Events noted in 1745

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1740 1750


Publication: “A treatise on Fresh Wounds,” by Acrel, Olaus physician

Publication: “Anecdotes of Russia, under Peter I.” by Allainval, The Abbe Leonor-Jean-Christine Soulas D' was born at Chartres (?–1753)

Born: Alvensleben, Philip Charles Count D' statesman

Died: Ames, Joseph historian

Publication: “Bibliotheca scriptorum Mediolanensium,” by Argellati, Philip an Italian printer

Publication: “De Sanctis Ferentinis in Tuscia Bonifacio ac Redempto episcopis, &c. dissertatio,” by Assemani, Joseph Simon keeper of the Vatican

Died: Autreau, Jacques D' painter

Publication: “Dissertatio de Mysteriis Eleusinis,” by Bachius, John Augustus critic

Died: Barbier, Mary Anne a French lady

Publication: “Remarks upon Mr. Warburton’s remarks, shewing that the ancients knew there was a future state, and that the Jews were not under an equal Providence,” by Bate, Julius divine

Publication: “Traite de Taccroissement des Plantes,” by Bazin, N. physician

Publication: “Lettre sur le Polypes,” by Bazin, N. physician

Publication: “Devita B. Torelli Puppiensis commentarius,” by Belgrado, James mathematician

Born: Bellamy, Thomas writer

Born: Bemmel, Charles Sebastian painter

Publication: “A Vindication of Mr. George Buchanan’s Paraphrase of the Book of Psalms,” by Benson, William critic

Publication: “An Introduction to Moral Philosophy,” by Bentham, Edward canon of Christ-church

Publication: “Syntagma dissertationum in Academia Lundensi habitarum,” by Benzelius, Henry archbishop

Publication: “Gul. Leibnitii et Johan. Bernouillii commercium philosophicum et mathematicum,” by Bernoulli, John mathematician

Publication: “History of the Gallican Church.” by Berthier, William Francis writer

Publication: “Lettre au D sur le nouveau systeme de la Voix,” by Bertin, Exuperius Joseph anatomist

Publication: “Delia poteste e polizia deila Chiesa, trattati due contro le nuove opinion! di Pietro Giannone,” by Bianchi, John Antony called by Fabroni Blanchius

Died: Biel, John Christian divine

Born: Blake, John Bradley a gentleman who was cut off early in life

Publication: “Impetum faciens dictum Hippocrati per corpus consentiens, philologice et physiologice illustratum,” by Boerhaave, Abraham Kaan professor of medicine in the university of Petersburg

Publication: “Livre d' Architecture, &c.” by Boffrand, Germain architect

Publication: “De la corruption du gout dans la Musique Francaise,” by Bollioud-Mermet, Louis writer

Died: Bott, John De architect

Publication: “Catalogue of his library,” by Boze, Claude Gros De antiquary

Publication: “Dissertatio Inaug. de Saliva Sanaet Morbosa,” by Brocklesby, Richard physician

Publication: “Constantia, or the Man of Law’s Tale;” by Brooke, Henry writer

Publication: “Farmer’s Letters,” by Brooke, Henry writer

Died: Broome, William was born in Cheshire

Born: Buller, Sir Francis a judge of the court of king’s-bench and common-pleas

Publication: “General History of Sicily,” by Burigny, Levesque De was born at Rheims in 1691

Publication: “Amphitheatrum poeticum,” by Camus, Antony Le physician

Publication: “Bibliotheca” by Carusius, John Baptist a learned historiographer of Palermo

Publication: “Abelard to Eloisa,” by Cawthorn, James poet

Born: Cels, James Martin botanist

Publication: “Exposition claire et precise des differens points de doctrine qui ont raport aux matieres de religion,” by Chambre, Francis Illharrart De Là an ingenious doctor of the Sorbonne

Publication: “Extract of observations made on a voyage to the river of the Amazons,” by Condamine, Charles Marie De La chevalier de St

Publication: “Brief relation of a voyage to the interior of South America,” by Condamine, Charles Marie De La chevalier de St

Born: Cruikshank, William anatomist

Born: De Lolme, John Louis writer

Publication: “A Register of Benefactions to the parish of Shoreditch,” by Denne, John antiquary

