Events noted in 1680

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1675 1685


Publication: “Sermons sur divers textes de l'Ecriture,” by Abbadie, James divine

Born: Abernethy, John an eminent dissenting minister in Ireland

Publication: “Obadias Armenus et Latinus, cum annotationibus,” by Acoluthus, Andrew a learned Orientalist

Publication: “Bibliotheque de Dauphiné,” by Allard, Guy was a native of Dauphiny

Died: Allestry, Richard divine

Publication: “Dissertatio de Conciliorum quorumvis definitionibus ad examen revocandis,” by Allix, Peter divine

Publication: “Genealogie de la maison de Fontaine- Soliers, issue dela Case Solare, souveraine d'Aste en Piemont,” by Avrillon, John Baptist Elias a French Franciscan of the order called* Minimes

Publication: “L. C. F. Lactantii Liber, de mortibus persecutorum,” by Baluze, Stephen writer

Publication: “The Rights of the Bishops to judge in capital eases in parliament cleared, &c.” by Barlow, Thomas bishop

Publication: “CatholicoRomanus Pacificus” by Barnes, John was an English Roman Catholic

Died: Barrow, Isaac bishop

Publication: “Coliegii Parisiensis societ. Jesu, festi plausus ad nuptias Ludovici Galliarum Delphini, et Marise-Annre-Christianre-Victoriae Bavarse,” by Baune, James De La Jesuit

Publication: “Experimentum novum ac curiosum de Minera arenaria perpetua,” by Becher, John Joachim born in 1645

Died: Bedloe, Capt. William having been a principal and useful evidence in the discovery in the popish plot

Publication: “Le pitture antiche del sepolcro de* Nasoni nelia via Flaminia, &c.” by Bellori, John Peter antiquary

Died: Benn, William clergyman

Died: Bernini, John Laurence called the Cavalier Ber­NiN

Publication: “Eneide di Virgilio, trasportata in ottavo rima,” by Beverini, Bartholomew a learned Italian of the seventeenth century

Publication: “Bibliographia Juridica et Politica,” by Beughem, Cornelius De whose name often occurs in works of Bibliography

Publication: “Zodiacus Medico-Gallicus,” by Blegny, Nicholas surgeon

Died: Blood, Thomas generally known by the appellation of colonel Blood

Publication: “Historia universalis ab orbe comlito ad J. C. nativitatem,” by Boecler, John Henry critic

Publication: “Leipsic, loS.'i, 4to. 6.” by Bohn, John physician

Publication: “The History of the execrable Irish Rebellion, traced from many preceding acts to the grand eruption, Oct. 23, 1641; and thence pursued to the act of settlement, 1672,” by Borlace, Dr. Edmund son of sir John Borlace

Born: Bougerel, Joseph a French biographer

Born: Boze, Claude Gros De antiquary

Born: Brockes, Bartholomew Henry lawyer and poet

Publication: “Actii Sinceri Sannazarii, &c. Opera Latina; accedunt notoe, &c.” by Broeckhusius, John scholar

Born: Browne, Simon writer

Publication: “Jura Coronae; or, his majesty’s royal rights and prerogatives asserted against papal usurpations, and all other antimonarchical attempts and practices,” by Brydal, John antiquary

Publication: “An Essay on the monastic History of the East,” by Bulteau, Lewis a learned French author

Died: Butler, Thomas earl of Ossory

Died: Butler, Samuel poet

Publication: “The true History of Scotland,” by Calderwood, David divine

Publication: “Boethius de Consolatione,” by Cally, Peter philosopher

Died: Carloni, John Baptist painter

Publication: “Enquiries into Humane Nature, in six Anatomy-prelections in the new theatre of the royal college of physicians in London,” by Charleton, Walter physician

Died: Charnock, Stephen son of Richard Charnock an. attorney

Died: Corbet, John divine

Died: Davenport, Christopher a learned Englishman

Publication: “The True Presbyterian without disguise: or, a character of a Presbyterian’s ways and actions,” by Denham, Sir John poet

Publication: “Le Lois des Batimens” by Desgodetz, Anthony architect

Born: Destouches, Philip Neuicault writer

Died: Drelincourt, Charles minister of the Calvinist church of Paris

Born: Drinker, Edward was born on the 24th of December

Died: Elzevirs

Born: Erskine, Ebenezer, A. M. son of the above

Died: Eudes, John historian

Publication: “Traité des Fiefs,” by Ferrier, Claude De a learned French civilian

Died: Foucquet, Nicolas marquis of Belle-Isle

Born: Freind, Robert was born in 16'67

Born: Gale, John divine

Died: Glanvil, Joseph writer

Publication: “The zealous and impartial Protestant,” by Glanvil, Joseph writer

Publication: “English Orator,” by Goad, John an eminent classical teacher

Publication: “Traite de TOrigine des Macreuses,” by Graindorge, Andrew an ingenious Frenchman

Died: Guiran, Galliard antiquary

Born: Guyse, John divine

Died: Hanneman, John painter

Born: Hartman, John Adolphus divine

Publication: “De tribus impostoribus magnis, Edvardo Herbert, Thoma Hobbes, & Benedicto Spinosa, Liber,” by Herbert, Edward lord Herbert

Died: Heritier, Nicolas L' poet

Publication: “Historical narration of Heresy, and the punishment thereof,” by Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

Born: Jones, William mathematician

Born: Juncker, Gottlob John physician

Born: Ibbot, Dr. Benjamin writer

Died: Kircher, Athanasius mathematician

Died: Kneller, Sir Godfrey, Baronet painter

Publication: “Animadversiones in Pollucem,” by Kuhnius, Joachim a learned German

Publication: “A determination of the late learned Bishop of Salisbury (Davenant) Englished.” by Langbaine, Gerahd writer

Born: Long, Roger astronomer

Publication: “The Nonconformist’s Plea for Peace impleaded, in answer to several late writings of Mr. Baxter, and others,” by Long, Thomas divine

