Bourdeaux

Born: Barthius, Caspar writer

Died: Batman, Stephen ranked among the old English poets of the sixteenth century

“Notes to Leland’s Assertio Arthuri, translated by Rich. Robinson,” Batman, Stephen ranked among the old English poets of the sixteenth century

“Observations,” Cagnati, Marsilius of Verona

“Novurn Testamentum. Grace urn,” Casaubon, Isaac critic

“De arte natandi, libri duo,” Digby, Sir Everard an English gentleman

“Plautinae Explicationes,” Dousa, Janus a very learned man

Born: Drabicius, Nicholas a celebrated enthusiast

“Isagoge Historica,” Dresserus, Matthew a learned German

Died: Fox, John divine

“The Lamentations of Amituas for the death of Phillis, in English hexameters,” Fraunce, Abraham an English versifier in queert Elizabeth’s time

“Christian Ethics,” Fulbeck, William writer

“Commentary on the Pentateuch,” Galesini, Peter of Milan

Born: Garissoles, Anthony divine

Born: Gaulmin, Gilbert a French minor author

Born: Godwin, Dr. Thomas writer

Died: Gosselini, Julian poet

“The School of Abuse,” Gosson, Stephen divine

“Euphues’s censure to Pbilautus,” Greene, Robert poet

“Arcadia or Menaphon, Camillae’s alarm to slumbering Euphues,” Greene, Robert poet

Born: Guilandinus, Melchior botanist

“De Templis: hoc est, de origine, progressu, usu, & abusu Templorum, ac omnino rerum omnium ad Templa pertinentium,” Hospinian, Ralph writer

Born: Johnston, Arthur was born at Caskieben

Born: Jungius, Joachim mathematician

Born: Kynaston, Francis poet

Born: Menard, Nicholas Hugues writer

“Consultationes et Responsa Medicinalia.” Mercurialis, Jerome physician

Born: Muis, Simeon De Hebrew professor of the Royal College of France

“Herbal to the Bible,” Newton, Thomas poet

“Discours Politiques,” Noue, Francis De La surnamed Bras de Fer

Born: Osius, Felix orator

Died: Pamelius, James a learned Fleming

“Nova Geometria,” Patrizi, Francis philosopher

Born: Paulmier De Grentesmenil, James Le more commonly known to the learned by his Latinized name 1Dupin

“Artis cabalisticae Scriptores,” Pistorius, John divine

Born: Preston, John divine

Died: Quinquarboreus or

“Elogia carmine elegiaco in imagines 50 doctorum virorum,” Raphelengius, Francis writer

Born: Reinesius, Thomas a learned and philosophic German

“An Exhortation to true love, loyalty, and fidelity to her majesty,” Renniger, Michael or

Died: Sadler, Sir Ralph statesman

“Minerva, de causis linguae Latinse,” Sanchez, Francis scholar

Born: Sanderson, Dr. Robert

Born: Slater, William divine

“De vita S. Patricii, Hiberniae Apostoli, lib. ii.” Stanyhurst, Richard historian

“Vers Chretiens au comte du Bouchage,” Stephanus, Robert the third of that name

“Epistola ad Hieronymum Merculiarem de naribus, multo ante abscissis> reficiendis,” Taliacotius, Gaspar professor of medicine and anatomy in the university of Bologna

“Art of Logicke,” Udal, Nicholas an eminent schoolmaster of the sixteenth century

“The Summe of the Christian Religion,” Ursinus, Zachary one of the most celebrated Protestant divines of the 16th century

Born: Vondel, Justus poet

Died: Wigand, John divine


“De Promulgatione Evangelii apud Barbaros,” Acosta, Joseph D' a celebrated Spanish author

Died: Adrichomius, Christian a geographer of considerable note

“Mirtilla, favola pastorale,” Andreini, Isabella was born at Padua in 1562

“Fistula in Ano” Ardern, John writer

Born: Balthasar, Christopher a man of great learning and merit

Born: Bastard, Thomas clergyman

Born: Bernard, Claude called Father Bernard

“A revision of the French Bible of Geneva, according to the Hebrew text,” Bertram, Cornelius Bonaventure minister

Died: Bienne, John in Latin Benenatus

“Martyre de Maria Stuart Reyne d'Escosse,” Blackwood, Adam professor of civil law at Poictiers

