Carpentier, John Le

, a native of Abscons in Ostrevant, was a regular cauon in the abbey of St. Aubert at Cambray, but retired into Holland with a lady by whom he had several children, according to Foppen, in his Bibl. Belgica, and died there at an advanced age, about 1670. He maintained himself by drawing up genealogies, which are in his “Histoire de Cambray et du Cambresis,Leyden, 1664, 2 vols, 4to, a work which his countrymen say must not be depended upon too much. There is only one edition of this book, but some have the titles of 1668. In the copies thus dated, is a short supplement, which continues the third part of the book to page 1110. instead of 1096, where it originally ended. There is also a plan of the estates of Cambresis, and some separate genealogies, the expence of which was defrayed by the families. 2


Dict. Hist. L’AdrocaL —Saxii Onomast.