Events noted in 1600

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1590 1605


Born: Aitzema, Leo D' a gentleman of Frizeland

Publication: “Dicta de Lapide philosophico,” by Alanus De Insulis surnamed the Universal Doctor

Born: Alard, Lambert was born at Krempen in 1600

Died: Alberti, Solomon the pupil of Jerome Fabricius at Padua

Publication: “Caii, veteris jurisconsulti, institutionum fragmenta cum commentario,” by Aleander, Jerome called the younger

Born: Alesio, Matthew Perez D' born at Rome (?–1600)

Born: Alix, Peter writer

Died: Amalthei, Cornelius the youngest of the Amalthei

Publication: “Istorie Florentine dopo la fondatione di Fierenze insino all' anno 1574,” by Ammirato, Scipio historian

Died: Angelucci, Theodore in Latin Angelutius

Publication: “Chronicon, sive Annales Schireuses,” by Aventin, John author of the Annals ofBavaria

Publication: “Institutionum Moralium, tomi tres,” by Azorius, John Jesuit

Born: Bangius, Thomas doctor and professor of divinity in the university of Copenhagen

Died: Baro, Peter divine

Born: Benn, William clergyman

Born: Berthauld, Peter historian

Publication: “Opus fastorum antiquitatis Romanae,” by Beuther, Michael writer

Publication: “Chorographie, ou Description de la TerreSainte,” by Bignon, Jerome writer

Born: Birckbek, Simon divine

Born: Blanchard, James painter

Born: Bridge, William one of the most eminent nonconformists of the seventeenth century

Born: Brinsley, John divine

Publication: “Hist, chronologique da dernier siecle, e.” by Buffier, Claude a learned metaphysician

Born: Calamy, Edmund divine

Born: Caletti, Joseph called IL Cremonese

Born: Cano, Alfonso artist

Publication: “Delicia) Poetarum Italorum,” by Capilupi, Lelio of Mantua

Died: Case, John philosopher

Born: Cerquozzi, Michael Angelo painter

Died: Chytræus, David whose family name was Kochhafe

Born: Claude, Lorraine properly Claude Gele'I;

Publication: “Geneve Plagiaire,” by Cotton, Peter Jesuit

Born: Crisp, Tobias writer

Born: Crispus, Anthony divine

Publication: “Observations on the five first books of Caesar’s Commentaries of the civil wars,” by Edmondes, Clement son to sir Thomas Edmondes

Publication: “Observations on the sixth and seventh books of Caesar’s Commentaries,” by Edmondes, Clement son to sir Thomas Edmondes

Publication: “Histories memorabiles Genesis per Esteram Inglis Gallam,” by English, Hester a French woman by extraction

Publication: “Catechism,” by Fabricius, Andrew divine

Publication: “Periciihim Medicum, seu Juvenilium Faeturae priores,” by Fabricius, James physician

Publication: “De Visione, Voce, et Auditu,” by Fabricius, Jerome more generally known by the name of Hieronymus Fabricius Ab Aquapendente

Born: Faret, Nicholas poet

Publication: “A Treatise of Faith,” by Fisher, John Jesuit

Publication: “Rerum Germanic-arum scriptores,” by Freher, Marquard a German

Publication: “An historical collection of the continual factions, tumults, and massacres -of the Romans before the peaceable empire of Augustus Caesar,” by Fulbeck, William writer

Publication: “A direction or preparative to the study of the Law,” by Fulbeck, William writer

Born: Geree, John divine

Died: Glanvil, Sir John younger son of John Glanvil of Tavistock in Devonshire

Born: Gomersal, Robert divine and poet

Born: Goodwin, Thomas a famous nonconformist of the independent class

Born: Grasswinkel, Theodore lawyer

Born: Guiran, Galliard antiquary

Publication: “Leo’s Geographical History of Africa,” by Hakluyt, Richard historian

Died: Heerbrand, James divine

Publication: “Silius Italicus,” by Heinsius, Daniel critic

Born: Heylin, Dr. Petek divine

Died: Hooker, Richard divine

Died: Horstius, James physician

Publication: “Defence of a treatise touching the Sufferings and Victory of Christ in the work of our Redemption,” by Jacob, Henry the founder of the first independent or congregational church in England

Publication: “Ecloga Oxonio-Cantabrigiensis,” by James, Thomas critic

Publication: “Grammaticae Latinae, Graccae, & Hebraicse, compendium, cum radicibus,” by Knolles, Richard author of an excellent History of the Turks