Died: Desmaiseaux, Peter a fellow of the royal society of London

Died: Dodd, Charles historian

Publication: “the additional expense he was at in stamping it, and the ungenerous usage he met with from one of the proprietors of u certain monthly pamphlet, who prevailed with most of the common newspapers not to advertise it.” by Dodsley, Robert poet

Publication: “Two Sermons on a rational faith,” by Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

Publication: “Dissertation on Jepthah’s Vow, occasioned by Romaine’s Sermon on that subject,” by Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

Publication: “Exercices Francais et Anglais,” by Durand, David preacher

Publication: “Replique, au nom de M. Desgrouais, a la lettre de l'abbé Desfontaines, inserée dans le 6 e vol. des Jugemens de M. Burlon de La Busbaquerie,” by Estrees, Cæsar D' cardinal

Publication: “Bramham Park,” by Fawkes, Francis writer

Publication: “The True Patriot,” by Fielding, Henry writer

Publication: “Dialogues concerning Education,” by Fordyce, David professor of philosophy in the Marischal college

Publication: “Platonis dialogi quinque, Recensuit, notisque iilustravit, N. Forster, A. M. &c.” by Forster, Nathaniel divine

Publication: “Elementorum artis logico-criticte libri quinque,” by Genovesi, Antony or

Publication: “De Casibus adversis illustrium virorum sui oevi,” by Gratiani, Antonio Maria bishop

Publication: “Lettere de fra Guittone d'Arezzo con note,” by Guittone, D'Arezzo poet

Born: Guldenstaedt, John Antony traveller

Publication: “Inscriptionis Herseliensis Ubio-Romanse explanatio,” by Hartzheim, Joseph Jesuit

Born: Hearne, Samuel an enterprising English navigator

Publication: “Rake’s Progress” by Hogarth, William a truly great and original genius (?–1764)

Died: Howe, Charles the author of a very popular book of “Devout Meditations

Publication: “Essays.” by Hume, David historian

Publication: “Resurrection of Jesus considered by a Moral Philosopher;” by Jackson, John divine

Died: Jordan, Charles Stephen a person distinguished more by his connections than by his works

Publication: “Physical Experiments upon Brutes,” by Langrish, Browne physician

Publication: “Letters concerning the Plague and other contagious Distempers,” by Lobb, Theophilus physician

Publication: “Practical Geometry,” by Maclaurin, Coun mathematician

Publication: “An Idea of the ancient and modern Government of Egypt,” by Mascrier, John Baptist De a French abbé

Publication: “Selfknowledge: a treatise shewing the nature and benefit of that important science, and the way to attain it.” by Mason, John divine

Publication: “The Mischiefs of faction and rebellion considered,” by Masters, Robert antiquary

Born: Maty, Paul Henry son of the former

Publication: “Hope, a poetical essay, in blank verse, on that Christian grace, in three books,” by Morell, Thomas scholar

Born: Munoz, John Baptist historian

Publication: “New Microscopical Discoveries,” by Needham, John Tuberville divine

Publication: “Anatomica” by Oribasius physician

Publication: “Croonian Lectures on Muscular Motion,” by Parsons, James physician

Publication: “Contes de ma Mere l'Oye.” by Perrault, Charles was born at Paris

Died: Piazza, Hierom Bartholomew a native of Italy

Publication: “Institutiones Chirurgise Rationalis, turn medicae, turn manualis,” by Platner, John Zachariah physician

Publication: “Dialogues of Plato,” by Plato the most illustrious of the Greek philosophers

Born: Pye, Henry James poet

Publication: “The Superannuated Gallant,” by Reed, Joseph writer

Born: Reynolds, Henry Revell a late eminent pbysijcian

Born: Rush, Benjamin physician

Died: Shenstone, William eldest son of a plain uneducated country gentleman

Publication: “De cultu et Amore Dei,” by Swedenborg, Emanuel a Swedish enthusiast

Publication: “Remarks on the Pretender’s Declaration and Commission,” by Webb, Philip Carteret

Publication: “Remarks on the Pretender’s eldest Son’s second Declaration, dated the 10th of October 1745, by the author of the Remarks on his first Declaration,” by Webb, Philip Carteret


Publication: “Glossarium Græcum in sacros N. T. libros. Accedunt miscellanæ critica in glossas nomicas, Suidam, Hesychium, et index auctorum ex Photii lexico inedito,” by Alberti, John professor of Divinity in the university of Leyden

Publication: “Reflexions sur la Cause generate des Vents;” by Alembert, John Le Rond D' philosopher