Born: Longueval, James historian

Born: Lorenzini, Francis Maria poet

Born: Lowman, Moses clergyman

Publication: “Account of the Court of Rome,” by Luca, John Baptist cardinal

Publication: “Whole Duty of Man,” by Lucas, Richard divine

Died: Machault Jesuit

Publication: “Lettera proemiale per la traduzione della concordia dei quattro Evangeliste di Giansenio,” by Magalotti, Laurence mathematician

Publication: “Traité de la nature & de la grace,” by Malebranche, Nicolas philosopher

Born: Marcello, Benedetto a nobleman celebrated for musical knowledge

Died: Meara, Dermod O physician

Publication: “Thesaurus linguarum orientalium,” by Meninski, Franciscus A Mesgnien a most celebrated German orientalist

Born: Mill, Henry many years principal engineer to the New river company

Died: Montecuculi, Raymond De a very celebrated Austrian general

Publication: “Plantarum historia universalis Oxoniensis,” by Morison, Robert botanist (16201683)

Publication: “Prodromus rerum Alsaticarum,” by Obrecht, Ulric a learned German

Publication: “Caius Marius,” by Otway, Thomas one of the first names in the English drama

Born: Pack, Richardson writer

Publication: “Life of St. John Chrysostom, in Greek and Latin, by M. Bigot,” by Palladius bishop

Born: Papin, Denys physician

Publication: “De Veritate,” by Patrick, Simon prelate

Died: Paulli, Simon physician

Publication: “Jani Anglorum facies nova, or several monuments of antiquity touching the great councils of this kingdom and the courts of the king’s immediate tenants and otficers,” by Pettyt, William student of the Middle Temple

Died: Rochefoucault, Francis, Duke Of prince of Marsillac

Died: Roell, Hermann-Alexander divine

Died: Sandius, Christopher or

Died: Silvestre, Israel engraver

Publication: “Hydrostatical Experiments, with a Discourse on Coal,” by Sinclare, George professor of philosophy in the university of Glasgow in the seventeenth century

Publication: “An Account of the Greek Church, as to its Doctrines and Rites of Worship, with several Historical Remarks interspersed, relating thereto. To which is added, an Account of the State of the Greek Church under Cyrillus Lucaris, patriarch of Constantinople, with a Relation of his Sufferings and Death,” by Smith, Thomas divine

Publication: “Commentaries on the Aphorisms of Hippocrates,” by Sorbait, Paul writer

Publication: “A comfortable treatise for a troubled conscience,” by Sparke, Thomas divine

Born: Stackhouse, Thomas divine

Died: Streater, Robert painter

Died: Swammerdam, John anatomist

Died: Swanevelt, Herman painter

Died: Talbot, Peter writer

Born: Terrasson, Gaspard was born October 5

Publication: “Theological Dogmas,” by Thomassin, Lewis divine

Died: Thoresby, Ralph antiquary

Publication: “The description of Sweden,” by Todd, Hugh divine

Publication: “The anatomy of a Porpoise dissected at Gresham college,” by Tyson, Edward physician

Publication: “Variorum” by Virgil, In Latin, Publius Virgiuus Maro, the most excellent of all the ancient Roman poets

Publication: “Divine meditations upon several occasions; with a daily directory,” by Waller, Sir William an eminent parliamentary general

Died: Wanley, Humphrey antiquary (16711726)

Died: Wotton, Anthony ranked by Fuller among the learned writers of JCing’s-college (15611626)


Publication: “An introduction to the Sacrament,” by Addison, Lancelot clergyman

Publication: “Mythographi Latini,” by Albricus philosopher

Publication: “A Methodical French Grammar,” by Allais, Denys Vairasse D' so named from the town of Allais in Languedoc

Died: Allein, Richard clergyman

Publication: “A letter from a person of honour in the country, written to the earl of Castlehaven; being observations and reflections on his lordship’s memoirs concerning the Wars of Ireland,” by Annesley, Arthur earl of Anglesey

Died: Aprosio, Angelico born at Ventimiglia

Publication: “La Visiera aizata he*, atoste di scrittori.” by Aprosio, Angelico born at Ventimiglia

Publication: “Brutum Fulmen, or the bull of pope Pius Sextus against queen Elizabeth,” by Barlow, Thomas bishop

Publication: “Vitse selectorum aliquot virorum qui doctrina, dignitate, aut pietate inclaruere,” by Bates, William divine

Publication: “Ludus poeticus in recentem cometam,” by Baune, James De La Jesuit

Died: Baynes, Sir Thomas physician

Publication: “Exercitationes de Dodone,” by Bernard, Edward astronomer

Born: Berruyer, Joseph Isaac writer

Died: Berthauld, Peter historian

Born: Bianchi, John Baptist anatomist

Publication: “Account of rarities preserved at Gresham college,” by Bland, Elizabeth a lady remarkable both for her knowledge of the Hebrew language

Publication: “Notitia sacri imperii Romani,” by Boecler, John Henry critic

Born: Booth, Barton a celebrated tragic actor

Publication: “De Motu Animaiium: pars prima, et pars altera,” by Borelli, John Alphonso mathematician

Died: Borgianni, Horatio painter and engraver

Publication: “Discours surl'Histoire Universelle,” by Bossuet, James bishop

Publication: “Discourse of things above reason inquiring whether a philosopher should admit there are any such” by Boyle, Robert philosopher

Publication: “An Answer to Mr. Petyt’s Book on Parliaments,” by Brady, Robert historian

Died: Breda, Peter Van painter

Publication: “Historical Rarities in London and Westminster,” by Burton, Robert was a name placed in the titlepages of a numerous set of popular volumes printed about the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century

Publication: “Wars in England, Scotland, and Ireland,” by Burton, Robert was a name placed in the titlepages of a numerous set of popular volumes printed about the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century

Publication: “Wonderful prodigies of Judgment and Mercy,” by Burton, Robert was a name placed in the titlepages of a numerous set of popular volumes printed about the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century

