Calamy, James

, son to Edmund Calamy, B. D. before-mentioned, by a second wife, and younger brother to Dr. Benjamin Calamy, of whom in the preceding article, was educated at Catherine-hall, in the university of Cambridge, where, in 1672, he took the degree of bachelor of arts; and in 1676, that of master. Having received holy orders, and being highly considered on account of his father’s reputation, he was presented to the rectory of Northill, in Bedfordshire, where he continued till 1707, when he was presented by his intimate friend Dr. Blackall, bishop of Exeter, to that of Cheriton-Bishops in Devonshire; and had at the same time a prebend in the church of Exeter bestowed on him. He was a man of great learning, but much greater modesty, which is the reason that he left nothing behind him in print, except his dedication of his brother’s sermons. He led a single life, and on December 14, 1714, was surprised by a sudden death. 1


Biog. Brit.