Publication: “S. Athanasii interpretatio psalmorum,” by Antonelli, Nicholas Maria count of Pergola

Publication: “Traite de Renoncules,” by Ardene, John Paul De Rome D' and a priest of the Oratory

Publication: “De Mercuric,” by Arntzenius, Otho was born in 1703

Born: Atwood, George mathematician

Publication: “Libri Tres posteriores” by Averani, Joseph was born at Florence the 19th of March 1662

Publication: “Infidelity scourged, or Christianity vindicated against Chubb, &c.” by Bate, James was born at Bocton Malherb in Kent in 1703

Died: Bergler, Stephen was born at Hermanstadt

Publication: “Dissertazione de' vesicatori,” by Bianchi, John naturalist

Publication: “Due lettere di Fisica,” by Bianconi, John Lewis philosopher

Publication: “Metelemata philologica,” by Bidermann, John Theophilus writer

Publication: “Compendium artis Obstetricoe,” by Boehmer, Justin Henning lawyer

Died: Bouhier, John president a mortier of the parliament of Dijon

Publication: “Dissertations sur Herodote,” by Bouhier, John president a mortier of the parliament of Dijon

Publication: “Remarques sur Ciceron” by Bouhier, John president a mortier of the parliament of Dijon

Born: Boyd, Hugh writer

Died: Boyle, Robert philosopher

Publication: “Public spirit illustrated in the Life and Designs of the Rev. T. Bray, D. D.” by Brea, Lodovico of Nizza

Publication: “An Essay concerning the Mortality of the Horned Cattle,” by Brocklesby, Richard physician

Died: Brossette, Claude of France

Publication: “Caprices d'imagination, on Lettres sur differens sujets,” by Bruhier, John James D' Ablaincourt physician

Publication: “Traite des Fievres,” by Bruhier, John James D' Ablaincourt physician

Born: Bucquet, John Baptist Michel physician

Publication: “De rebus ad Velitras gestis commentarius,” by Buonamici, Castruccio historian

Publication: “Dissertations sur les apparitions des Anges, des Demons, et des Esprits, et sur les Revenans et Vampires de Hongrie,” by Calmet, Augustine Benedictine

Publication: “Present state of Europe;” by Campbell, John an eminent historical

Publication: “Cyclopædia” by Chambers, Ephraim author of the scientific dictionary which goes under his name

Died: Chapelle, Armand De La minister of the Walloon church at the Hague

Publication: “Lettres sur divers sujets importans de la Religion,” by Chaufepie, James George De author of a very useful Biographical Dictionary

Publication: “Elements of Algebra,” by Clairault, Alexis Claude mathematician

Publication: “Letters and Memorials of State, collected by Sir Henry Sidney and others,” by Collins, Arthur antiquary

Publication: “Explanation of the four paradoxes which are in vogue in our age,” by Concina, Daniel divine

Publication: “The dogma of the Roman Church respecting Usury,” by Concina, Daniel divine

Publication: “Memoriae Historico-criticae, lib. rariorum,” by Condivi, Ascanio of Ripa Transona

Publication: “Poems,” by Cooke, Thomas poet

Born: Curtis, William botanist

Died: D'Antine, Francis D'Antine

Died: Deidier, Anthony writer

Publication: “Etrennes aux esprits-forts.” by Diderot, Denys of the academy of Berlin

Died: Dorigny, Sir Nicholas engraver

Publication: “Essay on the Coins of France,” by Dupre De St. Maur, Nicholas Francis master of the accounts at Paris

Publication: “A Treatise concerning religious Affections,” by Edwards, Jonathan president of the college of New Jersey

Publication: “Treatise on Gunnery.” by Euler, Leonard mathematician (?–1783)

Publication: “Popery destructive of the evidence of Christianity.; a sermon before the university of Oxford, Nov. 5, 1746,” by Forster, Nathaniel divine

Publication: “Rhetorique Franchise, a l'usage des jeunes demoiselles,” by Gaillard, Gabriel Henry historian

Died: Gendre, Gilbert Charles Le marquis of St

Publication: “Hebrew Lexicon,” by Guarin, Peter Benedictine

Publication: “Dissertation stir la mechanique des Secretions dans le corps humain,” by Hamberger, George Edward professor of chemistry and of the practice of medicine in the university of Jena

