Carpentier, Peter

, prior of Doncheri, was bora at Charleville in 1697, and entered early into the congregation of St. Maur, where he acquired great esteem for his learning; but being presented to a rich benefice by the abbe de Pompone, and patronized by the ministry, he went into the order of Cluni. He passed his time at Paris without attaching himself to any reli-ious house, cultivating literature, and examining the archives and libraries. He died in Dec. 1767, aged seventy. He is partly author of the edition of the glossary of Du Cange, 6 vols. folio, and entirely of the “Supplement” in 4 vols. fol. 1766, | sometimes bound in two, which in point of learned research places him on an equality with his predecessor. He compiled also “Alphabetnm Tironianum, seu Notas Tironis expiicandi methodus, cum pluribus Ludovici Pii chartis quae notis iisdem exaratoe sunt.Paris, 1747, fol. 1