Cantel, Peter Joseph

, a man of considerable learning in classical criticism, was born Nov. 1, 1645, in the diocese of Rouen, and entered the society of the Jesuits in 1664, completing his vows in 1679. His immoderate and incessant application to study, operating upon a delicate constitution, shortened his days, and he diedin the Jesuits’ college at Paris, Dec. 6, 1684. He was one of the French literati employed in preparing the Delphin classics, and edited Justin in 1677, 4to, and Valerius Maximus in 1679, enriched with six dissertations, on the names, families, inagistrates, &c. of the Romans. He published also, 1. “De Rouiana llepublica, de re militari et civiii Romanorum,Paris, 1684, 12mo, and thrice reprinted at Utrecht, 1691, 1696, 1707, the last with plates, taken from Justus Lipsius and Onuphrius Panvinius. This has always been considered as an excellent abridgment of the Roman antiquities. 2. “Metropolitanarum urbium historia civilis et ecclesiastica, tomus primus, &c.Paris, 1684, 8vo. 2