Died: Hanmer, Sir Thomas, Bart. statesman

Publication: “Arithmetica numeralis et literalis,” by Hell, Maximilian astronomer

Born: Heritier, Charles Louis L', De Brutelle botanist

Publication: “A specimen of observations on the Ajax and Electra of Sophocles,” by Heusinger, James Frederick was a nephew of the former

Publication: “Remarks on a late book entitled ‘An Enquiry into the rejection of the Christian miracles by the Heathens, by William Weston, B. D.’” by Hurd, Richard prelate

Publication: “Endemial Distempers,” by James, Dr. Robert physician

Born: Jones, Sir William one of the most accomplished scholars in Europe

Died: Knight, Samuel, D. D. antiquary

Publication: “Public Virtue, or the Love of our Country,” by Lancaster, Nathaniel, D. D. was many years rector of Stamford Rivers

Died: Leapor, Mary a young lady of considerable poetical talent

Died: Lewis, John antiquary

Publication: “Essai sur la Nature de PAme, oft l‘on tache d’expliquer son union avec le corps,” by Louis, Anthony surgeon

Publication: “Cours de Chirurgie pratique sur les plaies d'armes a feu,” by Louis, Anthony surgeon

Born: Low, George clergyman

Publication: “Historical notices concerning the amphitheatre at Florence,” by Mann I, Dominic Maria writer

Died: Mongault, Nicolas Hubert an ingenious and learned Frenchman

Publication: “I*. Newtoni Elementa Perspective Universalis,” by Newton, Sir Isaac the most splendid genius that has yet adorned human nature (16431727)

Publication: “Theatrum Botanicum, or Theatre of Plants, or an Herbal of large extent;” by Parkinson, John a celebrated old herbalist

Publication: “Huomu Physiognomy explained,” by Parsons, James physician

Publication: “Le Testament de l'Abbe des Fontaines,” by Querlon, Anne Gabriel Meusnier De born at Nantes April 15

Born: Russel, William author of the “History of Modern Europe

Publication: “History of Modern Europe,” by Russel, William author of the “History of Modern Europe

Publication: “An Ode on the present rebellion,” by Schomberg, Isaac one of a family of physicians of some note in their day (?–1780)

Publication: “An Account of the present rebellion,” by Schomberg, Isaac one of a family of physicians of some note in their day (?–1780)

Died: Souchai, Jean Baptiste writer

Died: Southern, Thomas writer

Publication: “General Theorems,” by Stewart, Matthew mathematician

Publication: “De priscis Komanorum literis dissertatio,” by Swinton, John antiquary

Publication: “De primogenio Etruscorum alphabeto, dissertatio,” by Swinton, John antiquary

Publication: “Sickness,” by Thompson, William poet

Died: Torcy, John Baptist Colbert, Marquis Of son of the celebrated French minister

Died: Vanloo, John Baptist painter

Publication: “Pieces diverses de morale et d'amusement,” by Vattel, Emer De, an eminent publicist

Publication: “The nature of National Offences truly stated. A sermon preached on the general fast-day, Dec. 18, 1745,” by Warburton, William prelate

Publication: “An Apologetical Dedication to the Rev. Dr. Henry Stebbing, in answer to his censure and misrepresentations of the sermon preached on the general fast-day to be observed Dec. 18, 1745,” by Warburton, William prelate

Publication: “A Sermon preached on the Thanksgiving appointed to be observed the 9th Oct. for the suppression of the late unnatural Rebellion,” by Warburton, William prelate

Died: Warton, Thomas historian

Publication: “Superstition,” by Warton, Joseph scholar (17221800)

Born: Watson, James lawyer

Publication: “An Essay on the method of writing History,” by Whalley, Peter critic

Publication: “Sermons,” by Wheatley, Charles the author of an excellent illustration of the Book of Common Prayer

Born: White, Joseph scholar

Died: Wright, Samuel clergyman


Publication: “Degli Arcadidilloma,” by Antonelli, Nicholas Maria count of Pergola

Publication: “Dissertation sur l‘etendue de l’ancienne Jerusalem,” by Anville, John-Baptiste Bourignon D' first geographer to the king of France (?–1782)

Publication: “Recueil de Fables nouvelles en vers,” by Ardene, Esprit-Jean De Rome D' writer

Publication: “Le Precepteur,” by Arnoult, John Baptist an ex-jesuit

Publication: “Divus Trajanus, sive de legibus Trajani cornmentarius,” by Bachius, John Augustus critic