Born: Lawes, Henry musician

Born: Leo De St. John monk

Born: Machault Jesuit

Publication: “De fide,” by Maldonat, John Jesuit

Born: Marolles, Michel De an industrious French translator

Born: Moulin, Peter Du clergyman

Publication: “Summer’s Last Will and Testament,” by Nash, Thomas poet

Born: Naudé, Gabriel bibliographer

Born: Nicole, John father of the celebrated Peter Nicole

Died: Nicot, John a learned Frenchman

Born: Ogilby, John a very industrious adventurer in literary speculations

Born: Palafox, John De natural son of James de Palafox (16001659)

Died: Paul De Vincent, St. a worthy ecclesiastic of the Romish church

Publication: “Onosandri Strategicus,” by Portus, Æmilius was born in 1551

Born: Price, John in Latin Pricæus

Born: Prynne, William lawyer

Born: Puy-Segur, James De Chastenet, Lord Of lieutenant-general under Louis XIII. and XIV. was of a noble family in Armagnac

Died: Sanchez, Francis scholar

Born: Sanson, Nicolas a celebrated French geographer

Publication: “Epistolse,” by Scaliger, Juuus Caesar critic

Publication: “Deipnosophists,” by Scrimzeor, Henry one of the most learned men of the sixteenth century

Born: Sedgwick, Odadiah divine

Publication: “A Discourse ok Life and Death, written in French by Phiiip Mornay, done into English by the countess of Pembroke, dated May 13, 1590, Wilton:” by Sidney, Mary countess of Pembroke

Died: Smith, Henry divine

Born: Spanheim, Frederic professor of divinity at Leyden

Publication: “De vera Christi Ecclesia,” by Sutcliffe, Matthew divine

Publication: “Historia de la orden di S. Geronimo,” by Tibaldi otherwise Pellegrino

Publication: “On St. Luke,” by Tolet, Francis cardinal

Died: Ursinus, Fulvius antiquary

Publication: “A collection of learned Discourses,” by Ursinus, Zachary one of the most celebrated Protestant divines of the 16th century

Died: Velasquez, Don Diego Velasquez De Silva painter

Died: Verdier, Antony, Seigneur De Vauprivas bibliographer

Born: Walton, Brian bishop


Publication: “Difesa per riparare alia sommersione del Polesine,” by Aleotti, John Baptist architect

Died: Ammirato, Scipio historian

Publication: “Rime,” by Andreini, Isabella was born at Padua in 1562

Born: Arnway, John descended of a good family in the county of Salop

Died: Ayrault, Peter in Latin Ærodius

Born: Beaune, Florimond De theson of Florimond de Beaune

Publication: “Le Cabinet de Minerve, &c.” by Beroalde De Verville, Francis was born at Paris

Born: Besler, Michael Robert physician

Publication: “Discours de la ville de Rome, principales antiquitez & singularitez d'icelle,” by Bignon, Jerome writer

Born: Booker, John one of those impostors who amused the public in the seventeenth century

Publication: “Several Treatises of Worship and Ceremonies,” by Bradshaw, William divine

Died: Brahe, Tycho astronomer

Born: Briet, Philip an able French geographer

Publication: “Speculum Artis Medicae Hippocraticae, exhibens dignoscendos curandosque morbos, in quo multa visuntur, quae a prjcclarissimis medicis intacta relicta erant,” by Caesalpinus, Andrew botanist

Died: Camden, William one of the most eminent English antiquaries

Publication: “Antiqute lectiones,” by Canisius, Henry the nephew of Peter Canisius

Publication: “Gregorii Nysseni Epistola ad Eustathiam, Ambrosiam, & Basilissam, Gr. & Lat.” by Casaubon, Isaac critic

Publication: “De cecumenico pontifice” by Chamier, Daniel divine

Publication: “Vita D. Chytraei memoriae posteritatis orationibus et carminibus consecrata,” by Chytræus, David whose family name was Kochhafe

Died: Ciaconius, Alphonsus a Spanish author of considerable celebrity

Born: Compton, Spencer only son of William

Publication: “Disquisitiones Magicae,” by Delrio, Martin Antony Jesuit

Publication: “Humble motives for association to maintain the religion established,” by Digges, Thomas only son of the preceding Leonard Digges

Born: Earle, John bishop (?–1665)