Publication: “Admirable Curiosities of Nature,” by Burton, Robert was a name placed in the titlepages of a numerous set of popular volumes printed about the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century

Publication: “Summary of the Councils” by Carranza, Bartholomew Dominican

Publication: “A Reply to a pamphlet called The Mischief of Impositions, by Mr. Alsop, which pretends to answer the dean of St. Paul’s (Dr. Stillingfleet’s) Sermon concerning the Mischief of Separation,” by Clagett, William was born at St (?–1638)

Publication: “No evidence of Diocesan Episcopacy in the primitive times,” by Clarkson, David divine

Publication: “Bibliotheque Anatomique” by Clerc, Daniel Le the son of Stephen Le Clerc

Died: Cointe, Charles Le historian

Publication: “Historical Vindication of the Divine right of Tithes,” by Comber, Thomas dean

Publication: “Unreasonableness of Separation,” by Compton, Henry prelate

Publication: “Letters to Felibien,” by Conrart, Valentin secretary of the French king’s council

Died: Conringius, Hermannus one of the eminent publicists of Germany

Publication: “The voyages of Peter Texeira, or the history of the kings of Persia down to 1609,” by Cotolendi, Charles an advocate in the parliament of Paris

Publication: “The Life of Christopher Columbus,” by Cotolendi, Charles an advocate in the parliament of Paris

Publication: “Burlesque upon Burlesque, or the Scoffer scoffed; being some of Lucian’s Dialogues newly put into English fustian.” by Cotton, Charles poet

Born: Courayer, Peter Francis divine

Publication: “Sextus Aurelius Victor,” by Dacier, Anne was born at Saumur

Publication: “Jus Cassaris et Ecclesiae vere dicta?,” by Denton, William the youngest son of sir T

Born: Dillenius, John James botanist

Publication: “Theophili Antecessoris Institutionum lib. quatuor,” by Doujat, John scholar

Publication: “De nuinismatibus quibusdam abstrusis Neronis, cum Car. Patino per epistolas disquisitio,” by Eggeling, John Henry antiquary

Publication: “De divisione Nature,” by Erigena, John Scotus scholar

Publication: “Divisio Nature,” by Erigena, John Scotus scholar

Publication: “Africa Portuguesa,” by Faria De Sousa, Emanuel one of the most celebrated historians and poets of his nation in the seventeenth century

Publication: “Of the Unity of the Church:” by Fell, Dr. John divine

Publication: “Flores philosophici ex Virgilio collecti,” by Feller, Joachim a licentiate in theology

Publication: “The Annals of King James and King Charles I. containing a faithful history and impartial account of the great affairs of state, and transactions of parliament in England, from the tenth of king James, 1612, to the eighteenth of king Charles, 1642. Wherein several passages relating to the late civil wars (omitted in former histories) are made known,” by Frankland, Thomas historian

Died: Gaffarell, James writer

Publication: “Cicero’s Works” by Gale, Thomas celebrated for his knowledge of the Greek language and antiquities

Died: Garnier, John Jesuit

Publication: “Ichnographia doctrinae de Justificationesecundum typum in monte,” by Gataker, Charles was bora at Rotherhithe in

Died: Geier, Martin divine

Publication: “Sadducismus Triumphans, in two parts,” by Glanvil, Joseph writer

Publication: “Some Discourses, Sermons, and Remains,” by Glanvil, Joseph writer

Died: Godefroi, Denvs son of Theodore

Died: Gonet, John Baptist Dominican

Publication: “Loyalty displayed, and falsehood unmasked,” by Gore, Thomas writer

Born: Gough, Richard the Camden of the eighteenth century

Publication: “Compendium rerum jucundarum, et memorabilium naturae,” by Grand, Anthony Le a Franciscan friar

Publication: “Fragmentum Stephani Byzantini Grammatici de Dodone, &c.” by Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

Publication: “Poesie Liriche,” by Guidi, Alexander poet

Born: Heineccius, John Gotlieb lawyer

Publication: “Ad Nic. Heinsinm, de secessu suo Vianensi.” by Heinsius, Nicholas and more eminent both in the literary and the political world

Died: Herbert, Thomas an eminent person of the Pembroke family

Publication: “Israel’s Lamentation,” by Heywood, Oliver divine

Publication: “Vitae Hobbianae Auctarium,” by Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

Publication: “Some discourses, sermons, and remains of Mr. Joseph Glanvil,” by Horneck, Dr. Anthony divine

Publication: “Oratio in obitum Tho, Bartholini,” by Jacobæus, Oliger a professor of physic and philosophy at Copenhagen

Publication: “A Vindication of the Morality of the Protestants against the Accusations of Mr. Arnauld,” by Juried, Peter divine

Born: Iselin, James Christopher in Latin Iselius

Died: Langhorne, Daniel antiquary

Publication: “Traite 1 du Droit de Chasse,” by Launay, Francis De lawyer

Publication: “Historia Kthiopica, &<.” by Ludolph, Job a learned orientalist

Died: Macedo, Francis Jesuit

Publication: “Idea eloquentiae tbrensis hodiernae, una cum actione forensi ex unaquaque juris parte,” by Mackenzie, Sir George writer

Publication: “History of Calvinism,” by Maimbourg, Louis a man celebrated in the republic of letters

Born: Manfredi, Gabriel was born at Bologna

Publication: “Works” by Manton, Thomas one of the most learned and eminent nonconformists of the seventeenth century

Publication: “Observations concerning the Thracian Bosphorus,” by Marsigli, Lewis Ferdinand an Italian

Publication: “Miscellaneous Poems,” by Marvell, Andrew writer

Died: Masentus, James Jesuit

Died: May, Louis Du historian

Publication: “The prudent Voyager,” by May, Louis Du historian

Died: Mieris, Francis called Old Francis Miens

Publication: “Shrimp Man.” by Mieris, Francis called Old Francis Miens

Died: Moreri, Lewis divine (?–1680)

Publication: “Bern. Varenii Geographia,” by Newton, Sir Isaac the most splendid genius that has yet adorned human nature (16431727)