Born: Barnes, Thomas a learned dissenter

Publication: “De felicitate medicorum aucta in terris Brunsvicensis,” by Behrens, Conrad Bertold physician

Publication: “De corporis elasticis disquisit. physico-mathem.” by Belgrado, James mathematician

Publication: “Dissertazioni sopra l‘origine deli’ ernia intestinale, &c.” by Benevoli, Anthony surgeon

Publication: “La Bradamante,” by Bergalli, Louisa an Italian poetess

Publication: “Catalogo della iibreria Capponi, con annotazioni in diversi luoghi,” by Berti, Alexander Pompey a learned Italian

Publication: “Concorde des Epitres canoniques, ou Morale des Apotres,” by Besoigne, Jerome a doctor of the Sorbonne

Publication: “Delle porte e mura di Roma, con illustrazioni,” by Bianchini, Joseph priest of the oratory of St

Publication: “Corpus juris canonici,” by Boehmer, Justin Henning lawyer

Publication: “Nouveau Newcastle, ou Traite de Cavalerie,” by Bourgelat, Claude surgeon

Publication: “Modern system of cosmography and general physics,” by Brancas Villeneuve, Andrew Francis abbe d'Aulnay

Died: Burette, Peter John born at Paris in 1665

Publication: “Porphyry on Abstinence from Meats,” by Burigny, Levesque De was born at Rheims in 1691

Publication: “Alphabetnm Tironianum, seu Notas Tironis expiicandi methodus, cum pluribus Ludovici Pii chartis quae notis iisdem exaratoe sunt.” by Carpentier, Peter prior of Doncheri

Died: Carver, Jonathan another unfortunate author in our own country

Publication: “About this time Dr. Chapman introduced Mr. Tunstall and Mr. Hall to archbishop Potter, the one as his librarian, the other as his chaplain, and therefore had some reason to resent their taking an active part against him in the option cause, though they both afterwards dropped it. Dr. Chapman’s above-mentioned attack on Dr. Middleton, which he could not parry, and his interposition in defence of his much-esteemed friend Dr. Waterland, provoked Dr. Middleton to retaliate in 1746, by assailing him in what he thought a much more vulnerable part, in his Charge to the archdeaconry of Sudbury, entitled <e Popery the true bane of letters.” by Chapman, John was the son of the rev

Died: Cibber, Theophilus son of the above

Publication: “The Chronology of the Hebrew Bible vindicated: the facts compared with other ancient histories, and the difficulties explained, from the flood to the death of Moses; together with some conjectures in relation to Egypt during that period of time; also two maps, in which are attempted to be settled the journeyings of the children of Israel,” by Clayton, Robert bishop

Publication: “The man has given me my life, and I have no right in future to mention his behaviour at the card table; although I will never pay him, nor ever keep him company.” by Clive, Robert son of Richard Clive

Publication: “Frederkian Code,” by Cocceius, Samuel was born at Francfort on the Oder

Died: Cochin, Henry lawyer

Died: Cohorn, Memnon the Vauban of the Dutch

Died: Crespi, Joseph Maria sometimes called La Spagnuolo

Publication: “An Ecce Homo, attended by two Soldiers.” by Crespi, Joseph Maria sometimes called La Spagnuolo

Publication: “Love in a Mist,” by Cunningham, John poet

Died: Dandini, Hercules Francis count

Publication: “De servitutibus praediorum interpretationes per epistolas,” by Dandini, Hercules Francis count

Died: Ficoroni, Francis a famous Roman medallist

Died: Forbes, Duncan lawyer

Publication: “Rhinoceros veterum scriptorum monumentis descriptus,” by Freytag, Frederic Gotthilf historian

Publication: “De fregimine Mentis, quod Medicorum est,” by Gaubius, Jerome David physician

Publication: “Flora Siberica, seu Historia Plantarum Siberise,” by Gmelin, John George botanist

Publication: “Anneé du Chretien,” by Griffet, Henry writer

Publication: “Observations on Plants,” by Guettard, John Stephen botanist

Publication: “Abrege de la vie d'Etienne Fourmont,” by Guignes, Joseph De scholar

Publication: “PrimsB Lmese Physiologic in usum Praelectionum Academicarum” by Haller, Albert De one of the most eminent physicians and philosophers of the eighteenth century