Publication: “Rariorum Piantarurn Historia,” by Ecluse, Charles in Latin Clusius

Born: Eudes, John historian

Publication: “Tractatus de Oculo, visusque Orgauo,” by Fabricius, Jerome more generally known by the name of Hieronymus Fabricius Ab Aquapendente

Died: Fauchet, Claude antiquary

Born: Gaffarell, James writer

Publication: “Recherches sur la nature et la guerison du Cancer,” by Gendron, Claude Deshais a celebrated doctor of physic of the faculty at Montpellier

Publication: “Treatise concerning the Trinity,” by Gill, Alexander head master of St

Born: Goar, James Dominican

Died: Goodman, Christopher a noted puritan

Died: Grant, Edward a man of eminent learning in the sixteenth century

Publication: “Penelope’s Webb,” by Greene, Robert poet

Publication: “Adamus Exul,” by Grotius, Hugo one of the most eminent names in literary history

Died: Heurnius, John physician

Died: Hooker, John, historian

Publication: “Scriptores.” by Ingulphus abbot

Publication: “Origines,” by Isidore, Sr. of Seville

Born: Kircher, Athanasius mathematician

Died: Lambarde, William antiquary

Born: Launoi, John De writer

Died: Lyserus, Polycarp a learned Protestant theologian

Born: Maignan, Emanuel a religious minim

Born: Mellan, Claude engraver

Publication: “Nicolai Monardi Libri tres, magna Medicinae secreta et varia Experimenta continentes,” by Monardes, Nicholas physician

Born: Oliver, Peter son and disciple of the preceding

Publication: “Hortus publi-, cus Academiae Lugduno-Batavae, ejus Ichnographia, descriptio, usus, &c.” by Paaw, Peter physician and anatomist (15641617)

Publication: “Aristotelis de Ccelo libri quatuor,” by Pacius, Juuus lawyer

Born: Palmer, Herbert divine

Born: Patin, Guy physician

Born: Philips, Fabian author of several books relating to ancient customs and privileges in England

Died: Pinelli, John Vincent an Italian nobleman

Born: Plempius, Vopiscus Fortunatus physician

Publication: “A Letter concerning the News out of Ireland, and of the Spaniards landing, and the present state there,” by Rider, John prelate

Born: Sacchi, Andrea painter

Born: Senault, John Francis divine

Died: Sidney, Mary countess of Pembroke

Died: Strein, Richard baron de Schwarrenaw

Publication: “La­<Tiinx in funere Ab. Ortelii, cum Ortelii vita,” by Swert, Francis antiquary

Born: Tristan L'Hermite, Francis poet

Publication: “On Polygraphy,” by Trithemius, John abbot

Publication: “Odes; in imitation of the seven penitential Psalmes. With sundry other poems and ditties, tending to devotion and pietie,” by Verstegan, Richard antiquary

Publication: “Physica,” by Zabarella, James born Sept. 5


Born: Aelst, Evert painter

Born: Agreda, Maria D' a singular impostor and enthusiast

Publication: “Genealogical tables of the house of Saxony,” by Albinus, Peter historian and poet

Publication: “Dissertatio iatromathematica,” by Ampsingius, John Assuerus a native of the province of Over-yssel

Publication: “Liber Pontincalis” by Anastasius Bibliothecarius so called because he was librarian of the church of Rome

Born: Arrowsmith, John divine

Publication: “Topographia Hibernioe,” by Barry, Girald usually called Giraldus Cambren­sis

Publication: “Historia Vaticinalis, de expugnatione Hiberniae,” by Barry, Girald usually called Giraldus Cambren­sis

Publication: “Salmacis and Hermaphroditus” by Beaumont, Francis third son of Francis

Born: Bellenden, William more generally known by his Latin name of Gulielmus Belendenus

Publication: “Oeuvres poetiques” by Bertaut, John queen

Publication: “De dignitate re gum Hispania?,” by Bignon, Jerome writer

Born: Billi, Jacques De Jesuit

Born: Blount, Sir Henry writer

Publication: “William of Wainflete,” by Budden, John a civilian of Oxford

Died: Caracci, Lewis, Augustine, And Hannibal were celebrated painters of the Lombard school