Publication: “Cenotaphia Pisana Caii et Lucii Caesarum dissertationibus illustrata,” by Noris, Henry one of the most celebrated scholars of the seventeenth century

Publication: “The New Digester, or Engine for the softening of Bones,” by Papin, Denys physician

Died: Patru, Oliver scholar

Publication: “Jus Anglorum ab antique, or a confutation of an impotent libel against the government by king, lords and commons, under the pretence of answering Mr. Pettyt, and the author of * Jam Anglorum facies nova,'” by Pettyt, William student of the Middle Temple

Died: Prior, Matthew poet

Publication: “The Spanish Critic,” by Ricaut, Sir Paul traveller

Died: Ruysdaal, Jacob painter

Publication: “Oxon. 1658, 4to; published by Dr. Barlow from the original in the Bodleian library, and by Dr. Lamphire, in the second edition of *' Monarchia Britannica,” by Savile, Sir Henry a most learned man

Publication: “Jani Anglorum facies altera,” by Selden, John one of the most learned men of the seventeenth century

Died: Somers, John Lord lawyer

Publication: “A just and modest Vindication of the proceedings of the two last Parliaments,” by Somers, John Lord lawyer

Died: Terburgh, Gerard painter

Born: Theophanes, Prokopovitch historian

Publication: “A collection of Letters and other writings relating to the horrid Popish Plot, printed from the originals,” by Treby, George a learned judge

Publication: “Truth vindicated; or, a detection of the aspersions and scandals cast upon sir Robert Clayton and sir George Treby, justices, &c. in a paper published in the name of Dr. Francis Hawkins, minister of the Tower, entitled ‘The confession of Edward Fitzharris, &c.’” by Treby, George a learned judge

Publication: “Patriarcha non Monarcha, or the Patriarch unmonarched, &c.” by Tyrrell, James historian

Publication: “Seleucidarnm imperium, seu historia regum Syriæ, ad fidem numismatutum accommodata,” by Vaillant, John Foi a great medallist

Publication: “Life of Francis de Lorraine, duke of Guise,” by Valincour, John Baptist Du Trousset De writer

Died: Vavassor, Francis, Jesuit

Publication: “Tela Ignea Satanae,” by Wagenseil, John Christopher a very learned German

Born: Warburton, John antiquary

Publication: “The Conversion of Philip Corwine, a Franciscan Friari to the protestant religion^ in 1569,” by Ware, James antiquary

Publication: “The Reformation of the Church of Ireland, in the life and death of George Brown, sometime archbishop of Dublin,” by Ware, James antiquary

Died: Wharton, Sir George astrologer

Publication: “L'Ambassadeur et ses Fonctions,” by Wicquefort, Abraham De famous for his embassies and his writings

Publication: “Two Treatises concerning God’s Atl-Sufficiency, &c.” by Wilkinson, Henry denominated sometimes Junior

Publication: “The Verdict upon the Dissenters’ plot,” by Womock, Lawrence prelate

Publication: “Poetical Fragments,” by Woodfohd, Samuel divine and poet

Publication: “Monarchia Britannica,” by Wotton, Sir Henry an Englishman

Born: Young, Edward poet


Publication: “Relation de la riviere des Amazones,” by Acuna, Christopher Jesuit

Born: Aikman, William painter

Born: Alberti, Michael physician

Died: Alcala Y Henares, Alphonso De poet

Born: Allein divine

Publication: “Anastasii, Sinaitæ contemplationum in Hexahemeron liber xii hactenus desideratus,” by Allix, Peter divine

Publication: “De vitis Stephanoruni,” by Almeloveen, Theodore Jansson Van physician

Publication: “Contemplationes in Hexameron,” by Anastasius called the Sinaite

Publication: “A true account of the whole proceedings between James duke of Ormond, and Arthur earl of Anglesey, before the king and his council, &c.” by Annesley, Arthur earl of Anglesey

Born: Asselin, Giles Thomas doctor of theSorbonne

Publication: “Absalom and Achitophel,” by Atterbury, Francis bishop

Died: Averani, Benedict elder brother to Joseph

Publication: “Geographia ordine literarum disposita,” by Baudrand, Michael Anthony a celebrated French geographer

Publication: “Ludovico duci Borbonio, Oratio,” by Baune, James De La Jesuit

Born: Beccaria, James Bartholomew physician

Born: Benson, William critic

Publication: “A history of Blois,” by Bernier, John physician

Publication: “Tractatus de Cometis,” by Billberg, John astronomer

Publication: “Theatrum Sabaudise et Pedemontii,” by Blaeu, William an eminent printer

Publication: “An introduction to Astrology,” by Blagrave, Joseph was born in the parish of St

Publication: “Histoire du Calendrier Romain,” by Blondel, Francis mathematician

Died: Blount, Sir Henry writer

Publication: “Mercurius compilatitius, seu index medico-practicus,” by Bonet, Theophilus physician

Died: Borlace, Dr. Edmund son of sir John Borlace

Publication: “Analecta philologica, et judicium de lexicis Latinis Graecisque,” by Borrichius physician

Publication: “Monologue historique de la Mere de Dieu,” by Bouette De Blemur, Jacqueline a lady

Publication: “New experiments and observations made Upon the Icy Noctiluca; to which is added a chemical paradox, grounded upon new experiments, making it probable, that chemical principles are transmutable, so that out of one of them others may be produced,” by Boyle, Robert philosopher

Publication: “Conveyances, being select precedents of deeds and instruments concerning the most considerable estates in England,” by Bridgeman, Sir Orlando lawyer

Publication: “Experimenta nova circa Pancreas. Accedit Diatribe de Lympha et genuine Pancreatis usu,” by Brunner, John Conrad physician and anatomist

Publication: “De Lineis Spiralibus, Exerc. Geom.& Astron.” by Bullialdus, Ismael astronomer