Publication: “Bibliotheca scriptorum Coloniensium,” by Hartzheim, Joseph Jesuit

Publication: “The Smart.” by Hawkesworth, John writer

Died: Hedwig, John botanist

Publication: “Contemplations on the Night and Starry Heavens; and a Winter Piece,” by Hervey, James divine

Publication: “Cornelius Nepos,” by Heusinger, John Michael divine

Publication: “The Suspicious Husband,” by Hoadly, Benjamin bishop

Died: Hone, George Paul lawyer

Died: Hutcheson, Dr. Francis philosopher

Publication: “A Sermon preached at the Consecration of Pearce bishop of Bangor,” by Jortin, Dr. John divine

Publication: “Croonian Lectures on Muscular Motion,” by Langrish, Browne physician

Publication: “Calendrier perpetuel” by Larcher, Peter Henry scholar

Publication: “The Gentleman’s Magazine,” by Lauder, William a native of Scotland

Publication: “Reasons for granting Commissions to the Provincial Kings at Arms for visiting their Provinces.” by Leake, Stephen Martin antiquary

Publication: “Observations sur les causes et les accidens deplusieurs accouchemens laborieux,” by Levret, Andrew surgeon

Publication: “Islington, 13 Dec. 1727.” by Lindsay, John divine (16861768)

Publication: “A Compendium of the Practice of Physic,” by Lobb, Theophilus physician

Born: Logan, John divine and poet

Died: Lyttelton, George writer

Publication: “Observations on the Conversion and Apostleship of St. Paul,” by Lyttelton, George writer

Publication: “Le Droit public de l'Enrope,” by Mably, Gabriel Bonnot, Abbe' De writer

Died: Maittaire, Michael an eminent classical editor

Publication: “Direction pomla conscience d'un roi,” by Marchand, Prosper an author to whom the curious in literary history are greatly indebted (16781756)

Publication: “Histoire de Fenelon,” by Marchand, Prosper an author to whom the curious in literary history are greatly indebted (16781756)

Publication: “Germana quaedam antiquitatis eruditae monumenta, quibus Romanorurn veterum ritus varii, tarn sacri quata profani, turn Grgecorum atque ygyptiorum nonnulli, illustrantur; Romae olim maxima ex parte collecta, ac dissertationibus jam singulis instructa,” by Middleton, Conyers divine

Died: Mieris, William called the Young Mieris

Publication: “Spenser’s Works,” by Morell, Thomas scholar

Publication: “Concordance” by Mores, Edward-Rowe antiquary

Publication: “An Ode inscribed to the Memory of the late Earl of Orford,” by Newcomb, Thomas son of a worthy clergy

Publication: “Leges Marchiarum, or Border Laws; with a preface, and an appendix of Charters and Records relating thereto,” by Nicolson, William antiquary

Died: Orton, Job divine

Died: Peyronie, Francis De La surgeon

Died: Platner, John Zachariah physician

Publication: “Essai Physique sur i'Economie Animale,” by Quesnay, Francis physician

Died: Savage, John the benevolent president of the famous club at Royston*

Publication: “St. Caroli Borromei Homilise, prefatione et notis,” by Saxi historian

Publication: “Nova acta eruditorum,” by Saxius, Christopher historian

Died: Seed, Jeremiah divine

Born: Seward, William writer

Died: Shadwell, Thomas poet

Died: Sherlock, Thomas bishop

Publication: “Elements of Geometry, with their application to Mensuration of Superficies and Solids, to the determination of Maxima and Minima, and to the construction of a great variety of Geometrical Problems,” by Simpson, Thomas professor of mathematics in the king’s academy at Woolwich

Died: Solimene, Francis called L‘Abate Ciccio

Died: Stonhouse, Sir James a pious and worthy baronet

Publication: “Preface to a critical enquiry into the opinions and practice of the Ancient Philosophers, concerning the nature of a Future State, and their method of teaching by double Doctrine,” by Warburton, William prelate

Publication: “Observations on the Resurrection,” by West, Gilbert writer

Born: Wheatley, Francis artist (17471801)

Died: Zimmermann, John George physician


Publication: “Posthumous Sermons” by Abernethy, John an eminent dissenting minister in Ireland

Publication: “Instituzioni analitiche,” by Agnesi, Maria Cajetana an Italian lady of great learning