Publication: “Survey” by Carew, Ilichard author of the Survey of Cornwal

Born: Caryl, Joseph author of the well-known “Commentary on Job

Born: Champagne, Philip De painter

Died: Cheyne, James professor of philosophy

Born: Chillingworth, William divine

Born: Codrington, Robert writer

Publication: “Corona Anni, hoc est, explicatio Evangeliorum et Epistolarum quae diebus dominicis et festis in ecclesia proponuntur; e Tubingeiisium, et aliorum Theologorum eonckmibus, conscripta,” by Crusius, Martin antiquary

Publication: “Mirum in modo; a glimpse of God’s glory, and the soul’s shape,” by Davis, John of Hereford

Born: Des Barreaux, James Vallee, Lord a French nobleman

Publication: “A complete Parson, or a description of advowsons and church livings, delivered in several readings, in an inn of chancery called the New Inn,” by Doddridge, Sin John lawyer

Born: Egmont, Justus Van painter

Died: Facini, Peter painter

Publication: “Oxoniensis in Anglia Academiae Descriptio,” by Fitzherbert, Nicholas grandson also to sir Anthony Fitzherbert

Publication: “Rerum Bohemicarum scriptores,” by Freher, Marquard a German

Publication: “The Pandects of the Laws of Nations; or the discourses of the matters in law, wherein the nations of the world do agree,” by Fulbeck, William writer

Publication: “De bonis Maternis et Secundis nuptiis.” by Gentilis, Scipio brother of Alberic Gentilis

Born: Greaves, John antiquary

Born: Guericke, Otto counsellor to the elector of Brandenbourg

Died: Hutter, Elias divine

Born: Jansen, Cornelius bishop (?–1638)

Died: Junius professor of divinity at Leyden

Died: Junius, Francis was born at Heidelberg in 1589

Born: Leigh, Edward writer

Born: Lightfoot, John divine

Born: Lilly, William astrologer

Born: Marmion, Shakerley writer

Born: Marsham, Sir John writer

Born: Maynard, Sir John lawyer

Born: Mazarin, Julius cardinal

Publication: “Medicina Practica, seu, de cognoscendis, discernendis, et curandis omnibus humani corporis affectibus,” by Mercurialis, Jerome physician

Born: Moine, Peter Le poet

Publication: “Theatrum Chemicum,” by Moufet, Thomas naturalist

Publication: “The Return from Parnassus,” by Nash, Thomas poet

Publication: “LaChroniquede Savoie,” by Paradin, William historian

Died: Perkins, William divine

Died: Peucer, Gaspard mathematician

Publication: “Praxeos Medicae Tomi tres,” by Plater, Felix physician

Publication: “Euripides,” by Portus, Æmilius was born in 1551

Born: Priolo, Benjamin in Latin Priolus

Born: Quillet, Claudius writer

Born: Roberval, Giles-Personne mathematician

Publication: “Tractatus de Excommunicatione,” by Rollock, Robert the first principal of the college of Edinburgh

Publication: “Method! vitandorum errorum omnium, qui in Arte Medica contingunt, libri quindecim,” by Sanctorius physician

Publication: “Poetical Rapsody,” by Sidney, Mary countess of Pembroke

Publication: “Orationes Academicae miscellaneas,” by Stapleton, Thomas a celebrated controversialist on the side of the papists

Publication: “Euripides,” by Stephanus, Paul son of the second Henry

Publication: “Narrationes Histories in Deorum Dearumque capita, ab Ortelio vulgata,” by Swert, Francis antiquary

Publication: “De lingua Latina dissertatio,” by Taubman, Frederic critic

Publication: “On St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans,” by Tolet, Francis cardinal

Born: Tozer, Henry divine

Publication: “Reruin Augustanarum Vindelicarum Libri Octo, quibus a prima Rhaetorum ac Vindelicorum origine ad annum usque 552 a Nato Christo nobilissimae gentis Historia et Antiquitates traduntur; ac antiqua monumenta, tarn quae Augusta?, quam quae in agro Augustano, quia et quae alibi extant ad res Augustanas spectantia sere incisa et notis illustrata exhibentur.” by Velserus, Marcus a learned civilian

Publication: “Historiarum Britannise insulae ab origine mundi ad ann. Dom. octingentesimum, libri noveui,” by White, Richard historian (1540–?)