Publication: “History of his own Time.” by Burnet, Gilbert bishop

Publication: “Synagoga Judaica,” by Buxtorf, John the first of a learned family

Publication: “Historia Syncretistica,” by Calovius, Abraham divine

Died: Caramuel De Lobkqvitsh, John monk

Born: Carmichael, Gekhhom, M. A. was born at Glasgow in 1682

Died: Case, Thomas divine

Publication: “Horae Samaritans,” by Cellarius, Christopher critic

Born: Charles Xii., King Of Sweden * was born June 27

Publication: “The harmony of natural and positive Divine Laws,” by Charleton, Walter physician

Died: Clarke, Samuel writer

Died: Claude, Lorraine properly Claude Gele'I;

Born: Collins, Arthur antiquary

Born: Cotes, Roger mathematician

Died: Cotin, Charles a member of the French academy

Born: Craig, James clergyman

Publication: “Lucretius,” by Creech, Thomas poet

Publication: “De sputo sanguinis a partibus corporis infirmis, supervenientis cum Tussi, &c.” by Crispus, Anthony divine

Publication: “Three Letters to Mr. Baxter, written in 1673, concerning the Possibility of Discipline under a Diocesan Government,” by Dodwell, Henry writer

Publication: “Mysteria Cereris et Bacchi, in vasculo ex uno onyche,” by Eggeling, John Henry antiquary

Publication: “Christianity in short, or the short way to be a good Christian,” by Ellis, Clement divine

Born: Facciolati, James orator

Born: Falkenstein, John Henry a voluminous compiler of historical documents

Publication: “A beautiful edition of St. Cyprian’s Works, revised and illustrated with notes,” by Fell, Dr. John divine

Died: Ferrari, Octavius of the same family with the famer

Died: Ferre, Vincent Dominican

Publication: “Poemata,” by Francius, Peter poet

Died: Freher, Paul author of the very useful “Theatrum Virorum eruditione singulari clarorum

Born: Frezier

Publication: “Observations sur les arrets du parlement de Toulouse recueillespar la Rochefiavin,” by Graverol, Francis antiquary

Publication: “Senecae Tragediae,” by Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

Publication: “Philosophical Collections,” by Haak, Theodore who is said to have first suggested the weekly meetings of the royal society

Died: Halyburton, Thomas divine

Born: Hase, Theodore De an eminent doctor and minister of Bremen

Born: Hastings, Lady Elizabeth a lady of high rank and higher virtues

Died: Henault, John D' poet

Publication: “La Gnomonique,” by Hire, Philip De La astronomer

Publication: “An Answer to archhishop Bramhall’s Book called The catching of the Leviathan,” by Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

Publication: “Seven philosophical Problems, and two Propositions of Geometry,” by Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

Publication: “The Church of England free from the imputation of Popery,” by Hooper, Dr. George divine

Publication: “The last Confession, Prayers, and Meditations, of Lieutenant John Stern, delivered by him on the cart, immediately before his execution, to Dr. Burnet: together with the last Confession of George Borosky, signed by him in the prison, and sealed up in the lieutenant’s pacquet. With which an account is given of their deportment, both in the prison, and at the place of their execution, which was in the Pall-mall, on. the 10th of March, in the same place in which they had murdered Thomas Thynne, esq. on the 12th of February before, in 1681.” by Horneck, Dr. Anthony divine

Born: Hughes, John of a different family from the former

Born: Huysum, John Van painter

Publication: “Julian' the Apostate, &c.” by Johnson, Samuel divine

Publication: “History of Calvinism” by Juried, Peter divine

Publication: “Key to open Scripture Metaphors,” by Keach, Benjamin divine

Died: Killigrew, Thomas brother of the former

Publication: “BibK Philosophica,” by Lipenius, Martin divine

Publication: “John Goedertius of Insects,” by Lister, Martin philosopher

Publication: “De Fontibus medicalibus AnglitE,” by Lister, Martin philosopher

Born: Lussan, Margaret De writer

Publication: “Polygamia triumphatrix,” by Lyserus, John another learned protestant

Born: Maillebois, Jean-Baptiste Des Marets, Marquis Of was the son of Nicolas Desmarets

Died: Maitland, John duke of Lauderdale

Publication: “A brief and practical Discourse on Abstinence in Lent,” by Manby, Peter writer

Publication: “An Account of Martyrs in her reign,” by Mary queen (?–1558)

Publication: “L'Origine des Francois,” by Mezerai, Francis Eudes De historian

Born: Morgagni, John Baptist anatomist

Publication: “An Impartial Collection of the Great Affairs of State, from the beginning of the Scotch rebellion in 1639, to the murder of king Charles I, &c.” by Nalson, John writer

Born: Neumann, Caspar an eminent chemist

Publication: “The Picture of Love unveiled,” by Norris, John divine

Publication: “Hierocles upon the golden verses of the Pythagoreans,” by Norris, John divine

Publication: “Light in the way to Paradise; with other occasionals,” by North, Dudley Fourth Lord had a learned education in the university of Cambridge

Born: Olivet, Joseph Thoulier D' writer

Died: Ott, John Henry divine

Publication: “Calendarium novum, perpetuum, et irrevocable,” by Ouvrard, Rene' a learned French ecclesiastic

Publication: “La Maniere d'amollir les Os, et de faire cuire toutes sortes des Viandes en peu de terns et a peu de fraix,” by Papin, Denys physician

Born: Passionei, Dominick cardinal

Died: Pautre, Anthony Le architect

Died: Peter The Great czar of Russia

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Publication: “Paeonis & Pythagoras Exercitationes Anatomicae,” by Peyer, John Conrad a native of Schaffhausen in Switzerland

Publication: “Parerga Anatomica & Medica,” by Peyer, John Conrad a native of Schaffhausen in Switzerland

Died: Picard, John mathematician

Born: Pulteney, William Earl Of Bath

Died: Puy-Segur, James De Chastenet, Lord Of lieutenant-general under Louis XIII. and XIV. was of a noble family in Armagnac