Born: Brathwaite, Richard whom Warton calls one of the minor pastoral poets of the reign of James I. was the second son of Thomas Brathwaite

Born: Bulstrode, Edward lawyer

“The Coronation of King David, &c.” Bunney, Edmund descended from an ancient family in Yorkshire

Died: Cagliari, Paul artist

“Hortus Medicus et Philosophicus, in quo piurimarum Stirpium breves Descriptiones, novae Icones non paucae, continentur,” Camerarius, Joachim was born at Nuremberg

Born: Carpenter, Nathaniel clergyman

“Sphaera civitatis, sive de politica,” Case, John philosopher

“Apologia musices, tarn vocalis, quam instrumentalis, et mixtae,” Case, John philosopher

Born: Chifflet, John James physician

Died: Crowley, Robert divine

Died: Daurat, John poet

“Poetica,” Denores, Jason was born at Nicosia

“De Jure sacro, vel principiorum Juris pontificii, libri tres,” Epo, Boetius lawyer

Died: Fioravanti, Leonard physician

“Cirurgia,” Fioravanti, Leonard physician

“GEconomia Hippocratis alphabet! serie distincta, in qua dictionum apud Hippocratem omnium, pra?­jsertim obscurionnn, usus explicatur, et velut ex amplissimo penu depromitur: ita ut Lexicon Hippocraticum merito dici possit,” Foesius, Anutius physician

“S. Didaci Complutensis Canonizatio,” Galesini, Peter of Milan

“Three Conspiracies,” Gosselini, Julian poet

Died: Go Urn Ay, Mary De Jars, Lady Of a French female wit

“Pandosto the Triumph of Time,” Greene, Robert poet

“Perimedes the blackesmith,” Greene, Robert poet

“The pleasant and delightful history of Dorastiis and Favvnia,” Greene, Robert poet

Died: Grenada, Lewis De Dominican

Died: Heshusius, Tillemannus a German pretestant theologian

Born: Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

“De Monachis: seu de origine & progressu monachatus & ordinum monasticorum,” Hospinian, Ralph writer

Born: Hugo, Herman Jesuit

Born: Libavius, Andrew physician

Born: Mersenne, Marin writer

“The Concordance of Grace and Free-will,” Molina, Lewis born of a noble family at Cuenca

“Elucidationes in omnia S. S. apostolorum scripta, &c.” Montanus, Benedict Arias a very learned Spaniard

Born: Mothe Le Vayer, Francis De La writer

“Nosomantica Hippocratica, sive Hippocratis Prognostica cuncta, ex omnibus ipsius scriptis, methodice digesta, Libri ix.” Moufet, Thomas naturalist

“Loci communes Philosophic! Graeci,” Neander, Michael one of the most learned men of the sixteenth century

“Argonautica, Thebaica, Troica, Ilias parva; poematia Graeca anonymi (Laur. Rhodomani) primum edita cum argumentis a Mich. Neandro,” Neander, Michael one of the most learned men of the sixteenth century

“Sapientissimi Curopalatae de officialibus Palatii Constantinopolitani, et officiis magnae ecclesiae libellus, Or et Lat.” Pacius, Juuus lawyer

“A view of publicke Wants and Disorders in the service of God, in a Petition to the high court of Parliament,” Penry, John prelate

“An Exhortation to the Governors and People of Wales, to labour earnestly to have the preaching of the Gospel planted among them,” Penry, John prelate

Died: Pulzone, Scipio of Gaeta

Born: Rawley, William divine

Born: Reading, John divine

“An Instruccyon of Christen fayth, &c.” Regius, Urban a name he thought proper to change

Died: Sandys, Edwin prelate

Died: Speroni, Sperone scholar

Born: Turretin, Benedict the first of a celebrated family of protestant divines

“Paraphrasis in ArchimedisSquiponderantia,” Ubaldi, Guido mathematician

Died: Usher, James prelate

Died: Vasari, George artist

Born: Wadding, Luke an eminent Irish Roman catholic

Born: Wither, George a name well known among the readers of old English poetry

Born: Wormius, Olaus physician

Died: Zuinger, Theodore physician (1534–?)


