Cremonini, Caesar

, professor of philosophy at Fer­*ara and at Padua, who raised himself to such a pitch of fame, that princes and kings were ambitious to procure his portrait, was born at Cento in the Modenese, in 1550; and died at Padua, of the plague, in 1630, at the age of 80. His principal works are; 1. “Aminta e Clori, favola silvestre,Ferrara, 1591, 4to. 2. '< II nasciinento di Venetia,“Bergamo, 1617, 12mo. 3.” De physico auditu,“1596, folio. 4.” De calido innato,“1626, 4to. 5.” De sensibus & facilitate appetiva," 1644, 4to, and other works which shew that his religious creed was reducible to very few articles. He thought that, according to the principles of Aristotle, the soul is material, capable of corruption, and mortal, as well as the souls of brutes. 2


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