Publication: “Met hod us Plantarum Nova,” by Ray, John philosopher

Publication: “Methodus Plantarum,” by Ray, John philosopher

Died: Rupert, Prince third son of the king of Bohemia

Born: Sabatier, Peter Benedictine

Born: Saunderson, Nicolas an illustrious professor of the mathematics in the university of Cambridge

Died: Savaron, John a celebrated president and lieutenant-general in the seneschalshit> and presidial court of Clerinont in Auvergne

Publication: “The Security of Englishmen’s Lives, or the trust, power, and duty of the Grand Juries of England explained according to the fundamentals of the English government, &c.” by Somers, John Lord lawyer

Publication: “Persian Prince, or Loyal Brother,” by Southern, Thomas writer

Died: Strauchius, Ægidius divine

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Died: Wicquefort, Abraham De famous for his embassies and his writings

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Born: Willis, Browne antiquary

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Born: Wright, Samuel clergyman


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Publication: “An Abridgment of that Grammar,” by Allais, Denys Vairasse D' so named from the town of Allais in Languedoc

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Born: Alston, Charles botanist

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Publication: “A letter of remarks upon Jovian,” by Annesley, Arthur earl of Anglesey

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Died: Arndt, Christian was born in 1623

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Died: Barnard, John divine (1630–?)

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Died: Berchem, Nicolas artist

Born: Berger, Theodore professor of law and history at Cobourg

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Died: Brandt, Gerard second son of Gerard

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Publication: “Exercitationes Academic^,” by Burman, Francis the first upon record of a very learned family

Publication: “Strange and prodigious religious Customs and Manners of sundry Nations,” by Burton, Robert was a name placed in the titlepages of a numerous set of popular volumes printed about the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century

Publication: “A Dissertation concerning the Government of the Ancient Church, by bishops, metropolitans, and patriarchs. More particularly concerning the ancient power and jurisdiction of the bishops of Rome, and the encroachments of that upon other sees, especially the see of Constantinople;” by Cave, William divine

Born: Chappelow, Leonard scholar

Publication: “Three Anatomic Lectures concerning, l.The motion of the blood through the veins and arteries. 2. The organic structure of the heart. 3. The efficient cause of the heart’s pulsation. Read in the 19th, 20th, and 21st day of March 1682, in the anatomic theatre of his majesty’s royal college of Physicians in London,” by Charleton, Walter physician

Publication: “De Pexcellence de la Langue Francoise,” by Charpentier, Francis dean

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Died: Ettmuller, Michael physician

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Born: Fourmont, Stephen professor of the Arabic and Chinese languages at Paris

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Died: Furstemberg, Ferdinand De prelate

Died: Gallois, John a learned Frenchman

Born: Garengeot, Rp.Ne Jamf.S Croissant De surgeon

Died: Grimston, Sir Harbottle lawyer

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Publication: “Castigationes ad paraphrasim Graeeam Enchiridii Epicteti ex codice Mediceo,” by Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

Born: Grove, Henry divine

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Born: Heister, Laurence physician

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Died: Howel, Laurence a learned

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Died: Jardins, Mary Catharine Des a French lady

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Died: Ingelo, Nathaniel, D. D. divine

Born: Inguimberti, Dominic, Joseph, Marie D' bishop

Publication: “An Assistance to Justices of the Peace, for the easier Performance of their Duty,” by Keble, Joseph lawyer

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Born: Lampe, Frederic Adolphus divine

Born: Lavington, George prelate

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Died: Locke, John one of the greatest philosophers this country has produced

Died: Luca, John Baptist cardinal

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Publication: “The Figures and Types of the Old, Testament explained and improved,” by Mather, Samuel was born in Lancashire in 1626

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Died: Minellius, John a Dutch grammarian

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Publication: “Elevation des Eaux, par toute sorte de machines, reduite a la mesure, au poids, et a la balance. Presentee a-sa majeste tres Chrestienne par le Chevalier Morland, gentilhomme ordinaire de la Chambre privee, et maistre des mechaniques du Roy de la Grande Bretaigne,” by Morland, Sir Samuel, Bart. a man of very considerable celebrity in his day

Publication: “A true Account of the whole Proceedings betwixt James Duke of Ormond and Arthur Earl of Anglesey,” by Morley, Dr. George bishop

Publication: “Vindication of himself from Mr. Baxter’s injurious Reflexions,” by Morley, Dr. George bishop

Born: Munich, Burchard Christopher a celebrated military officer

Born: Nettleton, Thomas physician

Born: Nicole, Francis mathematician

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Publication: “A Murnival of Knaves; or Whiggism plainly displayed and burlesqued out of countenance,” by Norris, John divine

Publication: “Tractatus adversus Reprobationis absolutae Decretum, nova methodo & snccinctissimo compendio adornatus, & in duos libros digestus,” by Norris, John divine

Born: Oldfield, Anne a celebrated English actress

Born: Perceval, John fifth baronet of the family

Publication: “Ordonnance des cinq Especes de Colonnes, selon la methode des Anciens,” by Perrault, Claude architect

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Publication: “A full Answer to a book written by William Pettyt, esq. with a true account of the famous Colloquium, or Parliament 40 Hen. Ill and a glossary expounding some few words in ancient records, together with some animadversions on a book called Jani Anglorum facies nova,” by Pettyt, William student of the Middle Temple

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Born: Piazzetta, John Baptist artist

Publication: “A Discourse on Prayer,” by Pittis, Thomas divine

Born: Poleni, John an Italian marquis

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Born: Reaumur, Rene' Anthony Farchault, Sieur De naturalist

Born: Rivet De La Grange, Anthony but descended from a catholic branch

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Publication: “History of the City of Herderwich” by Sagittarius, Caspar divine

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Publication: “Rules, orders, and instructions” by Sherburne, Sir Edward poet

Died: Siri, Victor an Italian annalist

Died: Sluse, Rene' Francis Walter mathematician

Born: Snape, Andrew divine

Died: Tellier, François Michel Le marquis de Louvois

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Born: Uffembach, Zachary Conrade D' a very learned German