Died: Whitgift, John archbishop

Publication: “Speculum Roman. Pontificum Historicum,” by Zegedin, Stephen De divine


Publication: “Antichristi demonstratio, contra fabulas Pontificias, et ineptam Rob. Bellarmini de Antichristo disputationem,” by Abbot, Robert archbishop

Born: Abelli, Louis was born in the Vexin Francois

Publication: “Artemidorus on Dreams and Chiromancy,” by Achmet an Arabian author

Publication: “Commentarius in Constitutiones Siciliae et Neapolis,” by Afflitto, Matthew lawyer

Publication: “Darius,” by Alexander, William poet and statesman

Publication: “Politica methodice digesta,” by Althusen, John lawyer

Publication: “De Imperio Romano,” by Andlo, Peter D' lawyer

Publication: “Industrie ad curandos animae morhos,” by Aquaviva, Claudius son to John Jerome

Died: Azorius, John Jesuit

Born: Balde, James poet

Publication: “Oratio in Plinii Panegyricum,” by Baudius, Dominic professor of history in the university of Leyden

Died: Beaton, James archbishop

Born: Bloemart, Cornelius the youngest son of Abraham

Publication: “Epistolse” by Bonciarius, Mark Anthony poet

Publication: “Consciones Funebres,” by Brandmuller, John the eldest of a family who have made some figure in Swisserland

Publication: “Iconum sacraruni decas, in qua e subjectis Typis compluscula sanae doctrinse capita eruuntur,” by Brett, Richard divine

Publication: “Chronicon Abbatum regalis monast S. Germani a Pratis,” by Breulius, James antiquary

Died: Caesalpinus, Andrew botanist

Publication: “Heroici characteres, ad illustriss. equitem Henricum Nevillum,” by Carleton, George bishop

Born: Castillo Y Saavedra, Antonio Del painter

Died: Charron, Peter was born at Paris in 1541

Born: Cocceius, John was a famous Hebrew professor at Bremen

Born: Conrart, Valentin secretary of the French king’s council

Born: Costar, Peter a bachelor of the Sorbonne

Born: Croft, Herbert prelate

Publication: “Microcosmus, or the Discovery of the Little World,” by Davis, John of Hereford

Publication: “Wonderful Year,” by Decker, Thomas writer

Born: Digby, Sir Kenelm philosopher

Publication: “A treatise concerning Antichrist, in two books,” by Downham, George bishop

Publication: “Historia martyrum Gorcomensium majori numero fratrum minorum,” by Estius, William divine

Publication: “De Locutione, et ejus Instru mentis,” by Fabricius, Jerome more generally known by the name of Hieronymus Fabricius Ab Aquapendente

Died: Fenton, Edward an English navigator in the reign of Elizabeth

Born: Ferne, Henry bishop

Died: Gilbert, William physician

Born: Johnston, John naturalist

Publication: “Crymogeea, seu rerum Islandicarum libri tres, ibid. 1630,” by Jonas, Anagrimus a learned Icelander

Born: Livingston, John a rigid but pious presbyter of the church of Scotland

Publication: “Treatise of the Plague, containing the nature, signs, and accidents of the same,” by Lodge, Thomas, M. D. poet

Born: Maistre, Antoine Le

Publication: “Atropoion Delion or the death of Delia, with the tears of her funeral. A poetical Discourse of our late Elizabeth,” by Newton, Thomas poet

Born: Nuzzi, Mario commonly known by the name of Mario da* Fiori

Publication: “Dictionarium sacra? scripturee,” by Ofihely, Maurice archbishop

Publication: “An Answer to O. E. whether Papists or Protestants be true Catholics,” by Parsons, Robert in both which ways he wrote his name

Born: Paulli, Simon physician

Publication: “Commentaries on Aristotle,” by Piccolomini, Francis a learned man of the same family

Publication: “Dictionarium Doricum Grseco-Latinum,” by Portus, Æmilius was born in 1551

Born: Robinson, Hugh divine

Born: Scuderi, George De writer

Died: Stenwyck, Henry called The Old

Born: Style, William writer

Publication: “De Missa, adversus Bellarminurn,” by Sutcliffe, Matthew divine

Born: Thysius, Antony a celebrated Dutch philologer

Born: Tombes, John one of the most learned Baptist divines of the seventeenth century

Publication: “Vita et obitus Danielis Tossani,” by Tossanus, Daniel divine

Publication: “De predictionibus Usserii.” by Usher, James prelate

Born: Valesius, Henry critic

Died: Vieta, Francis mathematician


Publication: “The reasons which Dr. Hill hath brought for the upholding of Papistry, unmasked and shewed to be very weak, &c.” by Abbot, George archbishop (?–1633)