“De admirabili Viperae natura, et de mirificis ejusdem facultatibus,” Abbatius, Baldus Angelus physician

Born: Abraham, Nicholas Jesuit

“De Natura Novi Orbis, libri duo,” Acosta, Joseph D' a celebrated Spanish author

Born: Æmilius, Anthony professor of history in the university of Utrecht

“On the Lamentations,” Agelius, Anthony a native of Sorrento

“De privatorum publicorumque urbis Romae eversoribus epistola,” Angelio, Peter poet

Born: Arnauld D'Andilli, Robert was born at Paris in 1589

“Urania, or heavenly muse,” Ashley, Robert a Wiltshire gentleman

“Compendious Chirurgery, gathered and translated especially out of Wecker,” Banister, John physician

“Antidotary chirurgical, containing variety of all sorts of medicines,” Banister, John physician

Born: Bignon, Jerome writer

“Confutatio virulentae disputationis Theologies, in qua Georgius Sohn, Prof. Acad. Heidelberg, conatus est docere, Pontificem Romanum esse Antichristum, &c.” Bridgewater, John rector of Lincoln college

Born: Carew, Thomas poet

Born: Clifford, Anne sole daughter and heir to George earl of Cumberland

Died: Cousin, John artist

“Differentia Ciceronis,” Craig, Nicholas Cragius

Died: Dudley, Ambrose son of John duke of Northumberland

Died: Eberus, Paul one of the early reformers

“Apologia Libri sui de Invocatione, &c. contra Danielem Tossanum,” Faunt, Arthur Jesuit

Born: Fetti, Domenico painter

Born: Fichet, Alexander a man of considerable learning

Died: Fulke, William divine

“Theatrum mundi et temporis,” Gallucci, John Paul a learned Italian astronomer

Died: Garzoni, Thomas writer

“Excommunication of the Ecclesiastics who assisted at divine service with Henry de Valois, after the assassination of cardinal de Guise,” Genebrard, Gilbert Benedictine

Born: Ghilini, Jerome writer

“The Spanish Masquerade,” Greene, Robert poet

Born: Higgs, Griffin descended from a considerable family in Gloucestershire

“Sermons,” James Di Vouagine Dominican

“Idea veri magistratus,” Jonas, Anagrimus a learned Icelander

Born: Junius, Francis was born at Heidelberg in 1589

“Pap with a Hatchet, alias a fig for my godson, &c.” Lilly, John writer

Born: Littleton, Dwaud lord keeper of the great seal of England in the reign of Charles I. was descended

“La Guisiade,” Matthieu, Peter historian

“Dissertation on the Obelisks of Rome,” Mercati, Michael naturalist

Died: Mildmay, Sir Walter statesman

“The Returne of the renowned cavaliero Pasquill of England,” Nash, Thomas poet

“Address to the two Universities,” Nash, Thomas poet

“Erotemata” Neander, Michael one of the most learned men of the sixteenth century

“Illustrium aliquot Anglorum encomia,” Newton, Thomas poet

Born: Osborne, Francis writer

“De non admittendis una in Republica diversorum Religionum exercitiis,” Pamelius, James a learned Fleming

“German Bible,” Pareus, David divine

Died: Plantin, Christopher an eminent printer

“A Dictionary, English and Latin, and Latin and English,” Rider, John prelate

Born: Riviere, La'Zarus an eminent French physicist

“Historical Dialoguetouchingantichristand popery,” Rogers, Thomas whom Wood styles “a most admirable theologist

Born: Rolle, Henry a learned and upright judge

Born: Rutgers, John critic

“Discourse concerning the forms and effects of divers Weapons, and other very important matters military; greatly mistaken by divers men of war in their days, and chiefly of the rnusquet, calyver, and long-bow, &c.” Smith, John traveller

“Of the cheefe Courts in England,” Smith, Sir Thomas statesman (?–1577)

Born: Spagnoletto, Joseph Ftibera so named in Italy

Born: Stenwyck, Henry the Young

Died: Sturmius, John the Cicero of Germany

“The Councellor; a Treatise of Councils and Councellors of Princes,” Thorie, John one of a family of that name

Born: Vane, Sir Henry statesman

“Varia Poemata de Sphaerarum online,” Vaughan, William poet

Born: Voetius, Gisbert divine

“Sermon at St. Paul’s Cross on the queen’s day (Nov. 17) 1589,” White, Thomas founder of Sion college (1546–?)

Born: Williams, Griffith bishop

Died: Zabarella, James born Sept. 5

Born: Zeiler, Martin an indefatigable German geographer