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Publication: “Biographical Dictionary.” by Walton, Isaac writer

Publication: “The hunting of the Romish Fox, and the quenching of sectarian firebrands; being a specimen of popery and separation,” by Ware, James antiquary

Born: Waterland, Daniel divine

Publication: “The Protestant Reconciler, humbly pleading for condescension to Dissenting Brethren in things indifferent and unnecessary, for the sake of peace; and shewing how unreasonable it is to make such things the necessary conditions of Communion. By a well-wisher to the Church’s Peace, and a Lamenter of her sad Divisions,” by Whitby, Daniel divine

Publication: “Bilrons: or a new discovery of Treason under the fair face and mask of Religion, and of Liberty of Conscience, &c.” by Whitby, Daniel divine

Publication: “An awakening Word to the Grand jury men of the nation,” by Whitby, Daniel divine

Publication: “Animadversions upon a late treatise, entitled, the Protestant Reconciler,” by Whitby, Daniel divine

Publication: “Remarks on the Preface to the Protestant Reconciler, in a letter to a friend: dated February the 28ih, 1682,” by Whitby, Daniel divine

Publication: “Protestant Reconciler, earnestly persuading the Dissenting Laity to join in full Communion with the Church of England; and answering all the objections of Nonconformists against the lawfulness of their submission unto the rights and constitutions of that Church,” by Whitby, Daniel divine

Born: Wolfe, John Christopher scholar

Publication: “Suffragium Protestantium, wherein our governors are justified in their impositions and proceedings against dissenters. Meisner also, and the verdict rescued from the cavils and seditious sophistry of Dr, Whitby’s Protestant Reconciler,” by Womock, Lawrence prelate

Publication: “Country-Wife,” by Wycherley, William poet (?–1715)

Born: Ziegenbalg, Bartholomew a very Celebrated protestant missionary


Publication: “Panegyrique de M. l'Electeur de Brandenbourg,” by Abbadie, James divine

Died: Adams, Richard an English Non-conformist

Publication: “The Epistle containing an account of Dr. Cosin’s life, prefixed to the doctor’s book, entitled, Ecclesix Anglicanae Politeia in tabulas digesta,” by Allam, Andrew writer

Publication: “The Preliminary Epistle, with a review and correction of the book, entitled, Some plain Discourses on the Lord’s Supper, &c. written by Dr. George. Griffith, bishop of St. Asaph,” by Allam, Andrew writer

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Publication: “Traite de la volont6,” by Ameline, Claude a French ecclesiastic

Publication: “Gazophylacium linguee Persarum,” by Ange De St. Joseph, Le Pere a barefoot carmelite of Toulouse

Died: Antonides, John poet

Died: Antonio, Nicholas a very learned and useful Spanish biographer

Born: Ardene, Esprit-Jean De Rome D' writer

Born: Astruc, John a very celebrated French physiciaiTj was born in 1684

Publication: “The good old Subject or the right Test of Religion and Loyalty,” by Atterbury, Lewis born about the year 1631

Publication: “The Penitent Lady translated from the French of the famous madam la Valliere,” by Atterbury, Lewis was born at Caldecot

Died: Audran, Claude the second of this name

Publication: “Marii Mercatoris Opera,” by Baluze, Stephen writer

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Publication: “Traite de la Tolerance,” by Basnage, Henry de Beauval

Born: Bathurst, Allen earl (16841775)

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Publication: “Ludovico magno liberalium artium parenti et patrono, panegyricus,” by Baune, James De La Jesuit

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Born: Bel, Matthias born at Otsova in Hungary

Born: Berkeley, George prelate

Publication: “Vie de Francois Levesque,” by Bignon, Jerome writer

Publication: “A Defence of Sir Robert Filmer, against the mistakes and representations of Algernon Sydney, esq. in a paper delivered by him to the sheriffs upon the scaffold on Tower-hill, on Friday, Dec. 7, 1683, before his execution there,” by Bohun, Edmund writer

Publication: “The Justice of Peace’s Calling, a moral essay,” by Bohun, Edmund writer

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Publication: “The Life of De Ruyter,” by Brandt, Gerard historian

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Publication: “Carmina,” by Broeckhusius, John scholar

Publication: “Abridgment of the History of the Order of St. Benedict, as far as the tenth century,” by Bulteau, Lewis a learned French author

Publication: “De Rouiana llepublica, de re militari et civiii Romanorum,” by Cantel, Peter Joseph a man of considerable learning in classical criticism

Publication: “Metropolitanarum urbium historia civilis et ecclesiastica, tomus primus, &c.” by Cantel, Peter Joseph a man of considerable learning in classical criticism

Publication: “Mechanicorum libri octo,” by Casati, Paul Jesuit

Publication: “Rabbinismus, sive institutio grammatica pro legendis Rabbinorum scriptis,” by Cellarius, Christopher critic

Publication: “Porta Syriae, sive grammatica Syriaca,” by Cellarius, Christopher critic

Publication: “Plutarch’s Lives translated from the Greek by several hands,” by Charleton, Walter physician

Born: Charlevoix, Peter Francis Xavier De Jesuit

Born: Claude, John James son of Isaac Claude

Died: Cordemoi, Gerard De historian

Publication: “De naturalismo cum aliorum, turn maxime Joannis Bodini, ex opere ejus manuscripto anecdoto, de abditis rerum subliinium arcanis, schediasnaa,” by Diecman, John divine

Born: Drakenborch, Arnold an eminent classical editor

Born: Dunlop, Alexander, A. M. was brother to the above

Died: Durham, William divine

Born: Elswich, John Hekman divine

Died: Eschenbach, Andrew Christian divine

Publication: “La Jurisprudence du Code,” by Ferrier, Claude De a learned French civilian