Publication: “Reports of Select Cases in all the courts of Westminster hall, tempore William the Third and queen Anne; also the opinion of all the judges of England relating to the grandest prerogative of the royal family, and some observations relating to the prerogatives of a queen-consort,” by Aland, Sir John Fortescue lord Fortescue of the kingdom of Ireland

Publication: “Notices literaires,” by Aldobrandino a native of Florence

Publication: “A Catalogue of English heads, or an account of about 2000 prints, describing what is peculiar on each, as the name, title, or office of the person, the habit, posture, age, or time when done, the name of the painter, graver, scraper, &c. and some remarkable particulars relating to their lives,” by Ames, Joseph historian

Died: Ardene, Esprit-Jean De Rome D' writer

Publication: “Ecclesiasticus,” by Arnald, Richard divine (17141756)

Publication: “Histoire generate cTAllemagne,” by Barre, Joseph a canon regular of St

Publication: “Relation et essai sur Phistoire de la France equinoxiale,” by Barrere, Peter physician

Publication: “Proposals for printing Hutchinson’s works,” by Bate, Julius divine

Died: Beisch, Joachim Francis artist

Publication: “Observatio Soils defectus et Lunae,” by Belgrado, James mathematician

Publication: “A Letter to a young gentleman,” by Bentham, Edward canon of Christ-church

Publication: “Lettres sur le nouveau systeme de la Voix, et sur les arteres lymphatiques,” by Bertin, Exuperius Joseph anatomist

Publication: “Principes de la perfection Chretienne et religieuse,” by Besoigne, Jerome a doctor of the Sorbonne

Born: Bexon, Gabriel-Leopold-Charles-Ame' writer

Publication: “Cur homines montani male audiant?” by Bidermann, John Theophilus writer

Publication: “Evangelium secundum Matthaeum ex versione Æthiopici interpretis in Bibliis polyglottis Anglicanis editum cum Graeco, c.” by Bode, Christopher Augustus a learned professor of the university of Helmstadt

Publication: “Lives and writings of eminent physicians and naturalists,” by Boerner, Christian Frederick professor of theology at Leipsic

Publication: “Livre jaune, contenant quelques conversations sur les logomachies, disputes de mots, abus de termes,” by Boze, Claude Gros De antiquary

Died: Briggs, William physician

Publication: “Love and Vanity.” by Brooke, Henry writer

Born: Brooke, John Charles late Somerset-herald

Publication: “A treatise on the art of making common Salt,” by Brownrigg, William physician

Born: Burger, Godfred Augustus poet

Publication: “Caab Ben-Zohair carmen panegyricum in laudem Mohammedis, &c.” by Caab poet

Died: Cambridge, Richard Owen writer

Publication: “The Preceptor,” by Campbell, John an eminent historical

Publication: “A Discourse on Providence,” by Campbell, John an eminent historical

Publication: “The time quantity of two eclipses of the moon.” by Canton, John philosopher

Publication: “Anacreon,” by Capperonnier, John was born at Mondidier in 1716

Born: Collingwood, Cuthbert, Lord a brave and excellent English admiral

Publication: “Venice,” by Concina, Daniel divine

Publication: “The Craftsman;” by Cooke, Thomas poet

Born: Coventry, Francis the eldest son of Thomas Coventry

Publication: “Carmina Quadragesimal ia,” by Cracherode, Clayton Mordaunt an eminent benefactor to the taste

Born: Craig, Sir James Henry a brave officer

Publication: “A Translation of the Sermons of St. Chrysostom, with an Introduction and Remarks,” by Cramer, John Andrew of another family

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Born: Day, Thomas writer

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Died: Giannone was born at Ischitella

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Born: Græme, John a young man of Scotland whose genius and learning have been most injudiciously heightened

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Died: Hecht, Christian divine

Died: Hedericus, Benjamin of Haiti

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Born: Cavallo, Tiberius philosopher

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Died: Concanen, Matthew writer

Died: Conti, Abbe Anthony a noble Venetian

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Born: Holmes, Robert divine

Died: Huysum, John Van painter

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Died: Jones, William mathematician

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Born: Randolph, John bishop (?–1813)

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Born: Robinson, Thomas divine

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Born: Schultens, Henry Alp.Ert was born Feb. 15

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Born: Smith, Charlotte an elegant poetess

Died: Tencin, Claudine, Alexandrine, Guersi, De a lady of considerable talents

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Born: Vahl, Martin botanist

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