Died: Adriani, Marcel born in 1533

Publication: “The golden chain of Salvation,” by Allibond, Peter was born in 1560 at Wardenton

Died: Andreini, Isabella was born at Padua in 1562

Born: Andrew, Tobias professor of history and Greek at Groningen

Publication: “Disputationes Feudales,” by Antonius, Godefroy lawyer (?–1618)

Publication: “De veva Pctnitentia,” by Argall, John writer

Born: Assouci, Charles Coypeau, Sieur D' called the Ape of Scarron

Publication: “DisputationUm Miscellanearum de variis Juris Givilis materiis, Jiber unus,” by Bachovius, Reiner lawyer

Born: Bagshaw, Edward a gentleman of a Derbyshire family

Publication: “the grandeur of Mexico,” by Balbuena, Bernard De poet

Died: Bayly, Thomas bishop

Publication: “Elogia virorurn Florentinorum,” by Bocchi, Francis one of the most voluminous writers of Florence

Born: Boot, Gerard of a noble family

Born: Browne, Thomas clergyman

Publication: “Thesaurus Criticus,” by Cagnati, Marsilius of Verona

Publication: “Astrologimania or, the Madness of Astrologers or, an Examination of sir Christopher Heydon’s book entitled ' A Defence of judicial Astrology 1” by Carleton, George bishop

Publication: “Translation of Seneca,” by Chalvet, Matthew De in Latin Calventius

Publication: “Orations of St. Basil of Seleucia,” by Dausque, Claudius Jesuit

Publication: “The Christian’s Sanctuary,” by Downham, George bishop

Publication: “Lectures upon the Fifteenth Psalm,” by Downham, George bishop

Born: Eliot, John known by the title of the Apostle of the North American Indians

Born: Ent, George physician

Died: Episcopius, Simon a man of very uncommon parts and learning

Publication: “Opeca Anatomica, quan continent de formato Fretu, de formation* Ovi et Pulli, de Locutione et ejus Instruments, de Brutorum loquela,” by Fabricius, Jerome more generally known by the name of Hieronymus Fabricius Ab Aquapendente

Born: Filmer, Sir Robert son of sir Edward Filmer

Publication: “De Monachatu Sancti Gregorii,” by Gallonius, Anthony a native of Rome

Died: Gifanius, Hubertus critic

Publication: “Paraeneticorum veterum pars prima,” by Goldast, Melchior Haiminsfeld writer

Publication: “Asia, sive historia universalis Asiaticarum gentium, &c.” by Gramaye, John Baptist antiquary

Born: Grandin, Martin divine

Born: Haberkorn, Peter divine

Died: Hall, Richard writer

Died: Hanmer, Meredith divine

Born: Hedelin, Francis at first an advocate

Publication: “A Position against vain-glorious> and that which is falsely called learned preactiing,” by Jacob, Henry the founder of the first independent or congregational church in England

Publication: “Optical Astronomy,” by Kepler, John astronomer (?–1630)

Publication: “The Anthologia, with a Latin version,” by Lubin, Eilhard one of the most learned protestants of his time

Born: Mairet, John poet

Publication: “Malecontent,” by Marston, John an English dramatic author

Born: Mayne, Jasper divine

Born: Menasseh, Ben Israel rabbi

Publication: “A pleasant new History: or a Fragrant Posie made of three flowers: Rose, Rosalynd, and Rosemary,” by Newton, Thomas poet

Born: Pagan, Blaise Francis Count De mathematician

Born: Patru, Oliver scholar

Died: Piccolomini, Francis a learned man of the same family

Died: Pighius, Stephen Vinand was born at Campen in 1520;. and

Publication: “De Peregrinatione,” by Pits, John an English biographer

Born: Pocock, Edward divine

Publication: “Syntagma hortationum ad Jacobuui Regem Anglise,” by Renniger, Michael or

Publication: “Brevis excursus in Battologiam Quercetani, quo Alchemias principia funditus diruuntur, et Artis veritas demonstratur,” by Riolan, John was born at Paris in the year 1577

Born: Sarasin, John Francis a French miscellaneous author

Born: Savage, Henry divine

Died: Socinus, Faustus and commonly esteemed the head of the sect of Socinians

Publication: “Of the Fabrick of the Church and Church-men’s Living,” by Tucker, William divine

Died: Vos, Martin De painter

Publication: “Thesaurus Ecclesise,” by Willet, Andrew divine (15621621)