Died: Ford, Simon a man of learning

Born: Foucquet, Charles Louis Augustus count of Belle-Isle

Publication: “A Defence of the Resolution, &c.” by Fowler, Edward prelate

Publication: “Rerum Anglic. Scriptores veteres,” by Gildas historian

Born: Gomez, Magdalen Angelica Poisson De a French lady

Died: Gore, Thomas writer

Publication: “Exercitatio Geometrica de dimensione figurarum,” by Gregory, David and nephew to the inventor of the reflecting telescope

Publication: “Dissertatio lithologica variis observationibus et figuris illustrata,” by Groenvelt, John physician

Publication: “Dissertatio de origine Romuli,” by Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

Publication: “Moses unveiled,” by Guild, William divine

Born: Handel, George Frederic composer

Born: Havercamp, Sigebert a classical editor of considerable fame

Publication: “The History of Isoof Bassa,” by Higgons, Sir Thomas son of Dr

Died: Highmore, Nathaniel physician and anatomist

Died: Hodges, Nathaniel physician

Publication: “Concordance of the Bible,” by Hugh De St. Cher cardinal

Publication: “Compendium institutionum medicarum,” by Jacobæus, Oliger a professor of physic and philosophy at Copenhagen

Born: Jones, Griffith divine

Publication: “L'Esprit de Mr. Arnauld,” by Juried, Peter divine

Born: Jurin, James born in 1684

Publication: “The artless midnight Thoughts of a gentleman at court, who for many years built on sand, which every blast of cross fortune has defaced, but now has laid new foundations on the rock of his salvation,” by Killigrew, William descended from this family

Publication: “the order of the installation of prince George of Denmark, Charles duke of Somerset, and George duke of Northumberland, at Windsor, April 8, 1684,” by King, Gregory writer

Born: Lardner, Nathaniel clergyman

Died: Lee, Nathaniel poet

Died: Leighton, Robert bishop

Publication: “Relation historique du Roiaume de Siam,” by Lisle, Claude De historiographer and censor royal

Publication: “An historical account of Church Government,” by Lloyd, William bishop

Publication: “Letters between Dr. Gilbert Burnet and Mr. Simon. Lowth,” by Lowth, Simon clergyman

Died: Lyserus, John another learned protestant

Publication: “Institutions of the laws of Scotland,” by Mackenzie, Sir George writer

Born: Mangey, Thomas divine

Born: Martiniere, Anthony-Augustin Bruzen De La a French author of considerable celebrity about the beginning of the last century

Born: Mazochi, Alexius Symmachus antiquary

Born: Mitchell, Joseph was the son of a stone-cutter in North-Britain

Died: Morley, Dr. George bishop

Died: Moulin, Peter Du clergyman

Publication: “Amor Pcenitens” by Neercassel, John De bishop

Died: Netscher, Gaspard painter

Publication: “De causis Corruptse Jurisprudentiae, Oratio inauguralis,” by Noodt, Gerard a celebrated civilian (?–1725)

Publication: “Poems and discourses occasionally written,” by Norris, John divine

Publication: “Certamen philosophicum adversus J. B. principia,” by Orobio, Balthasar a famous Spanish Jew

Publication: “Exposition upon the Epistle to the Hebrews,” by Owen, John the most eminent and learned of the nonconformist divines

Publication: “La Geometric-pratique, contenant la Trigonometric theorique & pratique, la Longimetrie, la Planimetrie, & la Stereometric,” by Ozanam, James mathematician

Publication: “Tractatulus de modo et ratione formandi voces derivativas Latinae Linguae,” by Phillips, Edward one of the nephews of Milton

Publication: “Enchiridion Linguae Latinae, or a compendious Latin Dictionary, &c.” by Phillips, Edward one of the nephews of Milton

Publication: “Speculum Linguae Latinos,” by Phillips, Edward one of the nephews of Milton

Died: Philpot, John Somerset herald in the reign of James I. was a native of Folkstone

Publication: “A discourse concerning the trial of Spirits,” by Pittis, Thomas divine

Publication: “Anthologia,” by Pope, Alexander the most elegant and popular of all English poets

Born: Quirini, Angelo Maria cardinal

Died: Rainbow, Edward bishop

Publication: “Bibliotheca Anti-Trinitariorum,” by Sandius, Christopher or

Died: Santeul, Claude born Feb. 3

Died: Sharroch, Robert clergyman

Born: Sheridan, Thomas the intimate friend of Dean Swift

Publication: “Lives of the Poets,” by Sheridan, Thomas the intimate friend of Dean Swift

Publication: “He descended into hell,” by Smith, Richard one of the earliest book-collectors upon record

Publication: “Chorus Poetarum,” by Spenser, Edmund poet (?–1599)

Publication: “The second volume of Dr. John Lightfoot’s works,” by Strype, John the most valuable contributor to ecclesiastical history and biography that ever appeared in this country

Publication: “Epistola de veritate proposiiionum Borellide motu animalium,” by Sturmius, John Christopher mathematician

Publication: “Physicae conciliatricis Conamina,” by Sturmius, John Christopher mathematician

Publication: “In usum Delpbini,” by Suetonius, Caius Suetonius Tranquillus historian

Born: Sykes, Arthur Ashley divine

Died: Tell, William one of the heroes of Swiss liberty

Born: Tillemans, Peter painter

Publication: “An Account of a Salt-spring and another medicinal spring on the banks of the river Weare, or Ware, in the bishopric of Durham,” by Todd, Hugh divine

Publication: “The Life of Phocion,” by Todd, Hugh divine

Born: Van Effen, Justus a man of letters

Born: Vanloo, John Baptist painter

Born: Vernon, Edward esq. an admiral of distinguished bravery

Born: Vertue, George antiquary

Publication: “Remains.” by Wagenseil, John Christopher a very learned German

Publication: “P.orphyrii in harmonica Ptoleimei Commentarius,” by Wallis, John mathematician (16161703)

Born: Watteau, Anthony

Publication: “Ethices compendium in usum academicae juventutis,” by Whitby, Daniel divine

Born: Wild, Henry a tailor

Publication: “De Auditu,” by Willis, Thomas physician

Died: Wren, Christopher architect

Born: Zincke, Christian Frederick painter